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Icy stiver island outside, my window i'm a newspaper reporter assigned here
Today is my first, day?
I'm looking forward to my, new, life here
But the train from airport island
Never got me to capitol city
Here is a disaster report update a
Massive earthquake has struck capital, city just after noon yesterday
The magnitude of the earthquake has not been confirmed but capital city, has suffered extensive damage
Up to 2,000 people are missing or dead the epicenter of the quake, was capital city itself
Strong aftershocks continue to hit capitol city, making rescue attempts very dangerous
Now for an updated earthquake damage report the earthquake that rocked stiver
Island just past noon yesterday is still creating
Aftershocks around the area all routes in and out of the island have been cut
Off and many citizens are still trapped in or around
capitol, city
Rescue operations, began in the southwestern region, where flooding, was the most severe
Thankfully it seems that the operations are going smoothly without
Major incident as more news comes in we will keep you updated
Up next our special report video games and violence
Are you are you, okay?
we'll never be able to climb over this i
Could go up and look around for something
Well can i stand on your back meek
i'm sorry
Okay i'll be back
where is she
She wouldn't
Hey, sorry, did you wait long this rope, was heavy and it took time to tie it
thanks for the hand no problem it's the least i could, do
No, i wonder if the mainland is okay let's get moving
all right
Hey, over here help us
There's still hope i know
Where do you work
i'm a reporter for the town crier newspaper
you, don't seem like, one
What's that supposed to mean?
Do you, think, we can get up that way it'll be close but maybe
Well oh can, we try again
Huh, i'm sorry
Hope you find something like a rope, again
If i can't i'll i'll find something else
Okay i'll be back
Hey, here take this, we might need it i'll keep looking
What happened there was a police car. Outside, some freaky girl, was chasing me
freaky girl
Yeah, she she went out that, way?
So, what are you guys, gonna, do now do you have a plan
The radio said something about evacuate to the center of the island
the center, huh
Hmm windrunner park that's the only open area around there
i've already been there once today so i can probably get you most of the way there i
Can be your guide if you want
But in return i might be requesting your help, again
thank, god help, has arrived can you lend me a hand
Do you have any tools
No, well is there a rescue team nearby are you all alone
What the hell, don't take pictures of me without asking. Off cilia, sorry it's in my blood
Wait for me, oh?
You're, a news reporter
Okay, listen up and take down, what i'm about to say
Alright i'm ready
This island is defective there are too many holes
holmes the adjustment reservoir underground it has problems with its location, and structure i
Government should be blamed for negligence but
The real culprit is the project leader
Hmm, what's his name?
terry stiver of christophe construction
is that it
He got everything
um how, about another picture i
suppose, oh
thank you
Is that your grandson yes just started elementary school this, year
We promised to take him to the amusement park this, summer, that's right
we promised
helicopter, oh
Sweetheart we're, going to be saved, oh?
Someone please can, you get us some help
This path should lead to the amusement. Park beyond that is the hospital where the injured are going, oh?
yeah, that road is blocked here, by a fallen building it's a dead end i
Think, my house, is that way
I haven't been that way i couldn't give you a damage report
I'm worried about my dog
Okay, well i don't care either way, we can split up here
I'm i'm worried i'm going, home, what are you gonna do
You're, going to her house thank you
I'm going, this, way, someone's waiting for me
Windrunner park is northeast of here a rescue operation should be going on there for a, while
There's a tall tower, near the park let's meet there if you're, still alive good luck
See you around
thank you i
feel bad
No, worries let's go
over here
you, okay
Remember when that old man the building was saying?
Terry a christophe construction that person is my uncle
That's your uncle?
My, uncle lives on the simon too
But i haven't seen him in a long time
He, was very nice to me when i was younger?
I'm not trying to defend him or anything but the island is badly damaged and
I'm wondering if my uncle is going to be forced to take responsibility, oh?
I wonder how he's doing
all right
I'm so, sorry i know, this isn't your problem
And don't worry, about it if it makes you feel any better go ahead and talk about thank you
Now for news on the stiver island earthquake
Breaking news for all surviving people still on the island a
Massive rescue operation, will be conducted tomorrow
That's tomorrow in the central areas of capital, city, boats will come down, lucas canal
Which flows, through the center of the island, again, boats will come down, lucas canal which flows
Through, the center of the island all citizens are advised to move to the following
Windrunner park, may stadium capital elementary school
capital, city control center
stiver gardens repeat
windrunner park
May, stadium the capital elementary school capital city control center and stiver gardens
You didn't change it my bedroom rufus caved in so i couldn't get my clothes out of the closet
It's okay, though i'll go in like this
That's too, bad and what about your dog i?
