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My new toy.
You like it?
Chavez: You see this?
That's your new target, unless it's not big enough.
Variable, this is easy rhino.
Do you copy? Over.
Loud and clear, easy rhino.
Do we have a gig? Over.
That's a rog.
Chavez: Target is lit.
Start the music.
Into attack.
Pickle is hot.
Target is acquired and lit.
Coming down.
Clark: Fernandez...
Looks like a full house.
Damn it!
Why doesn't he fix this road?
Clark: Shit.
I thought we had everybody.
Keep the target painted.
( speaking spanish )
( rapid beeping )
Mother of god.
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Clear and Present Danger (4/9) Movie CLIP - Bombing the Cartel (1994) HD

7 Folder Collection
油管 published on May 27, 2020
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