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The story of life is like sailing
the water rushing past the keel
it trails ever distant and is all too soon more behind us than ahead and
with the voyage of time
fade our chances of finding what has been lost or ever getting that which has never been
Love and happiness may be fleeting or elusive or evasive and not always attained
This is one of those stories of one life hoping for a second chance in
the eternal quest for love and happiness
There are lots of kinds of losses
What are some losses that you guys might have experienced I lost my virginity not the kind of loss I meant
Some losses are
Life-changing events, aren't they some mother's father's lessons. I lost my mother
This place if she were still alive
Excuse me, what about the loss that comes from being sick with a serious mental illness?
That kind of messes up your life, doesn't it?
Did you guys I've been in this hospital?
You're all too familiar with the problems that you have and how you think and how you feel?
But there's something else going on it is called
Grieving now, this is something that everyone experiences
Whether they're aware of it or not, and there are some well-known stages of grief anger and depression
Two most problematic anger
This is a difficult
Emotion to handle even if you're not sick any you guys feel angry about your illness. I'm not angry
So I guess I don't belong here Rogers sit down if there's anyone who needs to be here, it's you
Yeah, if we have to be here then you have to be here
Hey chill sit down sit down sit down sit
Let's just let's pick this up tomorrow, okay
You okay doc you look a little bummed out
Never better
Hi Karl, so, you know about Roger I
Mean you better call in case conference and get some PR NZ. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks Karl. I'll do just that
Duck wait a minute. How about a nice home-cooked meal some good company. I
I don't think that's a good idea Sally
I thought it was
My dearest darling David
I don't know when you will find this letter and I hope that when you do
Enough time has passed that you have done your grieving and have gotten beyond the pain. I
Never want you to forget me, but I don't want to keep you from ever being happy again
Going dude I or something I could have broken an arm or a leg or something then it couldn't work. And what would I've done?
I think this is yours
Good morning
Your favorite patient busted out a window this morning thanks, I'll take care of it that's good because I put him in your office
I've been a bad boy, huh?
I've been sent to the principal's office Roger. You're not a kid in school. And this this isn't disciplinary. I
Shouldn't be here. I didn't do nothing
Reality check you
Assaulted someone which got you into this hospital in the first place here. You hit a patient and you just broke out a window
I wouldn't call that nothing
He was listening to my thoughts
My mind is my mind if you don't mind Roger that is your illness talking now
The meds are gonna help with that, but you gotta take them. That's all part of your plan. Goodbye doctor
I'm outta here. You don't stop and you are out of here like for real
What did you say
I said if you don't take your meds
You'll be sent back to the mental health unit at County Jail and from there to state prison
You don't play fair, I think I do
The decision is yours frankly in my opinion. It's a no-brainer
Come on take the meds work with me account. What was that? I
Said I'll take them. Okay?
Can I go now?
You can go
Talk what am I doing?
Excuse me. I'm looking for a young
She's usually right around here I think I think that she might be homeless
That's it. Young women around you. Yes dark hair on that boots
She might be an artist but you want with her phone
You like that homeless pussy. You know what? I think I made a mistake, okay?
Okay, don't give up that easy
Man, you ain't got no clothes. You want to find it. You're gonna have to try harder than that
That info you want is a highly confidential
Sensitive date, you know First Amendment rights and all that shit, not your typical hand
Give it up me
Okay, listen if you must know I found something her tonight I want to return it you paid good money
Yeah return if we yeah. Yeah, that's okay. I think I'll do it. Um
Do you know where I can find her?
You see him. That's not a simple answer. I don't think about it Oh
Ramifications and the cases that we go of in the universe you see there. I am right there
If it goes down good not a man that goes down bad. I'm the shit. Oh
No, no, no
Ain't worth the risk sucker. I
Give up
Somebody looking for you
Some white dude says he has something to return to you, you know a white boy is hot for you where the cure
But TV thing kind of stir like ah
Sound it
You're saying broken give it
Now it is hey you didn't say anything to him did you
This will be absolutely perfect Welles befo boo
Thinking you need to find the beauty in the book dude in go
Hello, oh hey Sally listen I'm driving right now I can't really talk he's taking them great. I'll be right
Good brandy the poetry therapy's really work and keep it up if you believe you can achieve
I'm too little old for that. See you tomorrow Sally
Hello hello
What the hell are you doing
Take it easy get the hell. Oh
You may now take your leave now get the hell out of here so I'll have to call reinforcements reinforcements. Oh
Jesus hey, that's intentional
Miss her dog. I miss her so bad. She was the prettiest girl
I ever saw I couldn't stop looking at her. It was love at first sight
I thought I'd live the rest of my life with her. Love at first sight the world is so bright fit nevertheless
Or does it stand? Well, what was she like the person I don't know dog. I only saw her one time what?
