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Welcome to lesson 28!
I'm happy to see you, Peter. I was hoping to talk to you yesterday.
Were you busy in London? Tell me about it.
Later! Now we will have another drink of water before lunch.
What were you doing?
I was working at the language school. I was giving classes to intermediate students.
They were very easy to teach. Weren't they Jeanne?
Yes, they were.
Jeanne was in the class, weren't you? She was free because she did not have any classes herself.
I was happy to teach because the students were receptive.
We did the past of "to be": "I am" is the present form and "I was" is the past.
I am, I was, you are, you were, he/she/it is, he/she/it was, we are, we were, you are, you were, they are, they were.
Was I? Were you? Was he/she/it? Were we? Were you? Were they?
Were you confused Jeanne?
No, I was not. I know how I have to learn and practise. In France I wasn't ready.
I was always looking for the logic.
Now, I accept that English is not logical.
You just have to learn, haven't you?
I did not know the importance of pronunciation.
If you pronounce well, it makes listening easier.
If listening is easier, then it is easier to memorise.
If you speak English with a French accent, it is difficult to learn English.
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English Course - Learn Basic English - Lesson 28 - A2 English - Languages247

7 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on May 22, 2020
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