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- It is all good and great
people telling you to feel great about yourself
and be confident, and just get to used to who you are
and all the body positivity stuff.
Sure, that's really great.
But the problem is you stand in front of the mirror
and think you look great, but then you go out later on
and someone takes a photo of you
and you look like a disaster.
That is not what you certainly look like.
You thought you were slaying life,
you thought you looked damn good.
You start thinking to yourself,
am I delusional for thinking I look good,
what is wrong with me, damn I must be ugly,
but honey it's most likely the fact
that you just don't know how to pose properly
and there are some tricks that models have up their sleeves
that make them look so good.
So, without further ado.
If I have to have a shitty background,
I'm gonna pick myself out.
At least you aren't distracted by that.
Let's get into the video.
This video is gonna be the most comprehensive
analysis and tutorial on how to pose.
I'm gonna teach you all the tricks and tips
you need to know for a good pose
so you no longer have to feel crap about yourself.
Because we all know that when you feel great,
you do great work and you can slay the world.
(dance music)
Start at your core so
you first and foremost need to engage your core
because when you're slouching, it doesn't look good honey.
Engage your tummy muscles so you are making abs
even if you don't have abs.
And pull your shoulders back and try to them look relaxed
not like crazy back, just back enough
so that your posture looks great,
and you look powerful and confident.
(bass heavy music)
Separate your limbs from your body.
You don't want to become like a little log,
you have arms for a reason so separate them from your body
and also on that note, squishing anything against your body
is going to make it look bigger
so lift your arms away from your body.
That also go for your legs when you're sitting.
Try to lift them off the surface
so you're not squishing your legs down
and making them appear larger.
Usually 45 degree angle for anybody
looks great because you're not just square on,
you're turning your body just a little bit
which is what we want.
We want to give the impression of angles.
For some girls it does look good straight on,
but you really have to figure out
if that works good for your body.
If not, safely just look at 45 degree angles.
Sitting poses are all about angles.
Angles, angles, angles.
Here are some examples of what looks great.
Everything is separate from from each other,
very interesting shapes done with legs and arms and so forth
(bass heavy music)
One leg in front of the other, always a good way to go.
One arm in the front of the other,
always a nice little touch, just as with the sitting poses:
create angles with your body.
Legs, arms, sit into your hips,
so put all your weight into one leg
and push your hip out a little bit,
it gives the impression of fake curves.
It's amazing.
Photographs of women are generally all about
creating those curves so curve it up,
show off those curves, even if you don't have any like me.
All of the same principles apply,
leg forward, create expressions, and take a lot of snaps
because quite often one girl
doesn't look good 'cause she was blinking or so forth
so take a lot of snaps.
Make sure that everyone is happy with the photograph.
But honestly group photos like this
still make me the happiest.
So don't forget, like get the professional photo
if you want to, but then take a selfie
just for your personal storage and embrace the moment.
Show off the energy of the moment, the love that was shared.
Our life is not Instagram, our life is not posed photographs
so make sure you're still real.
(bass heavy music)
Very often, once the camera starts snapping, we freak out.
So having a go-to facial expression
prevents that from happening.
Figuring it out beforehand with selfies
helps you figure out what looks best on you.
Which side of your face you like more,
what facial expressions you like more.
Memorizing facial expressions so when the camera's on
you can bring it.
What is your favorite side of the face.
Certain models love a certain side of their face.
These are examples of professional models
that quite often just see one side of their face
on all of their photos.
For a lot of us, it's straight onto the camera
and choosing either one or the second side.
For me, I don't like this side.
I always generally turn
about 45 degrees or straight on.
Not everybody has a side of their face they love more,
so if you're one of those people that loves both sides:
This can be done through sitting really close to a window
which is what I'm doing right now.
All of that beautiful light coming my way.
Or if you're outside and the sun is shining,
tilt your head up so you are right in that sun.
Try to avoid harsh shadows on your face,
specifically dark bags under the eyes.
Not so good.
This sucks, but it works.
So start ridiculously laughing and being a twat
and then you will break out into a real laugh
and it's hilarious.
(bass heavy music)
Chin forward and down.
I don't know why, but it works.
For straight on photos, it works a treat.
What Winnie Harlow is doing here, chin forward down,
and she's piercing the camera.
She's like looking straight through the camera,
squinting her eyes just a little bit.
And as Tyra Banks says, "Smile with those eyes."
(bass heavy music)
I am guilty of this one, you have relax your lips open
just a little bit.
Relaxing your lips open makes you look more comfortable
because I grind my teeth.
I am like always clenched and it doesn't look good on photos
Relax your lips just a tiny little bit.
So whenever you're talking to someone,
you are like engaged and your head is shifting,
you never sit there like this because that's really awkward
and something's not right if you do that.
Same with photographs so you can tilt your head forward,
back, sideways, a little bit,
just figure out what looks good on you and then
work with that.
(bass heavy music)
Laughing too much actually doesn't look good on photos
because you are like generally in a very heavy laughter
like hahaha!
Doesn't translate very well.
What you can do is still do your fake laugh
which will translate into real laughter.