43 years 7 months 8 days
14 hours
16 minutes and so said it's almost funny. So standing of her you never got to know her. I took a picture of her
You should have listened to her thoughts instead of your heart
They are never who you think they are, you know that can also work their other way around
But you're right. You gotta get to know them. She's been married already. She's had kids. She said 30 grandchildren
She's old and fat don't do this guys. Probably didn't bury a freaking goat. You guys are cruel
Oh guys guys, it's okay. It's okay. Let him go he needs some time alone. He needs some time to cry
Trash my trash and you're gonna keep your filthy hands out of there. No way dude once it's in the kit
Please I don't want to take you Jesus. Hi, hi. Hi. Can I help look this doesn't concern you and you're not involved
I'm dr. Meyers and
This woman's a patient sure look we've got ordinances in the city against loitering and against littering
We also seem to have an issue here with being a public nuisance wanna take him in for harassing the consensus of this society
would you just
Stop it for a second. She's in a new
innovative program at the hospital for
kleptomania, which is really it's an impulse control disorder and an inability to to to stave off the urge to scavenge which is actually a
Subcategory of the main disorder which is to steal which incidentally enough. She's not doing with the public trash
The treatment for which is basically, you know a patient does it over and over and over to endless absurdity?
So much so that they get so sick and tired of it. They just they just stopped. Anyway, thank you for your understanding
I'm really sorry if she bothered you and um
You know, we'll just we'll be we'll be taking our leave now
You are gonna leave it now
I'm not an obsessive thoughts. Maniac. I'm I'm an artist. I know what every
Did you think all that just to get me to have lunch with you
I'm David. What's your name? Let's not get too personal
You can't smoke a joint in here I got a prescription put it away
Know you really need to relax
What was that for
Get you some water thank you. I'll be right back
So here we are yep
So have you lived on your
Where you your place have you lived in place long? It's all the questions. I'm just trying to make conversation
How you like all the questions yeah, I my situation change so
What happened did your life 3 around
Ok, how do you knew it? I'm with Matt. I'll barbecue banking
She's very you can actually just put it on sliced white bread would be more of like a patty mount
Alright, and if you could if used to like extra man
just like just just
Right on there box or protons in love girl the onions and you know everybody bag on there just right on top
Is that gonna be it? Yeah, I think so and you ready I
Just have a salmon burger. Okay?
Anything to drink?
Hello drink, you know babies you take a diet coke
Thank You patty
What was what
a football
On meds I
Mean other than the what do you call it?
There was none of your damn business what I'm on are you always in people's business and telling them what to do
Yeah, sometimes great. Don't you shouldn't drink alcohol
If you're on psychotropic medication judging that little shape you had you may have a touch of tardive dyskinesia. Oh sure. I
Didn't let you take me to lunch just have a doctor's plan and thanks. No. No, I'm not a medical doctor
I'm a psychologist. You guys are crazy. I'm out of here. No, no, wait. I'm sorry. I'm sorry
There's no I know I didn't say that was I one said it was just I just didn't bring you here finds me
So, why did you take me here anyway I
Don't know I just
What does someone like you own someone like me I thought maybe I
Just like you're gonna do make a bet about it
You are with someone weren't you
That's why you wouldn't have dinner with me. I think they even work in here too long Sally. I didn't realize paranoia was catching
I'm not doing that doc. You have to get over it
You want to be mired in your misery? I?
do not want to be
Mired in my misery no dates. No women you want to be all alone
You have been working here too long
The dinner offers still good
And drink coffee I
Mean do you DTF?
Jesus what good is that? It's like the pot THC. Okay. I'll have what you have good bit dangerously
Did you paint this do you think did it
This is good
No, it's not yeah it is I mean there's pathos tension drama
All right. This isn't a Rorschach test. Okay doctor psychologist
What I see is for me to known for you to none your damn business
Try to discombobulation pretty sure not even
Don't take a hand it'll relax you
We smoke to get high or does it does it help you is there a difference
All right, you really want to know yeah
the demons
Keeps the demons away. It keeps the demons away
Haunting horrible things that come at night they want to fuck me
Tonight, I'm sorry
That must be awful it is
Never told anyone that before
Relax relax
I'm sorry. I are you serious?
