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hey and thanks for joining us here it's
like to go today we're going to talk
about gas lighting if you're wondering
what that is we'll explain it in this
video no worries we got you despite how
we may feel early in the morning our
minds are powerful things but you know
what they say about power though with
great power comes this is especially
true when someone wants to control us
and that power is used for nefarious
purposes of manipulation this can range
from passive aggression to the more
dangerous action of gas lighting with
gas lighting an abuser executes several
various actions and behaviors that
manipulate the victim into questioning
everything they feel believe and think
essentially eroding their sanity until
they're at the gas lighters mercy this
is the goal of the abuser control we
understand the sounds wearing so let's
have a look at ten signs it's not you it
might be gas lighting one you don't feel
like you fit in anywhere do you feel
like you're a complete outcast are
somehow hugely different from others
this feeling is being artificially
encouraged by the abuser you're
constantly having normal to find for you
via this outside input further they also
confirm that you don't fit into its
gasps letters do this so they can
influence what you think about yourself
thus they maintain control do you
question and doubt yourself no matter
how you define yourself having your own
definition or image of who you are
is fundamental it helps us define our
values and beliefs forming the unique
and valuable you unfortunately one of
the gas lighters goals is to shred this
definition through persistent lies like
you're remembering that wrong or you
never did that the persistent
contradiction is so intense that the
victim can begin to doubt things they
know about themselves their memories and
their perceptions if there's someone in
your life who insistently acts like they
know everything about you better than
you do they might be a gas later three
your self-esteem is much lower since
you've been around them have you ever
heard or seen someone say you used to be
so outgoing what happened or even
noticed a marked change in yourself did
this big change seem to occur right
around the time a specific person
entered the scene sounds like a job in
self esteem self esteem is closely
linked to mental health and the National
Alliance of mental illness notes that
having low self esteem can lead to
depression anxiety and even addiction
abusers actually work to lower your
self-esteem beating you down by bringing
up your weaknesses and faults even if
they're not true this continues until
you feel disheartened and believe you
aren't worthy of healthy self-esteem
for you become depressed feeling
unstable with your brain a mess
makes you more susceptible to depression
to add to this terrible situation your
feelings of sadness and hopelessness are
trivialized the gas later will say
things like you're overreacting or
you're just being lazy get up already
this obviously only worsens the
situation I've you're constantly
guilt-tripped you now have an
unfortunate repeat round-trip ticket for
the guilt train
welcome to blame them the abuser will
blame you for several things twisting
the truth and turning arguments around
to dump the fault on you you may have
nothing to do with any of these
accusations the abuser will continue to
persist and insist until you feel guilty
6 your frequently let down by them gas
letters typically don't keep their
promises and their actions don't match
what they say they thrive on keeping
their victims unsure and uncertain
you're constantly asking yourself will
they follow through this time do I need
to make backup plans they see no gain
and consistently keeping their promises
so they don't 7 you are frequently lied
beyond being let down outright lies are
all too common from the gas later we
don't normally allow Liars into our
lives we catch the lie draw the line and
set the boundary gas letters don't make
it so easy as their lives are so subtle
in the beginning then they gradually lie
more frequently and make it so common
that the manipulated person can no
longer tell the difference between
fabrication and reality 8 your fears are
used against you like a bogar from the
Potter verse ass letters use your fears
against you this is a control tactic
scaring you into doing what they want
and gasps letter will build on that fear
so it becomes a go-to threat warning
that if you don't change your behaviors
to their specifications you'll end up
alone forever 9 you're isolated from
others if you find yourself wondering
where your close friends went or why
there are now barely acquaintances this
may be from manipulated isolation the
gas lighter excises others to push you
to become more dependent on the only
person left them they'll spread lies and
so distrust and you and everyone around
you making the gas lighter seem to be
the only reliable figure this further
benefits them as your isolation means no
one knows what's going on with you so no
one can help
and ten you question everything
normally curiosity is a good thing
asking questions helps us learn so of
course count on a gas lighter to ruin it
now you're not questioning for
enlightenment or knowledge you're
questioning your sanity and every aspect
of your own reality destroying it in the
process the horrific repeated insistence
that you're crazy or you're making that
up eventually breaks down anything
previously stable without that solid
foundation you start to wonder if all
the terrible things they say are true do
you see anything that rings a bell in
your past or present recognize hints of
any of these points and others let us
know in the comments below being treated
in the ways outlined above is not
positive normal or healthy at all even
though gas lighting can unfortunately
have lasting damage recovery is possible
awareness of key signs is the first step
to protection from manipulation which
can then lead into the healing process
we'll do our best to provide you with
knowledge be sure to share this video
with someone who might benefit from it
and never be afraid to reach out and
listen you in our next video
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10 Warning Signs of Gaslighting

16 Folder Collection
jeremy.wang published on May 22, 2020
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