Couldn't find him i wonder if they took him with them
Hey, jen you're. Okay, oh i'm so happy thank you
Ready, to go win runner park right
this is it
Here see it's the town crier newspaper building
Hey, whoa can you can, you see that little light
excuse me
Took, you long enough did you get lost
Nice to meet you i'm william the other during chief
nice to meet you too
That must mean you walked all the way here from the airport that, was the city
well i
See i guess greg is doing his thing
he used to work here as a reporter he, still comes, by a lot, since he freelances i
excuse me
My, uncle terry is the person, who built this island
Will he be forced to take responsibility
If this design stur was localized only to stiver island then the structure of the island will be blamed
perhaps, your uncle will be responsible i
But the government is responsible too they are the ones, who picked that construction method it's not only your uncle's fault
thank you
Time to work
Christophe construction is nearby
right over there
There should, be a man-made island construction report in the executive office go and borrow it
now of course if you, miss this opportunity there, won't be another one
You're, going to steal it
no, no
just, borrowing it and you
You can, stay here and do filing
Me you've got nothing else to do right
yeah, but and
Take, this with you
Hurry, go don't get caught
excellent you did it huh
Good work terry
It can start whenever, we wanted to?
When will it be then i'm
June 21st, uh
june 21st i see
Ok, june 21st it is
Now finally, yeah let's put an end to this
mmm we're busy here yes yes we're doing our job
Hmm, maybe more people should, die now
Well we can't expect much more most of the survivors evacuated already ah
terry, he's still alive i
Won't let him, die that easily then killing his family, would mean very little
I'm his best friend everything will go smoothly
it should be done by tomorrow i
don't move
newspaper reporter
You, guys, you just don't give up
do you kill him
We don't have the time to, mess with it leave him here are you sure
He'll sync with the building understood let's go
Mr. Hardy, ah
You're, back did you get the report?
Yeah, but are you, okay?
It's my leg i don't think i can, walk
Let's get out of here lend, me a hand i have to stay alive, and write this article before i die
was there anybody, had christophe construction
Yes there was i think the, main guy's name was albert
albert i think it's a guy on the public, office poster
Then it's
Albert from the land development department he, was contacting someone
Listen don't tell anyone, about this yeah you too
even to greg
of course he's our competitor
This, is big, we need to get off this island
He's always been reckless requesting jobs and dangerous locations
This is only, my speculation?
he lost his family in an accident, when he was young everyone but him died
He seems to think that he was somehow left behind all alone?
His attitude towards reporting is great
but he seems to be in a rush to die
Maybe i worry, about him too much
Here is a new update on the stiver island earthquake rescue operations are being performed with
Three boats the poseidon triton and zeus these, boats will be heavily loaded and have medical stepford
Wait i'm just getting word we'll be taking you live to our eye in the sky
Above capital city thanks we're reporting, live from a but capital city two
Boats the poseidon and triton have nearly completed loading passengers and looked to be departing shortly
The remaining boat zeus is still conducting operations at windrunner park there seems to be many
Submerged buildings near windrunner park this is preventing the boat from coming
Alongside the pier from your friendly
Eye on the sky it seems like there is no confusion, and operations are being performed smoothly
Zeus will probably finish its rescue operation, by noon
According to government reports, this rescue operation, will nearly complete the evacuation of the city, after this
Helicopters will be used to perform searches this was a live report from above capital city
I need, to take him to the boat please wait here thank you
i can't believe this
I don't see greg around i wonder if he was on that boat hey, oh?
You're, still here
You should have evacuated you know
who, she
I'm kelly austin you haven't by chance seen a little boy around here have you i'm looking for my, little brother
We saw a, boy but i'm not sure if it was your brother and?
Where's that, boy now
Well he was evacuated?
all right
Thank you very much, oh
I met the editor-in-chief of the town crier newspaper you know him huh
That old kook is still around i guess that's to be expected though?
Where, is he now?
He hurt his leg and was evacuated he's probably, okay, now?
