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Hello everyone its Vicki and Lizzie from the Academy team, and we're really excited to
be trying out Fujifilms brand new X-T4. so here it is. Fujifilm's latest X-T4. It
might not look to similar to the X-T3, but it is a little bigger and heavier because
of the goodies they've put inside. One of which is the sensor it's got a 26.1 megapixel
CMOS X-Trans 4 sensor which has a primary colour filter. What this means is Fuji are
able to nail those colours like they always do.
So why is it bigger and heavier? Well there are three reasons. The first of which is this
brand new battery. This guy will allow you to do 500 shots and only takes 3 hours to
charge. It's something that people have asked for a long time and Fujifilm have listened.
The second of which is this full articulated touch screen. Now this is a first for the
X-T series and is an absolute godsend when it comes to some of the new video functionality
that you get in this camera. Another first for Fujifilm X-T series cameras,
they have put in a in built image stabilisation. This is a 5 axis stabilisation how ever it
will go up to 6.1 with 18 of there compatible lenses. So pretty incredible stuff.
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so Fujifilm are renowned for their film simulation modes and the latest one they've popped into
X-T4 is the Bleach Bypass option. This is a high contrast low saturation mode and would
actually work perfectly on this scenario I have in front of me, so with these colourful
rustic looking boats. I've particularly chosen this one because it's a little bit rusty and
it works well with the beach. So I am going to try this out now and see what kind of effects
that I get. Slightly to the side because he's on the wonk.
Yeah! Yeah it looks really nice. Like just a little bit of yellow and just
a little bit of pink coming through there. Yeah it's nice, I like that. I might use that
myself. The X-t4 has a brand new mechanical shutter
which is rated up to 300.000 shutter actuations, and considering it's got 15 frame per seconds
that is ace because for wildlife and sports photographers who would want that can keep
shooting till your hearts content. It's also got a lag time of 35 milli seconds so it will
capture the picture super quick. Finally it is super quiet. Have a listen.
It's so quiet. I'm just about to try about to take a picture
of Lizzie here in the reflection of the water in this little dingy. And Just instantly by
changing I can see how reactive the new focusing system is. Having used a previous X-T model
and trying this shot before, I am super, super impressed how quick it was. As always with
the X-T series you've got the lovely little joystick on the back and just as I move my
focus point around its just picking up on whether I want the reflection or whether I
want the actual dingy itself it's super quick its bang on time and it's excellent really.
Yeah buddy! So Fujifilm have improved the face and eye
detection by 34% on the X-T3 so I just want to try this on Lizzie now. And because they
have also improved the tracking of their focus by 83% I'm going to make Lizzie walk towards
me so we can see how it works taking pictures the whole time on continuous focus to see
how that tracking is working. So Lizzie come to me my dear.
Okay so that is just continually super reactive. Ahhhh ha Capturing, capturing Lizzie as she
moved towards me then per frame it was just super super reactive. It was just creating
focus exactly where I needed it ever single shot pretty much. So yeah I'm actually really
impressed with that. So I'm going to try that again but this time I'm going to get Lizzie
to walk towards me but also to turn away so I can see how reactive the eye and face auto
detection is when she turns back to camera and how quickly it reacts to it.
So Lizzie can I get you to walk towards me again please but I'm going to get you to turn
off I will tell you when, you turn to the side and we will see how reactive it is. Okay?
Okay come to me. Hey look look look I got every shot. These are amazing. Look at your
hair! You look like you are on a catwalk on that one.
I was haha. These are great Lizzie look at you.
One thing that I've always loved using on the X-T series is the ability to control your
highlights and shadows in camera for JPEGs. Well with the X-T4 they've upgraded it to
have half stop increments rather than full stops.