Call David come on push them push them. Come on. Give me one more you
Last time come on. Yeah, that was last time this time. I'm tired
Why are you tired? No, I'm tired look at me I'm old and I'm tired and I keep on going ouch
No physical activity is the best thing for depression. I'm not depressed Karl. I'm just tired
What do you think about synchronicity that's police album ever sting is awesome
I think he means when seemingly unrelated events don't happen by chance
Like mailing a letter and meeting someone that you never would have met a door opens. The path is revealed the world moves in mysterious
synchronistic ways and in this mysterious
synchronistic world
Does one follow a path?
It's never a simple answer. Yeah, I heard that recently cost me 10 bucks make that 11
Hey, you got a key, but I got a freebie for you
Calls custom knitter and great offer one said look at every path closely deliberately chart as many times as you feel necessary
Then ask yourself one question
Which is the path have heart if it doesn't is good if it doesn't and it's of no use to you
Just a path have heart
Yeah, just a path have heart you should go for you
now as your mother squats
You are like a bad dream. Hey, I'm good with dreams we can work on that. You're pretty dense for a shrink
I feel sorry for your patients. Yeah, me too
Okay, let me see how I put it in simple terms that you can understand first. I never wanted to meet you and second
I never want to see you again. I know I shouldn't barge in
I know I know that I was I was driving by and I just I thought I'd say hello
Okay, great. Yeah, he'll know bye-bye. No, no, please. I don't want to be alone, please
That was cool was it was there as a wrap?
Come out here and let's go
This is when they throw out all the day-old baked stuff all the outdated cans all the soggy vegetables all sorts of goodies
You never know. You're gonna find that's the beauty of it. Listen. You're gonna get in trouble again
Okay, and next time I may not be there to help you out. No, they know we're doing their cool thing
That's amore part of the cycle. You know, they throw it out. We take it in. Everyone's having
Have you ever heard of freaking ism?
Google, it you'll learn something
I'm lucky when I have a place
Wanna come in for a while. I got decaf I
Can't believe I'm gonna say no, but it's been a long day and a long night not got another morning meeting at the hospital
Come on
You're killing me tomorrow
Sounds good not to
Hey Ziggy, hey, what are you doing? Oh, you know I noticed you don't wanna
Close, right?
Are you gonna keep the place up, you know?
Keep the riffraff out
I'm fine. No worries. You know I should have put some damn Bose on your bill, you know, don't worry
I I get you some really good wasn't
No, really, I'm good. You don't even have to bother a win-win what?
You know nothing that happened tomorrow my little girl
Who's he for the millionth time? I am NOT a little girl. I
mean like you
He was really special to me
You got no
No felt anything like I do for you like for
Anybody else
Me to Zeke you're a real special friend
What's next she could get back to work
See you later alligator
God you scared me
I'm sorry
That's pretty nice isn't it? Why are mannequins this skinny
It's gonna look great on you. My god is fine
What you got this whole thing is not fine
If I want something I'll get something
Jesus are you trying to change me? No, it's just what you wear says a lot about
Who you are, you know, I mean certain people take one. Look at you. Yeah, I'm adorable. They're gonna see
You are adorable. I'm me and I'm fine without you can go fuck yourself
Thank you, it could be some props right now, aren't you? Yes, I do. I do know what I'm talking about
My art should be someday maybe it will be
How are you on the streets, I mean I know you got a place and everything but
no, no, I
Ran away from home when I was 14. That's young
Now shrinks. No, there's a reason for everything. Right right. I want to talk about it. No
What about you
Well, you know it's rare for anyone to go through life unscathed I mean it's kind of like you said, you know, everybody's got something
You want to talk about it?
Not really
Are you sure there's nothing you want aside to me bad?
Yeah that oh, yeah that
I'd rather not I think we need to don't you
My wife died
She died 11 months ago from cancer
I'm sorry
Guaranteed doctor's orders
Bad sense that they're beautiful
Why doesn't the moon's that like the Sun
Maybe it's cuz the moon's cold and the sun's fiery
I like you with me, huh?
Thanks, I still don't know your name
Alais, my name is Pillai
Hey Carl, yeah sure use a break
Man the world looks so beautiful from up here. Yeah, that's because you can't see what's going on down there
You miss grupe that egg that's not like you yeah, I know
Well, David
Well, no. Oh, he's tired. Lots of appetite
Shirking your responsibilities. It sounds like depression. No way Carl. Come on, man. I am the furthest thing
Alright, you can imagine from you are entering the manic theta
You should know can't someone be tired not hungry feel good, and it not be a clinical issue
Alright, well if it's not that what is it, then does it always have to be something?
