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so today is the day I explain what the hell I'm doing in Bangkok why the hell
do I have black hair and why I'm staying here for so long it's been three months
since I came here and I definitely owe you guys a explanation so without
further ado this is my story to why I'm here so this is what happened
I was you know living a normal life in Tokyo and then my Thai agency found me
through my mother agency in Tokyo and they were looking for Japanese models to
bring to Thailand for modeling and I did a Skype meeting type of audition thing
with my Thai agency going into the Skype meeting I didn't really think of
anything I was like cool like I've always wanted to go to Thailand like why
not at the time I still had pink hair and you know I went into the casting
thinking oh I'm never gonna get this because I have pink hair you know and
I'm not like that tall and I had no idea what like the beauty standards were in
Thailand what kind of jobs they were we're kind
of you know what the model industry was like in Thailand at all so I really
didn't know what to expect but like I was like well they're not gonna take a
pink haired girl for sure you know what I mean and then I went
into the Skype meeting they asked me if I can dye my hair either brown or black
and I didn't really think too much I was just like yeah sure of course I'll dye
my hair dark but in my head I was like oh I hope I don't actually have to die
interesting story during that time I was actually going through a breakup with my
ex-boyfriend it was kind of like a stressful time because I had to find a
new apartment because we had been living together and you know I wasn't able to
move out as soon as I wanted to because I had already planned this like two-week
trip to the US and you know it's a lot of work finding the new apartment in
Tokyo so it was taking a wild takes you know cost a lot of money to move out and
you know get rid of things and sell things and just everything so I was
really really stressed at that time and during my trip in the u.s. I was just
like worried about what am I gonna do when I go back to Tokyo I have to find a
new apartment like maybe I'll move in with lauda my best friend for a little
bit or whatever you know and during that trip my manager messages me and he's
like hey so you're confirmed for Thailand now they want you to come and
I'm like what I so so I'm actually going there for three months he's like yeah
and I'm like awesome who who gets to go to fly to Thailand to model for three
months that's like a vacation you know what I mean solved all my problems
instantly like I didn't have to find a new apartment in Tokyo I just all I had
to do was find a storage unit pack all my things and fly here so that's what I
did my life here is amazing I've met so many
amazing people here I've made so many new friends and I think moving to
Thailand was like the best decision ever um number one I don't like being cold
and I really really hate winter because it's really cold and I it's just summer
everyday here I love it all so I I'm doing really well with work I'm getting
a lot of jobs and I really like that as well it's interesting because here they
really really appreciate like the whole Asian Beauty type of model look like the
whole curry and like k-beauty Japanese looking girls like we get a lot of jobs
and I am really grateful for that because in Japan they don't appreciate
Asian beauty as much I'm sure a lot of you already know this but a majority of
the jobs will go to Caucasian models or half Caucasian models or like white
passing models you know what I mean so me like when I had a black hair in Japan
I didn't get jobs at all and the second I dyed it blonde like I got so many jobs
it's so interesting how like the more Western you look the more jobs you'd get
in Japan so I'm a little bit nervous about what will happen when I go back to
Japan with my black hair my original plan was to dye it back blonde but it's
just way too damaged at this point and I just don't think I can dye it back and I
actually really like my dark hair I'm really enjoying it like I didn't think I
would like it at first but I'm really enjoying having dark hair it feels nice
to look the way I'm supposed to look naturally so I really like it I was
actually supposed to after three months which was the end of
January but I kind of decided to extend my stay so I'm here for another three
months my mom's like scared that I'm never moving back to Japan and I'm like
the plan is the plan is to move back after three months okay that's the plan
like I met so many people here who were like I'd be like what brought you to
Thailand and they'd be like oh I was only gonna stay for a month and I'm like
so how long have you been here and they're like 12 years I was like three
years I'm like damn I can kind of see myself being in their position because I
really like my life here but at the same time I really really miss a lot of
things about Japan and I really miss my friends and I really miss my family so I
really don't know what's gonna happen of course I have to go back to Tokyo I know
I do I have to but I kind of want to but don't want to at the same time also it's
a good time I move back because from like around May June the rainy season
starts here and apparently rainy season in Bangkok is not cute so it's perfect
like running away from the winter go back like when it's spring in Tokyo you
know awesome and i'm learning thai now it's so fun like i love learning new
languages like oh it's so fun i learn like oh my god i'm too like shy to speak
it but like okay okay okay okay okay somebody cap chu Ayumi cap and gown even
you can DT night ha that's like hello I'm a you me I'm Japanese
nice to meet you in Thai yes I learned how to speak Thai like I know how to
like okay I know little words okay like knock is like kawaii
cute soy is like beautiful throw my eyes go straight quoi is right sy is left for
like taxis meet my a little bit I learned a lot of swear words - oh and I
know how to count no song some see ha Hawk jet that cow
see and then zero is soon and then 100 is a toy learning time I'm having so
much fun learning Thai it's really exciting and like I made a lot of Thai
friends too so like when they're having a conversation and when you could like
understand some words it's really excited like I understood that you know
it's so exciting anyways I know you guys can tell I'm
really excited about learning the language but yeah I mean let me know if
you guys want to see videos like me learning Thai or my life in Thailand
like pros and the cons living here what I like just like about Thailand I don't
know just laughs comment if you have any ideas for my videos but anyways um just
wanted to update you guys on my life and I'm very happy so I hope you guys are
happy too don't forget to subscribe to my channel
before you go and yeah I will see you guys in my next video
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Why I Left Tokyo

59 Folder Collection
Yamanba published on May 28, 2020
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