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Good evening everyone, and welcome back to SGN. I'm John Krasinski, and boy, just
when I thought being five episodes in we were really hitting our stride and
pretty much immune to any semblance of criticism, along comes the internet and
says, "Hi, remember me?" So without further ado, it's time for us once again to get
straight to the notes. And at first the criticism came in merely at the level of
a good schoolyard ribbing through tweets like this one from David Harris, who
writes "I'm a big big fan of Some Good News, though you're spinning the globe
the wrong direction in your opening." Or this one from Eliot M, "John Krasinski, I
love this show. Wondering, in addition to the awesomeness, if you could spin the
globe in the proper direction for the opening? Counterclockwise, looking down."
But then things quickly escalated to passive-aggressive when Greg wrote, "Did
the astronauts happen to mention that you're spinning the globe the wrong way?"
Thanks Greg. Well that ignited Elliot M to fire shot number two with, "The globe, the
globe. Please just spin it the other way. That's all that stands between SGN and
perfection." But the levee finally broke when Melanie from Northwestern North
Carolina wrote, "I can't stand it anymore. The fate of our world is resting in your
hands. Correct the rotational spin of the globe in the opening credits of SGN." Well,
though the bluster was more than slightly hurtful, the message was
received loud and clear. The problem was, how do I fix it? Lucky for me, my deepest
fears of the Internet conspiring against me came true, as my two seemingly
greatest enemies finally came together, the day science teamed up with fan art.
I'm John Krasinski.
I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.
This is SGN. Good evening everyone, and welcome back to SGN. I'm John
Krasinski, and now that our opening is not only accurately portraying science,
but also my very own personal dance moves, it's time for some good news. And
heading into week six the world had certainly found its stride as good news
can be found everywhere. In Troutman, North Carolina lives one of the
biggest Jeep fans of all time. His name is Caleb, and he just turned eight this
week. Not wanting quarantine to ruin his
birthday, his mother simply posted on a message board to see if anyone wanted to
help make her son's day a special one. Well, she got a few responses. "We had a
great turnout today and we ended up with 310 Jeeps. Great outpouring of support
for a special kid." "This is the best birthday present ever." Speaking of birthdays, last week we covered the incredible
story of Captain Tom Moore, who single-handedly has now raised over 36
million pounds for NHS charities. The even more incredible story?
He turned 100 this week, and well, he got the birthday wishes that a hero deserves.
In Hartfordshire, England, this family found out the Olympics were cancelled.
Their response? Nah. In Albany, California, these two little girls had the simple,
yet game-changing idea of simply going out into the street and shouting
compliments at people. Sadly, no video footage exists, so we here at SGN had to
make our first dramatic recreation. "Hey, your shirt matches your dog. I like that about
you." They could also be heard yelling this. "I don't know but if you have hair under that hat, but if you do, I'll bet
it's beautiful." And perhaps my very favorite compliment was this: "Your dog's
face is almost as cute as my face when I was a baby." In Watertown, Massachusetts,
after 61 years of being married, one 88 year-old man didn't take
kindly to the idea that he wasn't allowed to see his bride in her nursing
home. The only problem was, her room was on the third floor. "When he got up top
there, they kind of put their hands on the screen of the window, at
that point I teared up." "I asked my wife, 'How much do you love me?' and she
said 'more than you know.'" In New York City, outside hospitals, police and fire
departments have applauded their health care heroes every single night at 7 p.m.
Well, this week, one FDNY firefighter decided to take his gratitude to a whole
new level.
And having absolutely nothing to do with anything, but quite possibly the best
news story of the year, I'm finally an action figure. And it's time once again
for a check on the weather. Ryan, how's it looking out there? Ryan Reynolds: "Looks, uh, it's pretty
good." Thanks Ryan. Well this week, Spring has finally sprung,
bringing once again the season of beauty, the season of new beginnings, and the
season of graduations. That's right, the big days of celebrating one of young men
and women's true rites of passage is upon us, but due to the current bizarre
circumstances, graduation ceremonies all over the world have been canceled.
Well, that wasn't going to stop the world from still trying.