My turn now. Thank you. I didn't think she was actually gonna give
the camera back. Now lets talk about some of the video functionality on the Fujifilm
X-T4. Spec' wise what have we got? We've got 4K recording at 60p. Full HD recording all
the way up to 240p so you can shot your super slo mo's and also straight to the card f-log
10bit recording too. Now those are really cool but that's not what
I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is the dedicated movie and stills mode
switch they have added to the body. Now the great thing about that is when you flick into
movie mode all of your menu's including that "Q" menu is dedicated to all of you video
recording settings. Flick back into stills and you've got all of your shooting options
and things like that and for me that is probably one best things they could have added to an
X-T camera. So I'm just going to head down a little bit further to capture some footage
then of the waves breaking against the shore. So some of the other changes to the design
of the X-T4 is this flip out screen, so a complete vari-angled flip out articulated
screen. Which the X-t3 and the previous models didn't have for me this is absolutely fantastic
when it comes to recording videos. Not only does it make it a lot easier to frame your
shots if your shooting but also if you did want to do any Vlogging with the camera too
which actually the camera is pretty light weight then it flips all the way around to
see yourself. So with the microphone jack on here you now
have the option to choose between line or microphone and this just makes a lot easier
for you to set your levels if your using ever a mixer or a microphone. You also got now
the added benefit of in the box getting a USB-C to headphone adaptor. So you can also
listen to the audio that you're recording. Now although Fujifilm have said that this
camera is technically heavier than the previous ones it really wouldn't feel if you are using
it. For me actually it feels like a good weight in your hand like I say good for being able
to Vlog yourself too if the occasion should arise.
A long with the introduction of IBIS you now also have got a digital stabilisation boast
mode when it comes to recording video and this is perfect for what I'm about to do with
Vicki. Tracking a slow moving subject. I'm not calling you slow but you are going to
walk at a slow speed for me and handheld. so this is going to enable you to get that
super smooth footage. Now Fujifilm do say that if you're going to be shooting anything
ultra high-speed or massively bumpy then just stick to the IBIS don't worry about the boast
mode. But we are going to test it out and see how well it goes with Vicki. I've got
her walking on a nice steady platform and I'm going to on these pebbles so fingers crossed
it will smooth out any bumps as I'm walking along.
Okay of you go Vick's. Lovely.
Now using the Digital stabilisation boast mode I can't even say that. It does crop into
your video if you want to switch in-between the two so just using the standard IBIS and
then also the using this digital boast mode, you have a magnification option on here which
will crop your video so that you can keep all of you video clips looking synchronised
framed the same, cropped the same, everything the same in camera rather than needing to
work it out in post. Okay so now that it's decided to rain quite
heavily, Im gonna try this one more time with Vicki hopefully not slipping with out the
digital boast mode on so it's just going to be IBIS and we will do a side by side comparison
so you can see the difference. Alright Vicks, and not yet sorry okay and go for it.
It's a really good thing Fujifilm X-T4 is weather sealed but I unfortunately am not.
So I am sheltering from the rain and doing so I thought it would be a good time to talk
about the design changes to the body that they've made. So one of the things that I
mentioned before is we now have a dedicated still movie switch kinda menu option button.
This is where your metering options used to be so that's be move elsewhere. We've got
a raised AF on button so it's easier to get too. We've also got HDR added to your shooting
modes as well, and not only that but they have also added probably one of the simplest
things but also one of the most useful a lockable eye cup so there is no more flinging it off
by accident when you pop it in a bag or knock it off accidentally with your strong eye.
We've had a great time shooting with the new Fujifilm X-T4 and there are tons of features
that we haven't had time to go through such as the new white balance options and also
the battery grip. So if you want to find out any more information on those or anything
else we have gone through then head on over to Jessops.com now or pop in to your nearest
store where one of our experts will be more than happy to help, and if you are currently
a Fujifilm shooter and is with an X-T1, X-T2, X-T3 and you are interested in upgrading then
don't forget you can trade in with us too. Head over again to our website or into store
and you can find out how. Thanks for watching guys and we will see you
on the next one.
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Fujifilm X-T4 | Hands On With The Only Fujifilm You'll Ever Need | Jessops

9 Folder Collection
Henry 楊 published on June 7, 2020
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