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Hello everyone, and welcome to 'Ten Common
English Mistakes made by Chinese
Speakers', and by Chinese I mean the many
varieties of the Chinese language.
I have an ongoing series where each week
I give Chinese speakers who are learning
English, one tip that they can use to
improve their English...and these mistakes
come from those first ten videos. I
will post links to those videos in the
description box below. You can also
subscribe to my channel, and then you
will get them every week as well. So I
hope you'll do that.
The format is basically the same. I show
you a slide, and on the slide there are
two sentences -- and you have to decide
which one is correct. Then, after that,
I will explain each mistake. So, hope you
enjoy it.
that you should really try to learn and
So, if you liked the video I hope you'll
click on the thumbs up below. Again, I
hope you will consider subscribing to my
channel as these videos come out every
week like clockwork. Next, I have a
website that I'm continuously developing,
and I would love the feedback and the
comments of English language learners
to help me develop that site and to make
future videos. So please visit that
website. I also have a course called '50
Common English Mmistakes -- it's an online course --
so hopefully you'll visit that. And I
have a Twitter feed.
All that information is in the
description box below.
Thank you so much for watching, and
hopefully see you next week.
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Learn English - Ten Common English Mistakes made by Chinese Speakers (with subtitles)

12 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on May 18, 2020
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