But, let's be honest with ourselves. No matter how positive we stay, no matter
how hard we try, we all know there's only one way to truly commemorate this
momentous occasion, and that is by having a graduation. So, I just thought, let's do
Class of 2020, what is up? You thought you weren't gonna have a
graduation this year? You're crazy. "Is that John?" "Yeah, this is me.
Yes, get that hat on. Do it." "I've got to." John: "Alright, Class of 2020, let's roll call.
What is your name? Where are you from? Shout it out."
Ashley: "Ashley Hill, Brigham Young University." Negin: "My name is Negin, University of Bath." John: "Nice."
Scott: "I'm Scott Johns, Northwestern University." Emma: "I'm Emma, I am graduating from..." John: "I think you might be in the running for cutest
graduate. No, no, no, Emma, the kindergartner. Class of 2020 it's time. The SGN
graduation starts right now, and we're gonna kick it off just like every other
graduation with our class speakers. Hit it." "To my fellow graduates and peers. Not
watching from the bleachers on our field, but rather watching from behind a screen.
Today, we might not have a grand stage to walk across to celebrate this moment, but
we will be walking through history. Congratulations.
We made it. It is my honor to represent the class of 2020 as your valedictorian. Let's
pretend that I look like this while I'm talking. Tony Stark once said that part of the
journey is the end. Never did we expect the ending of our high school and
collegiate careers to end with us in our living rooms. These last three months
that were supposed to be the best three months of our school careers have just
been ripped away from us. But the thing about crises, is that it brings out the very best in humanity. This is something that really unites us. I've
seen many of you all in the Class of 2020 lead mutual aid collectives to help
underserved communities affected by COVID-19. It is more important now
than ever to show the world what we can accomplish. And it's a time of
reflection, a time to reevaluate and decide what kind of person you want to
be in the world. In my experience, the strongest people are always those that
have experienced the worst but have come out on top anyway. It's our thoughts, our
feelings ,our actions that make up who we are, and I implore you all to never
forget that. Class of 2020 has a very unique
opportunity to be able to lead by example. We have the resilience to
overcome any setback or obstacle that comes our way. We did it despite
everything that's happening. Can't nobody take our pride, can't nobody hold us down.
We are stronger together ,and together there is nothing we cannot do. Here's to
the Class of 2020. You've earned this. You all give me hope in humanity and that we
can overcome this together. Congratulations.
Peace. Turn those tassels, baby. We did it. I love you guys. Yes, that was incredible,
and I'll be honest, that is way better than any other class speaker I've seen,
and I've seen two. So, that was amazing, thank you all for that. Thank you to
everyone who participated, every one of our class speakers, that was incredible.
Alright I gotta keep moving this thing along here. Now hold on. I was trying to
grad out with you guys, but it's time for me to get official. Okay, I've got to MC
this thing. Alright, so let me check my notes. I'm pretty sure it is. Yep, it is.
It's time. Class of 2020, get ready to meet your commencement speakers, but gotta
warn you. We're gonna do it a little bit differently here at the SGN graduation,
because last year I gave a commencement speech of my own, and I was absolutely
terrified. So not wanting to put anybody else in that situation, I came up with
another idea. This week I reached out to all of you and asked you to send me a
question that you would love to ask your commencement speaker, and a whole lot of
you did. The result? How about we don't have a commencement speech, we have a
commencement conversation? John: "Ben." Ben: "John, how are you?" John: "I I felt like we had to
highlight you. You're such an incredibly intelligent kid, an ambitious kid, a
positive kid, and so that's all the things we need on this show and in life."
Ben: "Thank you John, I really appreciate that." John: "I wanted to bring someone who has
inspired me my whole life to answer the question for you." Ben: "Oh my god!"
John: "Maybe you can ask the question to him." Ben: "Hi, Steven, oh my goodness."
Steven Spielberg: "Hi Ben. How are you? Your wish is my command. What can I do for you?" John: "Hello." Meklit: "Hi" John: please it is so nice to
"It is so nice to meet you." Meklit: "It's so nice to meet you. I'm such a big fan." John: Oh
my god, I'm such a big fan of yours. Are you kidding me? I've been doing a deep
dive into you because I saw your tweet and I've been learning all about you. Oh, my
god, you are one of the most impressive people I know, let alone someone being so
young." Meklit: "Oh, my god." John: I don't know if you know this person. She's a huge inspiration to
me and this is, I don't know if you know Malala?" Malala: "Hi, how are you?" Meklit: "I'm good. How are you? I'm such a big fan."
