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- We all have our struggles when it comes to grappling
with the end of the weekend and the beginning of a new week.
But I have some ideas for you today,
to help you combat those annoying Sunday Scaries.
(upbeat music)
Good morning Good Life, welcome back to AmyTV
where we come together to go after the life you want.
We all have some version of the Sunday Scaries,
whether you know what they are or not.
If you don't know what they are,
Sunday Scaries are basically a popularized name
for that anxiety that you start feeling
at the end of the weekend,
in anticipation for an impending new week.
No matter what your Monday looks like,
where you have to return to an office, get to work,
go to school, or anything else.
Back to reality is what a lot of people think
when they think about Mondays.
And so ultimately, your feelings prior to,
start to get to you.
It's all mentality.
So as we approach a new week, I have a few ideas
to help you combat the Sunday Scaries.
It's not gonna be the same for everyone,
we all have different levels of anxiety
depending on ourselves, and the Sunday Scaries
may not completely go away,
but hopefully these are a few steps that you can take
to feel a little bit more positive and ambitious
going into your week.
I personally think that everyone's Sunday Scaries
have to do with some sort of causation in your life,
and therefore, a certain effect.
So let's look at this as a cause and solution situation.
Starting with the cause of Saturday Fun Day.
Yes, I made that up, it's supposed to be Sunday Fun Day,
but Sunday Fun Day doesn't exist
if you have the Sunday Scaries.
I'm talking about Saturday Fun Day,
when maybe you have a few to many glasses of Prosecco,
or you stayed up really, really late,
whatever the case may be.
You do something that ultimately makes you
way less productive on Sunday,
so not only are those feelings setting in.
Hang-overs be gone please.
But also the feeling of, oh my gosh, I have to be ready
to be a full on adult tomorrow.
If you've deduced that this is your cause,
my solution is move your body.
I know that if I have a really fun Saturday night,
Sunday always feels like I lost the entire weekend.
Because you put so much energy into that one little,
maybe five to six to seven hour period of the weekend,
that it's like oh my gosh,
I really did nothing else the entire time.
If you move your body, there's gonna be a couple of things
that help you with this.
First of all, it's gonna make you feel much more productive.
Any time you're getting any kind of exercise at all,
it feels really good.
But it's also gonna help you a little bit
with your exercise overwhelm.
Maybe you're thinking, oh my amazing workout starts
on Monday just like my diet starts on Monday,
all those things that start on Monday
that's piling up that's giving us the Sunday Scaries.
If you're thinking, oh yeah, I have to go to the gym
and I have to go to work, and I have all these commitments.
Maybe it's just to knock down a little bit of the whole
you can't start your workout until Monday thing,
if you do something to move your body today.
So you're not only exerting that stress
by getting some of that movement,
but you're hopefully trying to cleanse a little bit
of the situation, that is last nights wine.
Something that has been a new thing in my life
that I have never done at the frequency that I do now,
is just taking walks.
Especially because of social distancing,
getting outside and just doing something with my husband,
that's not sitting at home or sitting at the computer,
or sitting in front of a TV, has been huge.
And I think walking is so unbelievably under rated.
We always end up out for way longer than we thought,
because if the walks are actually fun
and interesting to look at, they're amazing.
I'm going on a tangent here just to say
you don't have to do to much to move your body,
so even if it's just taking a five, ten,
fifteen minute walk outside, breath some fresh air.
If it's possible for you to do it, do that.
The next cause I think of Sunday Scaries
is planning paralyzation.
You might be getting the scaries because you feel like
you fell behind in planning or executing,
maybe from the previous week or for the next week.
And so you think, oh my gosh, I don't even have the energy
or the mental state to sit down and think
what do I have to do this week.
I'm too afraid to do what's happening this week,
I don't wanna have to think about it.
I'm not gonna ask you to sit down and do your Ivy Lee Method
and your prioritization matrix
and all that kind of fun stuff that you could do
to plan your week if it's feeling overwhelming.
I want you to just try the solution
of the one thing task list.
You know you have something that's important and urgent
that very, very, very likely would serve you
if it got done tomorrow.
