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We're going to discuss money and I will be told what to say.
"Cool Japan" seems to be a propaganda show where foreigners are supposed to praise Japanese culture.
Prior to the recording, we're handed a script that we have to follow.
I'm supposed to say that the yen is trustworthy.
The host will ask if we think Japanese notes are beautiful. Everyone answers that they do.
Sitting here, I've yet to hear anyone being critical about Japanese currency.
Immediately changing the topic.
They sit here every week and praise Japan for pay.
Right now I'm part of the machine.
I've also been told to say that this show is very big in Norway.
The production process itself is quite similar to one in Norway.
After the script meeting, I'm ready for makeup.
Is there any drawers here? No.
There's no makeup here.
I'm ready to go then.
Because I don't speak Japanese, everything is translated to me.
When the debate begins, I'm doing my best to follow the script and please the producers.
We're shown a clip about Japanese coin production, and are told to look as impressed as possible.
The taping goes on for 2.5 hours, and the other participants can't praise Japan enough -
- whilst at the same time dragging their own countries through the mud.
The crew makes sure that no parts in the script is left out.
I feel a bit used.
I've been praising Japan a lot without having gotten to see much of it.
I was carried away.
I'm happy with my performance, and I think the channel is too.
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Magnus Devold On Japanese TV Show "Cool Japan" (Subtitled)

7 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on May 20, 2020
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