Malala: "I'm good. Thank you. Very nice to see you." Meklit: "I actually wrote a paper about you in ninth grade."
Malala: "Thanks. What was it about?" Meklit: "It was about who inspires you and why and I chose you."
Malala: "Thanks, that means a lot. Thank you." John: "Amanda. Hi. It is so nice to meet you. I
have heard all about you and it is blowing my mind.
So first of all, you're graduating from Harvard." Amanda: "Yes." John: "So, achieve something one day, that would be
great. You've been named the first youth poet laureate in the country's history?"
Amanda: "Yes, that is correct." John: "Here's the deal. I'm not smart enough to answer your question, but
I do know someone who is. She's an inspiration of mine and I hope an
inspiration yours. I don't know if you know this person." Oprah Winfrey: "Amanda!" Amanda: "Oh my god!" John: "John!"
John Knitter: "I love the outfit." John Krasinski: "It's so nice to meet you. Congratulations. You're graduating today.
I didn't know if you knew. By the way, this is your diploma." "Oh my gosh, thank you." "It is so
nice to meet you, man. Thank you for submitting a great question and I do
have someone that I think can answer your question very well and bring some
enlightenment to your life. This is a friend of mine." "Oh my gosh, Jon Stewart."
Jon Stewart: "Hey man." "Hey Jon, how are you doing? Tt's the three Johns!" John Krasinski: "We're
gonna swap a lot of stories when we go on the road together as the three Johns."
John: "Steven, Ben had a really profound question that I thought would inspire so
many people watching this show, so he's gonna ask it to you. Take it away, Ben."
Ben: "Yeah, how do you still all your dreams when it feels like the world isn't so
supportive of them?" Meklit: "My question was if you can tell you younger self one thing,
what would it be?" Amanda: "Well, now that I'm asking it to you, the question was think
about a time in your life that felt like a low point at the moment, but actually
changed everything for you." Oprah: "Oh, I so love that question. It feels like therapy." John Knitter: "My
question as I'm a graduate is, now what?" Jon Stewart: "Now what?" John Knitter: "Yeah. Now what?"
Jon Stewart: "Let me tell you something, that is the question." Steven: "Well, you know, dreams are great tests because a
dream is going to test your resolve, and you're going to know a dream from a pipe
dream. You're gonna know a dream from just sort of a casual brush with
something that got you excited and then it evaporates. The real dream is
something that not only hangs on to you, but you will hang on to it. And it will
power you through every obstacle that people and the environment will throw
against you. Because if we're in service of our dreams versus our dreams begin
service to us, it becomes something greater. It allows us to be game, and it
allows us to get over our fear and to go forward no matter what obstacles are
thrown in our path." Malala: "Regarding what I would say to my younger self,
I would just tell myself that believe in your voice, continue speaking and don't give
up. Society tries to define us and tries to limit us, so I would say just do
not listen to that, ignore all of that and believe in yourself and continue
what you strongly believe in and what you want to do." Meklit: "Thank you so much, yes, that's
such amazing advice. Thank you." Oprah: "There have been several times in my life, Amanda, when
things didn't go the way I wanted. This is actually the most
influential in my life, it was the most impactful, because it was the first time.
I was 22, I got this big job working in television as an anchor on the news in
Baltimore. And I was placed with an older gentleman who didn't want me to be there,
but I didn't know that. I came in for the fall of '76, by April 1st, 1977 I'm being
called in by the bosses and told that I am no longer going to be needed on the
news. I thought it was an April Fool's joke. Anyway, I get demoted. I am
humiliated, I am embarrassed. I know that they are waiting to fire me. What they
did was, instead of firing me, put me on the local talk show. The day I did my
first talk show I felt like I had come home to myself. I believe that failure is
an opportunity to move yourself in a different direction. It gets better
because you've learned the lessons from the first time." Jon Stewart: "The person on Mr. Krasinski's
show before you, their question was answered by Oprah. So I
think it's clear, sometimes in life you're gonna get the short end of the
stick. You're about to enter into a world where you know no one's grading you,
there's none of those things that are going to be going on.