Laugh like crazy, and when you're laughing like crazy
ask someone to just snap a lot of photos of you
and there'll be one in there that looks really good,
that isn't like the extreme smile, but the smallest smile.
And while we're on the topic of smiling,
fake smiling just doesn't look good.
Like it's very ugly (mumbles).
Deer in the headlights look
doesn't look good.
So relax your eyes a little bit.
(bass heavy music)
You need to work with what your momma gave you
because there is absolutely no purpose or reason
to look at the other side
and think the grass is greener on the other side
because I know for a fact
that people always think that it's better on the other side.
So many times I want curves galore,
and so many times women tell me
that they want my muscle-y, skinny body.
For some reason, none of us are satisfied.
So just have blinders on.
Figure out your body type and just own it.
Nothing more confident than owning your body type
and working with what you got.
This includes standing in front of the mirror quite a lot,
getting used to yourself,
figuring out what your best assets are.
All of us have our best assets.
For me it's my teeth and my abs.
If you tilt your camera this way,
it means that your head is now gonna look
a lot larger and you're gonna shrink yourself
and you're gonna make your legs look a lot longer.
Versus when you shoot like this,
it's going to mean that your legs are gonna look
super long and distorted,
and your head is going to be very, very small.
The best thing to do is
make sure you shoot parallel to your body
and also a really good tip
to make your legs look extra long:
lower the camera a little bit, shoot from about hip height
or even sometimes a little bit lower
depending on how long you want your legs to be.
(bass heavy music)
I have worked professionally on photography sets
and sometimes it takes up to 200 photographs
to get that right shot, so make sure you take a lot photos,
but please don't put your boyfriend through this
unless he really loves it.
Let's give boyfriends of the Instagram a break,
and either find a friend that really loves snapping photos
and you can take turns
getting the perfect photo of each other,
or learn the art of taking a photo by yourself
like I have because I don't want to
put my poor boyfriend through boyfriends of Instagram.
You need to line up the camera,
the framing, your body pose,
before you start snapping away
because it is so awkward when the camera's going.
And literally, well I do, I forget what I'm doing.
I freak out and all my photographs look crap.
Take a moment, establish yourself, get the framing right,
get your body poses right,
and then ask someone to take about 10-15 photos of yourself
with minor differences like tilting your head.
(bass heavy music)
Poses that you have in your body
are going to represent something about you.
So are you an artist, do you want to show artistic imagery,
do you want go for the high fashion model look,
do you want to be a girl of Instagram.
Different categories, different poses.
So you need to find out what inspires you
so you can pose away the right away
to portray the right image about you.
Hopefully some of these tips have helped you
just to master the art of posing,
so you look great in photographs,
so you can feel really good about yourself.
And if you're still embarrassed about
posing in front of other people, that's cool.
I am really uncomfortable posing in front of other people,
so I have learned the art of posing by myself
and taking my own photographs,
and you can find that video just here.
Or another thing,
you can grab a friend that you feel very comfortable with,
that you trust and you wanna figure out
this posing thing.
Snap photos of each other,
and see what comes out as the best.
And finally if you follow my Instagram,
you know that my photographs are generally art.
I don't do the typical poses,
I'm not into fashion modeling,
I wanna create a piece of artwork
with every single photograph and tell a story.
So my angles are very strange.
And I actually encourage a lot of girls
or guys, anyone watching to really experiment with angles
because it's so much fun.
Make things weird, make them unexpected
so that people love your stuff.
And I surprise every single time.
Photography, my eyes should really be art.
I've provided you with so many tips
and I hope you're not overwhelmed.
This was just giving you a breakdown
of all the go-to methods that models
and professional posers use.
But don't be overwhelmed, just take whatever works for you.
And also, quite often, my favorite photographs
are breaking the rules so
don't stick just to all of these, experiment.
Think of a really good idea for video.
If you can't send in some photos of yourself posing,
your best of the best poses that you think you're doing,
send it in to me and I'll be able to critique
and give you some advice and
whether you're doing something wrong
that could improve your posture
and your pose completely and it'll shift the way
that you see yourself forever.
That'll be pretty cool.
So only if you're comfortable with me
sharing these photos to the world
and just giving a little bit of advice.
So email us here, send it through to me.
I think that's a really cool idea,
because the way that I learned and I teach other people
is by being like uh, I see something not quite right
so I'm able to just adjust slightly
and be like ah, that doesn't quite look right.
And then with minor tweaks,
can you just get so much out of a pose.
Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
I'm a little bit flat
'cause I had such good ideas for the background
and I tried so hard for like three-four hours
now I try to get this video up.
But anyway, here it is.
Sometimes you fail on the YouTube.
I really do hope you guys enjoyed this.
If you did, make sure you like,
subscribe, hit the bell, and I will see you guys
in the near future.
Welcome to Bali.
Wind, music, dogs.
I'm just gonna talk really loud until they used to me.
And then hopefully they'll stop.
But I don't think they will.
I'm just gonna keep talking louder.
Let's see what, oh my God.
Praise the lord.
Welcome to YouTube and the glamorous lifestyle.
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HOW TO POSE IN PHOTOS - 9 Tricks Pros Use to Look Perfect!

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jhyang0529 published on May 24, 2020
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