Gonna get that. No, it's okay. It'll go to voice my sister. No
Listen I can't really talk right now. I'm do you miss me?
Yeah, I miss you
Under the stars
God, I would love to but I just got in right now and I can't get away
I'm working remember me, too, but you know what? I am willing to take time out from the Dempster's come on
I promise we'll have a good time. Listen Kylie. I really can
You know, maybe I don't miss you after all oh
Come on Polly. Don't be that way. Listen. I'll call you after work. Yeah, don't worry about it
Everything all right
Yeah, yeah now it's the call dropped you seem upset come on what's wrong
No, it's nothing important. It's just
Look I gotta go David We Need to Talk listen. No, we will we will I gotta go
Look sexy as hell in them jeans baby you like I like a lot
What does that a come on
Just yo says yeah good fine, right
Did fine what's the dumpster behind a clothing store
All right. Someone got him for me. Okay?
Now is someone do something like that do something fun
You know, I did not do something for him
Why do mom
Yeah, the way dude. There's nothing there anywhere it pissed me off. It's over
You've really done
Yeah, like stick a fork and a gun
show show
Got you a nice pair jeans stop. That's enough. Stop get off me
Take care you
Know nope, Oh mr. P what's going on?
Never happens again, you understand me just leave him alone
You said you weren't coming over I said after work no, you said he would call after work
And you said he was just a friend he is just a friend
You know, what? Why am I always having to arrest you? You always have to rescue me
Just sometimes we get in situations where we don't have a choice David. You don't always have a choice. We always have choices pille
He's so damn self righteous. Dude. You've never been on the streets. You don't know what it's like
We can't live like you doctors can
Don't go I'm sorry, don't go
You know for me physical intimacy is for when two people who care about each other deeply share themselves because of love
Do you feel making them to me is cheating on your wife. Don't go there play, please please don't go there
It's really sweet really it's really sweet
I know you loved her. I know you were faithful to her, but she's gone. She's gone now
Hello Jane there white boy
No, I think it'd be better for the both of us if you
Get us out of here. I
Don't think so Zeke
Yeah, I think so
You see
This is my world
And this is pails
And you ain't got no place is this really your world Zeke
It is
Cuz his pussies like you to get mo fraida who done three tours in Iraq
no mass you see
No magic, I'm not scared of you Zeke
You see they all go on like you go then it's back to old seeking always
Back no Zeki
Kisuke could have camphor
Yeah, well if all Zeki cared about her so much
Maybe you let me help her
you see
That's what I'm afraid of
You help her?
No fucking way that's going on
Nothing's the matter really
I'm a nurse
don't you think I know when someone's hurting but
You need some TLC. Listen. I know that you care about me and I really appreciate it
But maybe you need someone to talk to everyone's always dumping on you. But who do you have?
Thank you. That's it's not something. I really want to talk about
Whoever it is in whatever it's about. You don't need the hurt
Obviously it's not working and I'm guessing that it's complicated and messy
It wouldn't be that way with us Sally. I'd like you
Not in the way that you want me to
I'm so sorry
I'm sorry guys. Do you mind if we just skip group today? If you could just please?
Hey Stan, sure, Joe
How come you never went after I thought she didn't want me
It's haunted me all my life. I don't wish it on anyone
Thanks Stan
Look sorry doesn't cut it you just run out on me like that
How can I trust you're gonna be there for me be there for you? Okay, I promise
Everyone else. I don't need you or anything else
Okay, you know I get it but just there's something I want you to see
Okay, would you just would you come with me now, please?
Why are you always telling me what to do? I'm not telling you I'm asking you
Where you take me you'll see
Are we doing here muttering in trouble? No, we're not gonna get in trouble
Wait, why do you have the keys whose pad is this? Anyway, it's yours
And you get to pick the furniture. Oh
Yes. Sure. Come on. Will you take me home you cannot use the real toilet?
And hot and cold running water
You're gonna like this place
In the bathroom, no in the apartment. It's yours. You trying to change me again. I wouldn't think of it. I
Make my place home. I understand
Look, even if they work the dumpsters night dad couldn't afford this. Okay
So let's just go someday you will will you sell your artwork?
