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- What's up?
This is John from John Branch IV Photography
and we finally got the official announcement
of the Fujifilm X-T4.
So I am so, so hyped about the X-T4
and I've already pre-ordered mine
but since it's been announced
I've been getting a bunch of questions
from you all of if you should upgrade
to the X-T3 or to the X-T4.
So what I wanted us to go over today
are three reasons why I believe
you should upgrade to the XT4.
Also if you haven't yet go ahead and hit that subscribe
if you want to see more Fujifilm camera information
and also learn about running your own photo business.
But let's go ahead and jump into these reasons.
First off what probably the most obvious one, Ibis.
So Ibis and the X-T series is something
we've been waiting for for a long time
since the X-H1 had it.
As a still shooter this is gonna enable you
to shoot in low-light easier
without getting any camera shake.
However, keep in mind that you don't want your shutters
to be too low because you will get motion blur
on your subjects.
So if you're mainly doing sessions
where you're photographing people,
you still want to keep your shutter speeds pretty high
but the Ibis is gonna help a little bit with that.
Also, if you do video at all, like I do,
Ibis is a much welcomed addition.
Being able to handhold most of my shots
and not having to bring a huge gimbal
with me all the time is gonna be a game changer.
This is hands down one of the main reasons
to switch over to the X-T4.
The second reason to upgrade to the X-T4
is gonna be the flippy screen.
So for anyone who's doing dual video and photo,
the flippy screen is gonna be absolutely amazing.
So for me personally,
not only am I doing weddings
but I'm doing content like this here on YouTube
and having a flippy screen is so welcomed,
not only am I gonna be able to vlog
but when I'm traveling I don't have to bring
an extra monitor or screen with me
when I want to maybe record
when I'm in my hotel room or something.
Now I'll be able to face the screen towards me
and set up my composition
rather than the janky way that I'm doing it now,
which is like taking two second video
to make sure that I'm actually in the frame,
looking at it and then going back over and be like,
"Okay, cool."
And then go.
It's just, it's so much.
So the flippy screen is gonna be an awesome addition.
If you're someone who creates
any type of video content at all,
this is just a game changer and no question,
you should go ahead and pre-order it.
Now for people who mainly shoot stills,
honestly I'm kind of half and half on the flippy screen.
And make sure to check out my video up here
about the three reasons why not to upgrade
to the Fujifilm X-T4 for more information on that.
And last but not least is the additional battery life.
So as we all know mirrorless cameras are known
for having the worst battery life around,
but the X-T4 has a new battery
which almost doubles the size of the old batteries.
Now I do pretty fine on my wedding days
with the battery grip and two additional batteries
but with the new battery,
it sounds like I'll be able to get through a whole day,
especially with the grip
and not even have to change my batteries.
Also while shooting video,
the larger battery is going to be much needed.
Currently if I'm shooting without my grip on my X-T3,
the batteries run out so quickly
and having to change that like every five seconds
is just super annoying.
So being able to have a longer battery life
while shooting video is going to be much needed,
so that you don't have to change your batteries
as often and you can plan that out
a little bit better.
So the Ibis, the flippy screen and the battery life,
I think, by itself is more than enough
to upgrade to the X-T4,
but let's throw in a couple of honorable mentions.
So one huge thing for me,
especially as someone who shoots stills and video,
is the fact that they've separated fully,
just fully separated video and stills within the menu.
Now there's one little dial
that you can just quickly switch
between stills and video,
and when you do that it's gonna change the menus as well
and have everything separated.
This is really, really awesome,
especially if you're trying to do something
where you shoot real quick a couple photos
and then shoot some video.
If you had a chance to check out my behind the scenes
at the engagement session,
that's exactly what I did for that.
I shot the whole session and stills,
and then at the end of the session
I went ahead and recorded some quick video.
Not only was that video handheld,
which I don't know how I pulled off such smooth video,
but with the Ibis and having the video section separated,
it would be so much easier for me
to just go ahead and flip it to video,
have the settings set there
and then go ahead and record things
at my engagement sessions.
Also something else that not a lot of people
have been talking about,
but the fact that it has a white balance priority
where you can prioritize white within the white balance.
So a lot of times when I shoot in auto white balance,
it really has no idea what it's doing,
which is a great reason to shoot in Kelvin
but with this new auto white balance,
it sounds like it's gonna be able to do a better job.
So for a still shooter,
I think that is a huge plus to upgrade to the X-T4.
So I hope these reasons to upgrade to the X-T4
were helpful for you.
What do you think?
Leave it down in the comments below.
Are you gonna upgrade to the X-T4?
Are you cool with your X-T3?
Are you not on either and you're gonna wait
for the deals on the X-T3?
'Cause I can tell you right now
they're selling it on B&H
for like 1,300 bucks with the grip,
so that's a really great deal for a brand new X-T3.
Yet again let me know in the comments
what you're gonna do, if you're pre-ordering or not.
Thanks again for hanging out on the channel
and don't forget to hit that subscribe
if you want to see more information
about Fujifilm cameras
and running a photography business,
and I'll catch you all next time.
All right, peace!
(uplifting music)
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3 Reasons TO Upgrade to the Fujifilm XT4

11 Folder Collection
Henry 楊 published on June 7, 2020
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