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hi there's like to go fans here's to
wishing you continue your journey with
us into 2020 we excite to go look
forward to your continued love and
support so let's begin respect is one of
the things in life where it must be
earned through our actions
we're also taught that in order to gain
respect we must first give respect
however at times in our lives we may
find ourselves doing things that may
affect the level of respect people have
for us here are eight common habits that
could probably make people lose respect
for you but fret not for after watching
this video you'll know the things to
avoid and how to handle certain
situations 1 allowing others to
interrupt you easily ever had people
butt into your conversation frustrating
right if you find yourself constantly
being interrupted and you let them get
away with it people may lose their
respect for you it can give off the
impression that you're unable to stand
up for yourself even if you're being
courteous you should know where to draw
the line some people may take advantage
of it thinking it's okay to disrespect
the speaker it is normal to be
interrupted in a conversation but you
should try not to flinch and carry on
with your sentence then get back to the
interrupter to interrupt when others are
still talking on the flip side do you
wait until the other person pauses
before you open your mouth or do you
have it really interrupt others when
they're still speaking in some
situations interrupting the nonstop
chatter is the only way you can get a
word in edgewise however it's generally
in bad form if you interrupt when it's
not necessary 3 pushing opinions on to
others like sales no one likes to be
pressured into buying anything it's
alright to just be introduced to a
product however pushing sales to family
or friends can often feel suffocating
and people tend to do it because it's
convenient the same goes for your
opinions and beliefs if you try to make
everyone align their beliefs with yours
they might see you as overbearing it
will likely cause others to distance
themselves from you it's hard for people
to respect those who don't respect their
right to think for themselves for not
following through were you rattling off
your new year's resolutions to all
present at dinner do you often make your
plans public even before you set them
into motion you might want to be careful
as not following through these plans can
often affect the respect people have for
you telling others about your plan sort
of holds you accountable for carrying
out those said plans if you sleep on
them for too long despite frequent
mentions people may peg you as they all
talk without actual action type as time
passes people may disregard whatever you
tell them as they feel there will only
be inaction thus their respect for you
will gradually be lost as well 5 being
inconsiderate being inconsiderate can
give off the impression that you are
selfish and unthoughtful using the point
above as an example allowing others to
interrupt you easily can make people
there's respect for you on the flip side
disregarding the interrupter in the
conversation can also be bad as you may
come off as being inconsiderate
thus you can include the interrupter by
returning to what they were saying after
you finished your conversation 6 being
dishonest and lacking integrity
nobody can tolerate liars when you know
someone has this bad habit you
automatically consider every word they
utter a lie whether it's repeatedly
being unable to fulfill your promises or
telling lies the end result is the same
you begin to lose respect this is
because it gives people the impression
that you're not trustworthy or
dependable and you have questionable
principles being dishonest and
displaying a lack of integrity will only
make people lose respect for you 7
bragging too much how do you do I just
graduated from Harvard Law it sure feels
crunchy when people begin to advertise
themselves to us without being asked
right it's normal for people to take
pride in their achievements and to share
their joy with their friends and family
however overdoing it can often lead to
people losing respect for an individual
talking about your achievements at the
very beginning when you're meeting
someone for the first time can make them
uneasy unless they have specifically
asked an eight you treat people based on
personal gain
everyone has the right to think about
self benefits right
however if that's the only way you view
your relationships not only will you
lose respect but you'll lose friends as
well it's understandable to behave
differently depending on who were with
as we're closer and more distant in
certain social circles but if your
behavior with people is based only on
what you can attain from them you'll
probably not gain any respect from
anyone we're often taught to treat
others the way we want to be treated the
same goes for respect as well treating
people based on personal gain will only
make people lose respect for you many
relationships in life are built on
mutual respect and Trust respect must be
earned through our actions in order for
others to respect us we must first
respect them and ourselves as well it's
a good note that we must not lose our
self-respect because at different times
in our lives we may meet people who are
not worthy of our respect as well do you
think respect is integral for
maintaining good relationships can you
relate to any of these scenarios please
let us know in the comments below also
share this video with anyone who you
think might benefit from it see you in
our next video and as always thanks for
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8 Things That Make People Lose Respect For You

26 Folder Collection
jeremy.wang published on May 22, 2020
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