If not today, but we're just trying to get rid
of the Scaries today, so we're not doing it today.
Write a one task to-do-list for tomorrow.
Not three things, not six things, just one.
Because that one thing is very likely the only thing
you have to do tomorrow.
We usually pack on so much that we should be doing,
or must be doing, and so we have to get to it on a Monday
to start the week off strong, more unnecessary stress
chiming in for your Sunday Scaries.
So just write down the one thing that would really feel
like you got something done tomorrow, or your Monday.
And very likely the only thing, that if you didn't do it,
it would actually be a problem.
We don't actually have that many things we have to do
on a daily basis that are not fairly habitual as it is.
If you're concerned from a productivity stand point
and you just have to get something done,
don't put too much pressure on yourself,
just do the doable, write one thing down.
And if you really feel good,
plot that thing on the calendar.
I do recommend that, because if you just pick the block
of time that makes sense to get that thing done tomorrow,
probably has to do with when you're gonna be working,
when you're not gonna be working,
when you're on a break, when you're not on a break,
it's totally dependent on what that task is.
But I would plot it on the calendar
because then you can at least say,
all I have to do is what is in this space tomorrow.
The next big cause for Sunday Scaries in my opinion
is nothing to look forward to.
It's kind of a bummer when you're like,
oh my gosh, this is my Sunday.
This is supposed to be my Sunday Fun Day,
my cool day, my chill day, and I am having a heart attack.
Like that's just not fun, not to mention the fact
that there's nothing on my calendar that I'm excited about,
at least not until next weekend.
The biggest solution here
is just make something to look forward to.
So maybe you could reach out to a friend and say,
let's hang out, whether that's virtually or in person.
Or if there's something that you wanna do
that's just for you that you can schedule.
Even if that something is just something you can do
around your house, maybe something that actually
brings you pleasure.
If you knew you had time for it at some point
and you scheduled it, it may not be on your Monday,
if it is, that would be a great way to feel better
about your Sunday Scaries.
But it could also be a day in the middle of the week
that helps you get through to the weekend.
Whether it's just sitting down to paint a picture
because you have all the supplies,
but you haven't had time to do it.
Or you just wanna have like wine time with a friend.
If you have nothing to look forward to,
start looking forward to something.
One of the big things that I've done that keeps me
from getting the Sunday Scaries,
is that as a business owner, I can work when I want to work.
And I do end up working sometimes on Sunday's
because I post video's, on AmyTV.
So I actually take a little bit of Monday off
in the afternoon to balance out that work time,
and then the next day doesn't feel
like such a big deal to me.
I just know I have to basically work through lunch
and then the rest of the afternoon is really chill,
because of the way I've batched and blocked
the rest of my week.
I imagine there's not a lot of people on this planet
that can do that, it depends on how much flexibility
and ownership and independence you have,
and freedom with your time,
which is why I recommend The Gatluw Society,
where you can learn how to work for yourself
and make that happen.
However, if it's an option,
maybe you've just been working yourself so hard, too hard,
that you haven't given yourself time to rehabilitate
and the Sunday Scaries feel even worse.
Something to consider if that's an option for you.
Another really big cause that I think traps us
in a lot of ways into the scaries,
is just putting too much pressure on Sunday's.
Sundays feel like a day where we can get ahead.
And they make us think like, oh, we could do all that
on Sunday and then I'll be way ahead of the curve
on Monday, in the workweek when normal people
get back to work.
I have done this to myself so many times,
and sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't.
Because then you're on Sunday and you're supposed
to do all of the things that are gonna put you ahead
of everybody else, but you just want to do nothing.
So that's a conflicting point of view,
it's hard to then execute on any level.
Because you're like, I don't even wanna do one thing,
much less this list of things
that was supposed to put me ahead.
So if you've found yourself in this situation a lot,
you might wanna start planning for Sunday's
to be nothing but an unplanned self-care day.
And by self-care I mean don't plan to do anything,
don't force yourself to do anything,
don't tell yourself you should be doing something.
Just allow it to be a complete rehabilitation,
based on what you feel like doing that day.
And the final cause I wanna talk about is a miserable job.