Stop completing things and start living." "Wow." Steven: "One of the things this moment is
teaching us, is that truly anything is possible. It will be imagination and
innovation that gets us all to the other side. I know this is a time of huge
loss, but it's also a chance to dream big about our futures together, and your
generation has something important to say about making that a better future
for all of us. John: "Malala, I thought maybe you could also
talk to Meklit because I don't think many people know, you don't get to
graduate either." Malala: "No, I don't. Unfortunately, 2020
wasn't our year. And a lot of students, their graduation
ceremonies are not happening, but we are not going to give up. We're going to
celebrate it in any way possible." Meklit: "I agree." John: "Or on an Internet show, you can also celebrate."
Oprah: "One of my greatest poet, mentor friends, a woman who became a mother, sister to me,
Maya Angelou, used to say to me all the time, "Baby, God put a rainbow in the
clouds." And this is true, Amanda. There have been many times when you're on the
ground, and you're going to fly somewhere this is my favorite moment in life, that
when it's really dark and dreary on the ground, and then you get in the plane and
within three minutes you shoot above the clouds and you see the Sun was always
there." John: "Amanda, if your average Friday when Oprah is quoting Maya Angelou and
telling you that there's the sun still shining up above the clouds, get out of here."
John Knitter: "How other than getting out there and going for it, like what now?"
Jon Stewart: "What did you just say? other than what?" John Knitter: "Getting out there and going for it." Jon Stewart: "Oh my
god, John. You just answered your own question." Steven: "You know Ben, when you do something that's really personal to you it means so much more than other
things you do that are there that are in-betweeners. When you finally
hit on something that really means something to you, that's something that
stays with you the rest of your life." Malala: "What would you say to like young girls
who are missing out their graduation ceremonies or need a positive message to
aspire for their dreams?" Meklit: "I'll say it's all about perspective. Even though
we don't get to graduate, that we're still safe, and that's not something everyone
can say out in the world." Jon Stewart: "You have no idea what's about to come at you,
and man, isn't that the beautiful part of it? The one piece of advice I would give
you is embrace that. You are now looking upon the horizon, the roads forking, and
you think to yourself, "This is a world filled with possibility. I am steeled
and ready for the challenge that lay before me. Now what? I am the captain
of my own ship and I will write this story." Oprah: "I can't wait to read your work, to
see your work, to feel your work, to know that the dream that your ancestors held
for you, that you now carry that dream forward in such a way that you
wear the crown that they made for you." Amanda: "Thank you." Jon: "Learn from each opportunity
that you have. Let no opportunity be too small for your time, and let no
opportunity be too big for your possibilities." John Krasinski: "Thank you guys both for
doing this. I'm so glad you guys got to meet. This is your year, don't worry." Meklit: "Okay,
thank you so much." Ben: "Thank you, Steven, that means a lot." Steven: "March on,
march on." Jon: "I've got a good feeling about you, friend. You're gonna do
well." "Happy graduation!" John: "Class of 2020, by the power vested in me by no one, congratulations. You have
officially graduated. There you go."
And just like that, we did it. Thank you to everyone who made SGN graduation so
very special. That'll do it for this episode of SGN. I'm John Krasinski,
reminding you that no matter how hard things get, there is always good in the
world. And how do I know that? Because class of 2020, today you are the good in
the world. Thank you everybody. We'll see you next
time. Today, we burst into a new world. Around the globe we might not be
wearing a robe, but this is our ode, our moment. So let's own it, let's smile,
because we didn't mount this milestone alone. This took a village. We are the image
only ever seen and our ancestors' wildest dreams. This is a rite of passage, but
more so a passage of lights. We're the bright torch that never stops burning,
never quits learning. This night too shall pass, and when it does, this 2020
class won't just navigate a new normal, together we'll build a better one.
Become to this commencement to search no more. We are the good news that we've
been looking for, demonstrating that every dusk holds a dawn disguised within
it. Today, we don't burst into a new world, we begin it.
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SGN Graduation with Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Jon Stewart, and Malala (Ep. 6)

186 Folder Collection
jeremy.wang published on May 22, 2020
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