But for now I'm paying for but no I will not be a kept woman. It wouldn't be like that. Hey, I'm outta here
Let's go. Whoa. Whoa, you almost ran into your easel
Your arts to you, how are you talking about your easels they're
Cabinet trigger paints and brushes table for your sculptures
You're welcome
Baby what are you doing here tap? You see me now Lisa for you
Can I come in
It's quite a place
Sure have made it out streets must be big bucks
Now no, you ain't got that kind of dough so you must be paying for somehow. Yeah, I'm gonna sell some of my paintings
Trebor shit
She loves me too
And I don't see it's different
It's no different
and just because I
Can't afford or dr. Whitey can told me not don't I'm sorry, but it is different
Do you love him?
Give me that. Hey stop give me that
Come on pick up pick up pick up
Where are you going? You have your group in 20 minutes do it Sally they'll love you
It's my baby you call him again
No, he goes, oh wait one way or the other
Palay it's me. It's david open up
Are you in there?
Please just go away
What do you mean go away?
Open the door
Who's there Palais it's me, it's David. Oh my god. What are you doing here? You can't be here
We have to talk please. No, David, please just go away. I won't
I'm staying until you open the door fine. So stay
Never kids did you
No, no, she couldn't turn a little girl
Make sure she's a happy
Sure you would he doesn't have to be girl no guys always won't have a son
Too old for that right? Like all guys can solve and still do all that whoa, whoa
I'm not that much fun and
Ever actually, yeah, you're pretty fun old man
Your breasts
Thank you for again on man, who are you calling old man
All on your path I
Guess you could say that
Well, they tell me about her
There's nothing to tell you're trying to rescue her
Maybe in the beginning I wanna tell you something. This is not my fair lady
You are not gonna make a duchess out of that crazy pot-smoking homeless piece of street trash
You know that, you know the story of Pygmalion
Do you know this story? I know the story
It's a myth David Bailey is not a myth. She is for real. Yeah, so is getting this shit me daddy
All I know is she makes me laugh and cry and smile and feel good. She's passionate and she loves me Carl
For the first time since Ellen died. I'm happy
You've got to let her go or next time he could kill you David. I
Got a second chance
Carl and there is no way in hell that I'm letting that go
Think you could work a little harder, don't you?
Good I'm gonna hold you to that. Okay? Okay. Get out of here
And I want that list
No, oh my god, this is dr. Myers, I gotta start my own
I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to talk. Ah, you're right. What are you doing here?
I can't take what this does to me anymore and
What I did to you you almost kill me and now you want me to help you I do
Okay, I know
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, but you know how I feel about it
I was I was crazy jealous, but it was the it was the people PTSD. This would be a highly unusual
and irregular arrangement
Hey, hey, Dad, what you got what a night
You want to let yourself be hospitalized
Take medication therapy will not be easy. You'll have to
Let yourself
re-experience the traumas
It'll be emotionally painful
Do you think you can handle that I
Got the Whalen back with you
Okay, okay, okay. Yeah, okay
Don't you don't hurt me again?
Okay taking the front desk I haven't see Salish you'll know what to do. Okay. Thank you
I'm sorry, baby
Fuck a seeker. He wants me to treat him
How could you do that? After what he did to you? He should be locked up. He nuts. Yeah, maybe
But you know, we sent him over there and they come back all messed up. Somebody's got to pick up the pieces
You're amazing. Mm-hmm big good then well, I don't know about that
Would you want to try
Why would you would you want to have a baby I
Don't know scares the hell out of me
Especially if it's a girl I thought you wanted a girl
Things happen to little girls what things I
Don't know things
Nothing forget I said anything. Okay. Oh stop it
What don't worry about it?
Talk to me
That's something I even told you
Or anyone
Well, you told me about the demon this is not about the demons
It's about why the demons that's what to do about the demons is important
She's nothing you can do about them
I'll never leave
Things happen, you can't change that. Yeah, that's true. You can't change what happened but
You can change how you feel about what happened
Lie back lie, just lie back close
Your eyes
Okay, this is therapy, isn't it is it gonna hurt no take a deep breath
Take a deep breath in
Hold it
And as you do you feel the wave of relaxation move through you?
