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Just now, you had a “lah” which was 100% correct.
Hello, I'm Yuki Takeda.
I'm from Tokyo, and I now live in the Phili…
I live in the Philippines.
I am currently in Singapore because
my wife, Mika, is Singaporean
and we are here to visit family and relatives for Chinese New Year.
Hi, my name is Mika. Mika Tan.
I'm from Singapore.
We both studied in the US.
We met at the international student organization.
They had a cultural show event.
He was singing on stage
with a really wide Latin American hat.
And I thought, “This guy has a really strong voice!”
It was kind of funny because
after the show, we were talking and she was like
“There was this really good singer guy!”
And I was like, “Uh, that was me?”
We mostly speak in English,
like half American, half Singaporean English I guess.
I remember you told me before that
you thought that by dating me, you would learn Chinese
Because her family speaks Chinese at home,
I was expecting to be able to speak Mandarin.
But in the end, I ended up learning Singlish.
But his Singlish is very good!
It's already been like 8 years with you.
Why are you still complimenting my Singlish?
We've been together for so long.
Well, because it has improved so much.
Whereas, my Japanese has deproved.
No, it has not. It did not deprove.
That's Singlish.
A lot of times when we speak in languages that are not English,
it's phrases or expressions that don't exist in English.
Like Okaeri and Tadaima.
Yeah, those things.
You mean Okaimo.
It's Tadaimo and Okaimo.
Right now, we live in the Philippines,
and when we go grocery shopping and talk to the vendors
we point to the vegetables in the local language, Tagalog.
So the vegetables in our house are called in Tagalog actually.
Like, “I'll make miso shiru with talong.”
Which is nasu. Eggplants.
My first actual impression of this guy
is that he's cute.
Whether my impression of you has changed? Well…
You're still cute.
Thank you.
I just had a haircut today.
It was horrible until this morning.
It was long overdue. He looked like a mushroom.
The first words she said to me at the very beginning was
“You're Yuki-kun, right?”
Wait, did I do that?
Okay, that's an embarrassing memory.
I thought she was energetic.
And very friendly.
Yeah, friendly enough to call you by first name.
The first time we met.
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Singaporean-Japanese Couple Q&A

46 Folder Collection
Yamanba published on May 22, 2020
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