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To make this repair You will need:
UV lamp
Sucker and any thin metal for separating the glass
One screwdriver " + "
Tool for the little parts and electronics
Spirit or isopropanol (as You like haha)
LCD separator or just a hair dryer :)
So let's start! Of course I want to say hello everyone :)
I am very, very hapy I can show You Galaxy S9 with replaced only the front glass
I were trying once with different method...
But with this method I successed and my happiness is double :) :)
As You can see my Samsung is broken very hard, but it is very good!
Glass separation will be much easier if it is broken on the edges. But if You have different scratch You can use glasss knife or ony diamonds if You have
Just as You like
This repair is not easy, but popssible
So watch carefully and remember about patience
I wish You mind open and concentratrion
I will feel excellent if You will success :)
So now about heating- NEVER use more than 90 degrees of Celcius
It will worse the battery lifetime and possible to break the touch function
The digitizer will just stop working so of course will be the game over :/
if You use hair dryer then You can sleep so well :)
When I removing the glass I;m using isopropanol, it dissolve the glue and all is much easier.
And please once again, be very careful, it is very easy to break the display if You don't heat it and don't use isopropanol
It is very thin and as You can see on my different video - it is Cylindrical display
It can be flexed on all the sides, but not more than 20°
When will be flexed more or You pull the metal too hard, will take dead pixels, black spots and display will dead...
Except that the rest will be easy
To glue a new glass I use LOCA TP-2500F glue
Glass with frame glued on 2-sided adhesive
Of course it's better to start from the edges :)
Then You have easier job
And remember all repair made at home will discard the Samsung warranty
Once again good luck and wish You nice watching :)
Before cleaning will be good to check if the touch function works good.
As You can see dead pixels that were on the begin are still here.
If You find any defects for example with digitizer, think if it's any sense to put new glass.
If all works good, let's clean the screen.
I am using isopropanol and my own fingers, it's the best solution for S9 :)
And then of course I will glue a new glass using LOCA.
As You can see now I have a new screen.
New, becouse I unlucky dropped and it stopped working :(
For a video I made new screen but not recorded. It's better for me becouse there are no dead pixels - I want to use this phone personally right now :D
So now You will see how to put a new glass :)
For a good end hehe
Summarizing - I think the effect is REALLY good!
No I'm testing the touch, it is necessary after every single repair.
So if You don't want to pay more that 300$ (it's a January 2019 right now) for a new screen, it is a very good solution for You
I think it's a very good deal, of course I don't talking to a services that have a freezer, it's nothing special for them.
I show You a home made solution
It will not be very expensive, but maybe it will motivate You to do something yourself :)
But of course if You do it for a first time You have to be ceraful. But if You do it very slow and focuser, will be good!:D
So thank You once again and I wish successes and averything good in Your life :)
See You soon in a new video, bye!
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Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Glass Only Replacement - home solution Success

12 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on May 22, 2020
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