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Album of the Year goes to, SEVENTEEN! Congratulations!
It was such an honor to receive this prestigious award for singers, under the group of SEVENTEEN.
We SEVENTEEN are singers who produce our own albums,
And we were awarded with this amazing title tonight. It's a wonderful evening.
Right now, the biggest thing I feel is joy.
And now that we were awarded Album of the Year...
It's a whole new feeling.
We put so much effort into this album, and it feels like we're being rewarded with the award.
I mean, we already got our reward from our CARATs,
But with this award again,
You made another memorable moment for us.
I feel really good right now.
[EP. 01]
[For You To Walk Comfortably]
[OSAKA / 2019.10.06 PM 02:00 / PRACTICE CENTER]
Say the name ! SEVENTEEN! Hello, we are SEVENTEEN. We will do our best!
In Japan, we usually rent a hall for our practice
And we always practiced to keep in step with the local staff.
We always try our best to show our audience the best performance possible,
I guess that's how the system settled in.
We can't do it that way in every country,
But we make every effort to do what we can do to maintain the system.
This is our second World Tour,
And there was another Asia-Pacific Tour before,
We continue to go on these tours
And the fact that we can travel across the world with K-POP
It's surreal. Currently, we're in Japan where it's close to Korea
But even if we're somewhere far away from Korea
That there are people waiting for us there,
It was interesting in the beginning, but now there's a lot of responsibility that comes along with it.
[ODE TO YOU IN OSAKA / 2019.10.08 PM 01:00 / OSAKA-JO HALL]
You were talking about the song 'Don't Listen in Secret' on pro-tools, were there any changes?
I think I heard that the chorus was too loud.
I think the temperature's about the same,
you can just go with what you think looks better.
They're both pretty hot for us anyways.
The heat from the sudden fire effect, that's inevitable, so...
Then, rehearsal's over for today.
Good effort, everyone!
The guys were singing really hard, but the sound wasn't working at all.
But the mic should at least come through a little bit.
I think I eat a lot.
I can't eat right before the performance,
But when we're starting to get our makeup done, which gives us about 2 hours.
Within that time frame, I think I eat a good amount.
After a show, I get so hungry.
I got too much food... there's no room left.
I'll have to take it like this.
There's another one!
But I check everything.
To the question, "What did you check in today's rehearsal?" I said I checked everything.
I checked everything from start to finish.
There was so much to take care of, even just the stage...
The size of the stage was different from Korea,
The members' formations are all different,
And there were slight adjustments to the cue sheet too.
Not that I'm a perfectionist, maybe just a bit particular?
I was dead asleep last night.
In fact, I don't really remember
How yesterday went by.
I slept too much earlier,
Maybe about 14 hours?
I don't sleep to balance my energy or anything. I think it's just become a habit now.
I don't really do anything other than sleep..?
Sleep, and eat,
Umm... go to the studio.
For me, the studio is literally the most comfortable space.
I don't think of it as my workplace.
I've came here to relax when I didn't have anything to do,
Sometimes I just come here and zone out,
I don't always work, sometimes I'll just listen to music...
Like, my second home? Another home of mine.
I think something like a pipe sound would be nice in the intro.
The theme can burst out in the intro,
- And the vocals come out in the verse anyway. - Right.
The emotion's good right now, actually.
He's extraordinary when it comes to handling 'emotion'.
[MUSIC PRODUCER BUMZU] I was their vocal coach when they were trainees.
He was…
I felt I had to just let him be.
My job is to let him enjoy music.
I thought, putting him into a certain frame would be the worse thing to do.
Around 2013, 2014? Whenever WOOZI came to the studio,
he asked me to teach him certain functions, that's how it began.
Before long, he started bringing me his own work.
He'd be like, "How's this one?"
And I saw the way he treated music, and him making music of his own,
'He's a genius at this...'
I felt like that a lot.
And I still feel that way now.
So it's really fun.
Some people tell me
What I do looks so hard.
But this is just, literally my daily life.
I think each member has something different that they do best,
And so I think this is the thing I can do best.
So naturally, that drives me to work hard.
And I really love it, I do.
[ODE TO YOU IN OSAKA / 2019.10.08 PM 06:00 / OSAKA-JO HALL]
We're finally starting!
To think of it, we've performed in front of a crowd of 30 people.
And we keep progressing to this day,
But I felt much more nervous back then.
I was way more nervous when performing in front of 30 people,
and I think it's important to keep that tension,
maintaining that nervousness I had at that moment, up to now.
I'm so thankful to my members.
Because they're the ones who love my music the most,
I can work with confidence because it's SEVENTEEN's album,
and the members always tell me how proud they are about making our own album together.
When I first debuted, I did feel pressured.
But now, I'm receiving so much energy from the members.
So I'm always thankful to them.
Everyone must have different backgrounds and lives they carry out,
and they must've taken different paths on the way there.
So it doesn't matter really, whether we make you feel happy, excited,
as long as the emotions are positive for the individual
I think that's good enough.
[When my little steps pile up,]
[they will form a firm path one day]
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13 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on May 27, 2020
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