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[Erwin] I realize you might find what I just said depressing.
Therefore, I have prepared several jokes in-
advance to lighten the mood.
[Soldier] God no.
[Erwin] Ahem.
[Petra] Oh God, he's telling the jokes again. someone-
stop him!
[Erwin] I used to have a job crushing cans.
it was soda pressing.
[Awkward Silence]
[Erwin] Excuse me sir, would you like your milk in a bag
No thank you., it will just LEEK OUT.
[Soldiers] *mumbling* God damn. Ohhhh.
When's the punchline coming?
[Erwin] What's brown, long and sticky?
A Stick!
[Soldier] Fucking kill me!
[Erwin] What does a nosy pepper do?
Gets JALAPEN-YO business!
[Petra] He's literally murdering our future.
[Erwin] How do you tell a dog wood apart from any-
other tree?
[Soldier] YOU SUCK!
[Erwin] BY ITS BARK.
[Soldier] *mumbling* Racist.
[Erwin] Two sausages are lying in a frying pan, one-
looks at another and says "it's getting awfully hot in-
here." The other says "AHHH! A talking sausage!
[Erwin] That concludes my speech.
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Erwin Tells the Worst Jokes

27 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on May 28, 2020
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