The reality of the situation is there's a lot of people
that have to go to work on Monday,
and they might find themself surrounded with people
who don't exactly make them feel
like better versions of themselves.
In fact, you may think that the people you work with,
make you a significantly lesser version of yourself.
First of all, that could be, that absolutely could be.
You could work with very crappy people.
That is totally a possibility.
Second of all, you could be the crappy person sometimes.
I mean if you're blaming everybody else
for making you a lessor version of yourself,
you might be unnecessarily placing that blame.
But depending on where you are in this situation,
it may be irreparable and you may need to just
find a new job.
I wanna say something because I don't know
who needs to hear this,
but I think it might have to do with this category,
it could have to do with something else
going on in your life.
But when someone said this to me, I never forgot it.
Because I really questioned it and told myself
a different story for a long time.
You are never stuck, ever.
You may not be able to move quickly and immediately
right not to a better situation, but you're never stuck.
There is always another option for you.
So if you really are in a toxic situation,
and you feel like your superiors are not good for you
or your coworkers are not good for you,
or the actual work itself is not good for you,
you can make a change.
Start to talk to yourself about that.
Maybe you do nothing else on Sundays,
but think about the very small steps you can start to take
to make that pivot in your life.
You do not have to massively change,
but it might give you light at the end of the tunnel
when you go back to your job, and you realize
like there is a possibility I could leave
and I'm doing something about it.
I didn't have a toxic job, I actually really loved my job,
it was what I went to school for.
It's just that I realized like I was in love
with something else on a deeper level.
So I was very sad going to work for a while
because I was like, oh no, I have to work here
to pay my bills, and it was fine.
But I just knew I should be doing something else.
When I thought about it differently and realized
I am making my way to potentially leave
and work on my own terms someday,
I went into work differently.
I was more helpful, I was more optimistic,
I was more excited because I knew what I was doing there,
was what I was supposed to be doing,
and then what I would do at home to prep for my move
was also what I was supposed to be doing.
And because of that, I was at that job for about a year,
or I should say, I was at that job much longer.
I was at that job for a year, knowing that I would leave.
I was there a total of four to five years.
But that last year was preparation for the fact
that I didn't have to come back and beg for my job
when working for myself didn't work.
And I've been able to be on my own now
for more than a decade.
So I do think that it has a a lot to do
with getting your mind right so that you can take
the small steps forward to getting yourself
to a situation you want to be in.
So if the solution is to get a better job,
get a better job.
It may not happen for your Monday,
but it could happen sooner than you think.
Probably even sooner than a year.
It took me a year, but it could take less than that for you.
If you're struggling with staying positive
and keeping the right people around you
to make you think about what could be for you.
I highly recommend Shine Squad,
it's my Patreon, there's amazing people over there
who not only are trying to wake up a little bit earlier
so they can find the time they need in their lives
to go after the life that they want.
But they really are lifting each other up as well,
we do all kinds of stuff, I do a daily five minute Podcast,
Monday through Friday,
so maybe that'll help you on your Monday.
We do live Q and A's, there's a coffee mug
for Good Morning, Good Life over there
if you join Tier Four, it's a lot of fun.
So go and check that out.
Do you struggle with the Sunday Scaries?
What is something that you might try
now that we've had this conversation,
to help you combat that anxiety?
Share that in the comments below.
That's all for today, thank you so much for tuning in.
I appreciate it as always.
Make sure you subscribe for Good Vibes,
kiss the ones you love (blows a kiss),
and go after the life you want, cheers.
Kat G, I agree, time management is so much more important
in quarantine, and we're posting videos every Sunday
here on AmyTV, so thank you for being here.
Fuzzy, I agree, I don't know how I came up
with that dance, but it totally worked.
Charlotte, let me tell you, you my friend are a hell yes.
Alex, I'm really, really good at predicting what you need.
Jara, I know I have this like weird staircase behind me,
I guess it does kinda look like a crib,
but I'm a big girl, so yay.
Doug, I see you task switching, you need to fix it.
Jade, I get a little serious sometimes too, don't worry.
And to Gabriela, yes, I think we need to have
a no conversation very soon to make this easier on everyone.
(lighthearted music)
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