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Hi, everyone. My name's George.
And today we're going to learn how to accept and reject invitations.
So, yesterday my friend Max invited me to a party, but unfortunately I couldn't go.
How did I politely reject his invitation?
Do you want to come to my cat's birthday on Saturday?
She's turning 15.
I'd love to, Max, but I'm hanging out with Mack that day.
Thanks for inviting me though.
Who's Mack?
When rejecting an invitation, you can start by saying "I'd love to but..."
And then you can tell the other person what your plans are, using the future continuous, which is the -ing form of the verb.
We use this tense when we have plans with somebody else.
For example, I'd love to but I'm hanging out with my friends that day.
Also, you can add, "thanks for inviting me though," at the end if you want to sound extra polite.
For example: I'd love to but I'm playing football that day.
Thanks for inviting me though.
How about meeting up on Sunday instead?
Sounds good.
My house.
Okay, and what...
I've got cornflakes.
Okay, what time?
Nine o'clock.
When's the earliest you can get there?
To accept an invitation you can say, "sounds good!".
And then you can ask for some extra information by asking "whereabouts?" or "where do you want to meet?" or "what time?".
If you need to cancel an arrangement with a friend, you can say: "Sorry, I don't think I can make it."
Which means I really, really want to go, but unfortunately I can't make the journey or I can't meet you because something's come up.
There is an urgent situation.
So, you can say: "Sorry, Max, I don't think I can make it".
"Something's come up."
Oh, okay.
That's all we have time for today.
If you have any alternative ways to accept or reject invitations or cancel arrangements, please let me know in the comments section.
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Accepting or rejecting invitations in English | Learn English with Cambridge

1934 Folder Collection
Estelle published on June 1, 2020    Estelle translated    adam reviewed
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