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  • You want your business emails to appear professional and use the right language.

  • It's especially important when applying for jobs online, as you want to make a good first impression.

  • Here are some simple tips to help you with both formal and informal messages.

  • Before you begin writing your email, consider whether you know the reader or not.

  • When you don't know the reader well or you want to be polite, it's best to be formal.

  • For example, business emails, job applications, and emails to big companies.

  • If you know the reader well and it's not a business context, you can use informal language.

  • You would probably be informal if you were sending a birthday message to a friend, for example.

  • Of course, the formality of the situation may depend on the country or culture you're in.

  • It's a good idea to get familiar with that culture before deciding how formal or informal you want to be.

  • A formal email in the UK will usually begin with a formal starting phrase, such as "Dear Mr. Piper," or "Dear Sir or Madam," if you don't know the name of the reader.

  • You should also use an appropriate formal ending phrase, such as "Yours sincerely," when you know the reader, or "Yours faithfully," when you don't.

  • You can use more casual phrases in an informal email.

  • If you're sending a message to a friend or family member, you might begin with a simple "Hi," or "Hello," and finish with "Thanks," "See you soon," or "Cheers,".

  • It is conventional to use a comma and start a new line after any opening and closing phrases.

  • This is true whether you are being formal or informal.

  • You should also be careful using slang phrases or emojis, as these are very informal.

  • For example, you should never use a smiley face in a job application, even if you want to show that you are a very friendly person.

  • You should also avoid typing in all capitals, as it looks like you're shouting.

  • YOU WOULDN'T TALK LIKE THIS IN AN OFFICE, so why do it in an email?

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You want your business emails to appear professional and use the right language.

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