Wow i see it's probably a good chance to rest
Well shall, we go the rescue operation at the park seems complete
Yeah, how, about the may stadium it was supposed to be an evacuation center so maybe there are, some people there
And the stiver island control center there should, be a. Huge heliport there
Let's head to the stadium the control center is just on the other side of that
So it should work out, well
Hey, there's, some people still left
Sir we've discovered people still here
So what don't bother with them forget it
But sir it's that newspaper reporter, we saw in the executive office
What, why didn't you say that to begin with i can't believe he's, still, alive, take care of him already
Understood sir what do you say, we have a little fun with him sounds good
I'll be right there
Are you, okay i'm okay, you're still after sleep, we have to do something
Repeat, we have just received news reports that the rescue
Boat zeus is stranded off the coast of stiver island
The, boat, was headed toward the capital city control center but hit a
submerged bridge and is now sinking all citizens on board are safe and
helicopter is currently headed to rescue them, we'll keep you informed as more news comes in
Hey, there's, some people still left
Sir we've discovered people still here
So what don't bother with them, and forget it
But sir it's that newspaper reporter, we saw in the executive office
What, why didn't you say that to begin with i can't believe he's, still, alive, take care of him already
understood sir
What do you say, we have a little fun with him
sounds good
over here
I'll be right there
Are you, okay i'm okay, you're still after asleep, we have to do something
Repeat, we have just received news reports that the rescue
Boat zeus is stranded off the coast of stiver island
The, boat, was headed toward the capital city control center but hit a
Submerged bridge and is now?
Sinking all citizens on board are safe and a helicopter is currently headed to rescue them
we'll keep you informed as more news comes in
What are you doing, why haven't you left yet, oh?
i'm not here by choice jason
Who's that shear boyfriend?
No it's not like that
You should really dress better you, don't look, very nice
like i have a choice
you're, safe
where's greg
He, was here just a second, ago he's probably doing, some interviews
I'm glad you're safe, well you just can't win bidet can, delay your
Boat hit debris right
Good thing, we weren't far?
Next time i'm taking a helicopter
Hey, don't like, hugs but i have no choice
Hurry, up if you, miss this helicopter you're really in trouble i know
Be sure to get on this time, okay?
now, about it mr. Stiver, what can you tell me
The only you could have done this
It's pretty amazing that in three days you could. Cause, this much destruction to the island
But what i don't understand is why would you do something like that
you're, a good reporter i
I didn't think you'd, ask, me that under these circumstances
thanks i
made this island and
i'm attached to it i
I would never even think, about destroying it on purpose
But i will admit that it has a problem with its design
Look, at this, mess you're, telling, me that this is simply a design error yes i guess so?
You, guys i'm in the middle of an interview. Be quiet mister stiver
excellent you did it huh
Good work terry
It can start whenever, we want it to?
When will it be then i'm
june 21st
june 21st i
Okay, june 21st it is
Yeah, let's put an end to this
That's albert, sims right
Looks, like he has a connection with an underground organization
Terry i'm going to, ask you again
Why, did you do this
yeah, revenge
You, sank an entire island for revenge
My enemy is the government it's the only revenge i could get
the government
My family, was killed by the government
what a
Mountain, elapsed, while collecting gravel during the construction of stiver island, my family
was caught in the rubble and killed and
You, blamed that on the government
There was a clear oversight on safety verifications but, they didn't admit it
The operator, wasn't accused of anything
stiver island, was constructed as if nothing happened and i i
Had to supervise the whole thing
it was
Nothing but pain i wanted to kill myself
but albert albert stopped, me he gave me a reason to live and
The purpose, was to?
Sink, this island and get revenge i?
See i have one more thing i would like you to listen to
he's still alive i
Won't let him, die that easily then killing his family, would mean very little i'm his best friend
Everything will go smoothly, what is this?
He was in the office of christophe construction he was contacting someone with a radio
Hey, terry are you there open up
Thank, you very much, yeah i'll be going now let's go
hurry up
Get to the highest place you can
Over here from this point you can get over there
I'll distract them go, okay?
I don't care about you but you have something
Write the article
that's it
You know too much
and i ate
People that know too much
You are persistent and you must not live
ready, to die for me
Something i want to, ask what can't it wait it's very important, what is it?
What is it hurry up did you?
Did you kill, my family, what are you talking about
I see albert answer me did you hmm
answer me
Man don't you insult me
didn't it look, like an accident to you i
Thought, you'd be beneficial to me
But you've just not cunning enough
In any case you
You, shouldn't be around
Damnit you're getting on my nerves
the past 10 years had great purpose to me i
thank, you for getting me a reason to live i
Want to thank you don't fight it
You're, my friend remember. Stay with, me, while longer
repeat survivors found on the top of the building
Can we go save them
anytime you're ready
roger commencing rescue operations
Stiver island just disappeared outside my window
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SOS: The Final Escape - Disaster Report Walkthrough Gameplay

29 Folder Collection
Takaaki Inoue published on May 18, 2020
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