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Our main story tonight
focuses on the Biotechnology Affordable Use Act,
or BAUA for short.
Version 2.0 of the sensational
and now mandatory smart phone peripheral,
the "Nano", is rapidly gaining market share
as Aspire rolls out public beta testing to some lucky users.
Hundreds of the new body-enhancing apps
are already available exclusively
on the Nano 2.0 platform,
but there's one in particular
that everyone's talking about: Remote Paralysis.
Instrumental in BAUA's success on Capitol Hill,
Remote Paralysis is changing the way
America does law enforcement.
Joining us from Austin is Phil Leary,
former director of the Texas chapter
of the ACLU, who was dismissed for denouncing
the organizations positions on gun control and Nano 2.0.
- [Phil] Ms. Graves.
- [April] Phil, gun related deaths are down 80%
since the 2nd Amendment was repealed
and fatal police shootings are practically non-existent.
Why is this a problem for you?
- [Phil] Well, crime going down is not a problem for me.
- [April] We have you on record stating--
- What is a problem for me,
is when the technology being used
to apprehend these criminals is unsafe--
- What, compared to guns? - …unnatural…
and unconstitutional.
- It is a painless paralysis of the motor functions.
(ominous music)
- [April] So do Aspire and the Biotechnology
Crimes Division.
One could argue the BCD was created
in direct response to Sourcerer.
- I don't see how the--
- This agency has specifically been tasked
with stopping Sourcerer, with curbing piracy
and cyber terrorism and they're saying to Capitol Hill,
if we're going to do our jobs we need Aspire.
We need Nano 2.0.
- What the fuck?
Okay, okay.
- Remote Paralysis has the exact same effect
as the BCD's Nano guns.
Have you read the full NSF report?
- [Phil] I don't need to--
- [April] Have you read the report?
- [Phil] I have not.
- [April] Well, I have, and the science is unanimous.
There is zero risk to the recipients
physical or mental health and--
- [Phil] And their freedoms?
- Oh no--
- Calm down.
Show me your phone.
(breathing heavily)
(electronic whirring)
- Miss Graves, I'm trying to explain.
My concern isn't with regards to safety.
I'm talking about the marriage of business and government.
I'm talking about the fact that Aspire,
the feds and whomever has the ability to affect
my body's motor functions without my permission!
- Don't you think you're being a little paranoid?
(phone alert)
(ominous music)
…indicate that the Nano 1.0 would have achieved
a 99% adoption rate with 10 years anyway,
so why not be proactive and regulate
what really is an inevitability?
- [Max] You're late.
- Consider it foreplay.
- They've never sent you before.
- Guess tonight's your lucky night.
May I?
- Hold it.
- What are you, a cop?
You can never be too careful in my line of work.
- Cute.
- Hey, I'd carry a gun if you could still get them.
- …and your children's children…
until every American has an IP address that can be tracked,
monitored and switched off at the push of a button?
- [April] A necessary precaution.
We're at war. - Can I offer you a drink?
- Baby, if you prefer your women intoxicated,
there's an app for that.
Lots of them actually.
- Call me old fashioned.
- Are you forgetting something?
- I have cash upstairs.
- What the hell is that thing?
- You really don't know who I am?
Special Agent Roth, BCD.
And this thing gives me direct access
to Aspire's central database.
- It's gross.
- Well I don't wear it to impress hookers, now do I?
Do you have any idea what direct integration
can do for Nano response times?
I could rewrite my entire genome
in a fraction of the time it takes you
to change that pretty hair color.
- Wow.
Listen, we don't need that thing to have fun.
I've got all the apps we need right here.
Where's your phone?
- Looks like your toy doesn't want you to have any fun.
- Hmm, the cracked version.
That can get you into a lot of trouble with guys like me.
- Lame setting, short expiration times.
Vanilla BodySync is just too restrictive.
- And without Aspire certification, very illegal.
- Now that wouldn't stop a man like you, would it?
Any second now.
- That's my girl.
Okay, here we go.
And we're in.
- Charming
(suspenseful music)
(breathing heavily)
- What are you--
- Stupid.
Okay Danny, you're up.
- Don't mind if I do.
You should have used protection, Roth.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
- Come on, come on.
- Fuck yeah!
- What happened?
Oh no, no, no, no, no, come here!
Stupid bitch, what are you trying to do?
- It's already been done.
- Who are you?
You're with Sourcerer, aren't you?
I know.
You've been preselected to receive the Nano 2.0 beta,
courtesy of Aspire and Uncle Sam of course.
Can't help you with the free app store credits though.
Nope, for those you had to preregister online.
- Fuck you!
- Yeah, yeah.
I figured as much.
You hacker types haven't been too keen
on the whole 2.0 rollout, have you?
Let's check out your new profile.
There you are.
What a pretty name.
Zolee, what can we do with Zolee?
Real time location tracking, biometric data monitoring,
and my personal favorite, non-lethal immobilization.
It remotely induces paralysis,
forcing a violent suspect to submit without incident.
And you thought BodySync was fun!
Hey Zolee, welcome to the future!
(breathing heavily)
- Go, go, go, come on.
- I'm going.
I can't believe we got it!
You got it!
What's going on with your hair?
Oh fuck.
Fuck that fucking prick!
- It's fine, just turn here.
- [Danny] What?
- Just do it!
- I need a unit dispatched for pickup.
Suspect will be RP'd.
I'll send the specs right away.
- [Zolee] Stop the car.
- [Danny] What? - Stop the car!
- Zolee, don't do this!
- I've been doxed, Danny.
- Wait, wait, I can fix this!
- No!
- Oh Zolee.
- Wait!
- They're coming, just go.
- No, no, no, no!
I'm sorry.
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Sci-Fi Short Film Nano DUST

18 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on May 21, 2020
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