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  • Why am I single?

  • Can you tell me?

  • Am I ugly?

  • Would you date me?

  • [digital love]

  • Because I'm picky.

  • Because I got my heartbroken.

  • Nobody is as cute as me that wants me.

  • It's a good question for my therapist.

  • I'm just kidding.

  • The universe was like, "You're gonna be single."

  • And I also was like, I think it's time for me to be single.

  • I need time for myself after a breakup last year, and like, I'm growing exponentially by myself right now.

  • I'm not accepting anything, you know, I'm not just taking anything, I'm very specific of what I want.

  • Previously, I didn't set standards for myself in terms of the energy that I accepted from men.

  • And now I'm single because I have those standards.

  • Why am I single?

  • I haven't thought about that question.

  • Because I'm psycho.

  • No, I'm kidding.

  • I'm just looking for some unicorn that hopefully will come one day.

  • There's nothing out there.

  • I'm ready to get married.

  • People say five years, I want two years.

  • I can't find anyone that wants to be with someone as talkative as me right now.

  • It's tough.

  • I just get bored, sometimes, of people.

  • Oh, so that's how you feel?

  • And then they get so whiny and you have to text him so much.

  • I feel like it's a lot of energy to date someone right now, and I feel like if I'm gonna exert that energy, you better be worth it.

  • I don't believe someone has to be perfect, but I want people to, like, deal with their past traumas and heal themselves before, like, integrating into my realm, cause I'm really protective of my energy.

  • Like, I don't even hug people, so why would I date somebody that's not ready to, like, grow with me?

  • I think I just need to work on myself right now.

  • I think I just need to, like, find myself a little bit.

  • For the past two years, I've really been, like, thinking about me and, like, what do I need from myself, and what work do I have to do for me first

  • And then maybe I'll meet somebody.

  • Before I was always in a relationship, back to back...

  • Never had a moment for myself.

  • Just focusing on, like, priorities that I should be focusing on.

  • I work, I have a job.

  • So I'm trying to find somebody who's able to understand that.

  • But if someone's just like, "I've been texting you all day, like, where have you been?"

  • Like, it's not gonna work.

  • The people that I get in my DMs are crazy to even think that I would talk to them.

  • I'm not gonna be rude about it, but it's just like, I'm not interested.

  • No, thank you.

  • You see me, you see you, like, no thank you.

  • I'm always on ten, I'm always on goal.

  • And you... you have to be just as ambitious as me and trying to, you know, get your goals out there.

  • You know, I can't be stagnant.

  • That's never worked for me.

  • I don't do the boring suburban thing, where you date the same person forever and just go through the check-marks of life: kids, marriage.

  • I mean, there's no point for that.

  • Because you marry somebody, they're entitled to half your stuff.

Why am I single?

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Why Our Generation Is Choosing To Stay Single | Digital Love

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