From the top of your head all the way down to your toes
Just feel it as you go deeper and deeper
Okay, you try to hypnotize me, but they can't be hypnotized
I was in Vegas ones and they wanted people to come up on stage and Kay hypnotized to do stupid stuff and they can do
at me and it's not gonna work, so I would just let you I just you just
I'm beginning to think that you don't want to get rid of your demons
I am in your power. I mean, okay, okay
One more deep breath in
Okay, you're standing at the top of a stairway
You're gonna walk down the steps one by one
And as you do you can feel yourself
Deeper and deeper more and more relaxed
Let me know when you get to the bottom of the stairs
Hey good in front of you is a doorway
Open it
And when you pass through it, you'll be back in time
You'll see yourself from a time long ago when you were a little girl
Perhaps it's time when something made you feel very uncomfortable
Maybe it upset you terribly. Maybe it even hurt you
It's okay to open that door
Don't tell me what you see
But I want you to observe yourself as the person that you are now a
Knowledgeable intelligent mature adult
Have her tell you how she's feeling tell her she has every right to those feelings
I want you to ask yourself
With everything, you know as a grownup
Are those feelings helpful or useful to you now? No
those bad feelings are no longer necessary and you can just
Let go of them
you don't have to keep them anymore and
It will feel so good to let them go. Yes
Now your job is to help her know
That it was not her fault what happened
That's a very cute little girl
There's a little princess, but it was no excuse for what he did
You were just a little girl and
He was a big strong
Grown-up man who beats you and threatened you if you didn't do what he wanted
There was nothing you could have done about it nothing
You fucking asshole I hate you I hate you
There's an empty place in my heart it's waiting for you you can live there forever
Notice how good it feels to have her there
Feel all the warm good feelings that come with this
And you can open your eyes
Setting free. Could you be
The day will come your broken will be mended
We know it will be
And then she tells me about her abuse as a little girl she should see someone she did see someone
Don't tell me okay. I won't David doctors have been stooping their patients at the beginning of time
You know, there's very strict rules about that cut. She's not my patient. Yeah, that's a pretty fine line
I did the Ethics Board to come up against that
It went well it went incredibly well I
Mean it was spontaneous and she was really ready for an intervention. I
Mean we made we made progress. We made such incredible progress
Would you mind if I give you some advice
She's doing as well as you say she is and I have no reason to doubt that that's the truth
You've got to give her time to process it
To see how she feels about it what she's gonna do with it where she's gonna go
You have to give her that you know you do
And you know what that means
So this, isn't it this is this is where you live yeah, we look around
Hungry starving
Jerris darling Ellen
Thank you for freeing me. Oh, I don't didn't want someone she's very different from you. And I think you'd like her I
Hope so because I love her
So I'll always be a place for you in my heart I will always love you, goodbye Marie darling David
You know
If I had never written her those letters you and I would never have met
She didn't die, I mean every man I
Would you mind if I give you some advice she needs time to process it
Kind of taken it
But you gotta let her go
You always live your life
Reacting to what happened to you
no, it's
Well, I need you understand that you're different now
You're gonna see and feel things differently, you know, baby
It's not good. Let me enjoy our breakfast now. I mean, you may not even want me anymore you
Out of your mind, of course. I want you. You could never not want you. It's the right thing to do to give it
to give us
Some time
What are you saying I'm saying that I may not even be on that path with you
Are you breaking up with me?
I'm sorry
And I'm doing what's best for you, okay
If that's if that's what this means then forget it, I need to just change me back. Just turn me back right now. I
That's not the way this works
Let's see
This is not what I want to do, you know you're doing what every other man has ever done in my life
They fuck me and then they don't give a damn about me
You fucked me I hope you're happy
Pull a that's not it God you were like this good guy that actually liked me and cared about me and respected me
And glad they're all my faults and all my craziness
I mean
it just had all these broken pieces of me that I never thought could ever be put back together until I met you you make
Me feel whole you make me feel
Normal it's so complicated. Yes. I am I David
Thank you for everything
Hey, buddy
If you love someone set them free if they return it's meant to be
Don't be a schnook you can't count on that you gotta go after her
Thanks, buddy
It's gonna be a habit yeah must be my karma
I think what you told me to do and now she's gone did what you had to do. God. You're such a shrink
So they really obtain forgiveness
You know what? Sometimes you just gotta follow your heart. Give me my crutches
Watch the branches
I already lost one love
I'm not gonna lose another it's no fucking way. That's gonna happen
Sometimes we get lucky and life gives us a second chance
Maybe it's happenstance
Or maybe it's synchronicity
All we know is that sometimes it happens
But it happens only if you follow our path and
The path has heart
Bad by chance like as we can breathe
But even some die-cuts
Me and setting free could you
The day was calm
There's great stuff in here
Your shirt look at that lettuce
perfectly fine
All right. Look at that. See still good. It is sweet. All right
You assholes
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Beauty In The Broken (Full HD Movie, Love, Romance, Drama, English) *full free movies*

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Takaaki Inoue published on June 4, 2020
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