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[Japanese instructions reverberating from faraway speakers]
[Japanese instructions reverberating from faraway speakers]
[soft bing-bong chime from speakers]
[M]: [indistinct] news.
[M]: Oh, sorry, did I itch your ear? I'm sorry, that was the worst.
[M]: Little scottish fold ears.
[M]: So... how's everyone doing? April 2020, nothing much to report about...
[M]: Right? Everything's cool and calm, there's-- there's no problems at all...
[M]: I have reorganized my kitchen a couple times.
[squeaky noises]
[long squeak]
[M]: If you've been keeping up with our channel, we have been doing... a lot of stuff, uh, related to... Final Fantasy streaming.
[explosion noise] [M]: [deep inhale] It's been TOTALLY fine.
[M]: So I know you might be looking at all this coffee stuff on the counter and being like,
[M]: "Martina, are you sure everything's fine with you?"
[M]: Yes. I can explain this.
[M]: So it's no secret that we love coffee. We talk about it ALL the time, you're always seeing us
[M]: hand-dripping and... drinking coffee on stairwells... and we even made a video about a few of our favourite coffee spots in Tokyo.
[M]: So it is no surprise to you that we love coffee, but the real question is: do you know why I LIKE coffee?
[M]: [falsetto voice] Pick me, Martina, ask me why! [M]: I'm glad you asked!
[M]: When we were all kids, there were all ice cream flavours that were kinda like the basic flavours we all liked.
[M]: So usually, like, chocolate, vanilla, maybe strawberry, and depending on what part of the world you're from, maybe you had different flavours.
[M]: But there's kinda like this basic level that we all kind of accepted,
[M]: and if somebody offered you something with, like, nuts in it, like pistachio or walnut caramel or cheesecake,
[M]: you'd be like, "EUGH!"
[M]: But, as we got older, we started to dabble in different things! Maybe you start doing a chocolate ripple,
[M]: or you got into, like, Superkid, which is like-- it's a really-- I recco-- number one-- I-- I really--
[M]: But then you start getting into other things! Like maybe Vietnamese coffee,
[M]: or sorbets, there's a big scale of ice creams.
[M]: And getting to know ice cream... wasn't really hard to do. I mean--
[tender solemn music] [M]: It was hard to do. It was a battle of going out and MERCILESSLY trying pistachio over and over again
[M]: until I found out what pistachio can taste like.
[M]: Coffee is actually similar to ice cream.
[M]: We all kinda maybe started off trying a certain kind of coffee. It might've been something our parents made,
[M]: it might've been our first Timmy Ho Ho's--
[M]: Canadians in the house, double double WHAT!
[M]: If you're in Italy, it might've been espresso, or those cute little mocha pots on the stove that I learned how to use for the first time,
[M]: but THEN you might start dabbling in different kind of coffees.
[M]: Hand-drips, coffees made with air press machines, you might try French presses,
[M]: you might start doing little tiny single hand-drips, with metal filters, cloth filters,
[M]: all these things make everything taste different,
[M]: and next thing you know, you've dove headfirst into the coffee world and you're visiting different roasters and coffee shops,
[M]: trying what THEIR coffee tastes like. Because all the coffee beans -- where they're from
[M]: the way they're roasted, how they're dried, how they're brewed -- it makes things taste different.
[M]: So it's an exciting adventure, and it should never be considered, I think, a snobby one.
[M]: Like, you should never look down on someone for liking vanilla or chocolate ice cream.
[M]: If they don't like pistachio as adults, that's okay! They can like what they want, and it's the same thing, I believe, with coffee devices.
[M]: No matter how you wanna brew your coffee,
[M]: even though we like hand-drip and Bodums©, and all this kind of stuff, I also... really like a good ol' drip machine sometimes.
[M]: That's right, a drifp machine. [S]: A dripfh machine? [M]: Have you heard it?
[S]: What's a drifph machine? [M]: The drihh machine. [S]: You wanna drimtsheen? [M]: It drips! [S]: It dritimus.
[upbeat runway music] [M]: However, due to the current situation of the world right now--
[ghostly voices] [S]: The virus that shall not be named~ [M]: Coldemort~
[M]: I've been unable to explore a new cafe, a new roaster, and a new coffee shop,
[M]: and it was totally fine until we realized that we're running out of coffee beans.
[M]: [growing hysterical] Which we handled reALLY WELL!!!
[M]: Which is why we are super grateful that we have a sponsor for this video!
[M]: It's Trade Coffee. They will mail you coffee to your mailbox. You heard me right!
[M]: [whispering] We have been saved!
[M]: So here's what I like about Trade Coffee. I made, um, doodles and a diagram for myself
[M]: because of my brain fog, it helps me remember, but they're very cute doodles.
[M]: They have over fi-- [music stops]
[M]: Didn't help my mouth, though. [S]: Didn't help me out, [unintelligible] [M]: Didn't help my mouth!
[M]: That's the next part of brain fog: getting your mouth to move with your head.
[M]: Okay, so they work with over fifty coffee roasters all over the USA.
[M]: That means you've got small shops being supported, and maybe bigger shops as well,
[M]: but you can choose, and that's awesome!
[M]: The first 100 people to click the link in the infobox will get 30% off their first coffee order.
[M]: That's pretty shnazzy.
[M]: And they also have a coffee quiz online on their site that you can take
[M]: and it lets you know what kind of coffee you want, and I love taking online internet quizzes!
[S]: They're my favourite! [M]: Don't you judge me!
[M]: So thanks again to Trade Coffee for sponsoring this video as I stand...
[M]: braless and in pajamas in my kitchen, the way we all realistically make coffee in the morning.
[M]: Let us continue our, uh, adventure of what's happening around Tokyo.
[M]: For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me popping out a lot in Tokyo because I'm heading to physiotherapy,
[M]: so I've had the chance to kind of document what's been happening every week. It's been crowded,
[M]: then it's been less crowded, and less and less crowded, so there's a whole bunch of different clips to show you guys
[M]: just how different Tokyo looks from March all the way up to April.
[M]: So this area here is totally under construction, and crazy changing, like,
[M]: when we used to live here four years ago,
[M]: this wasn't here at all. So they're changing all the bridges, they're making all these different buildings,
[M]: so at one point this is going to be just, like, a completely different-looking Shibuya than I'm used to.
[M]: Very Omotesandō ("the foremost 'architectural showcase' streets in the world") of them.
[M]: So we're tucking into dinner. Usually we make this with extra protein.
[M]: That's what Simon's working on. This is all totally precooked chicken breast.
[M]: Uh, he has not been licking his chicken fingers.
[S]: I did that in the livestream, by the way.
[S]: I did-- I cut the chicken breast and I was licking my fingers.
[M]: And was everyone like-- [S]: I hope everyone knew that it was-- holy shit, I never told anyone! [M]: No, of course they didn't!
[M]: I know! So for those of you who watched Simon's amazing five day Final Fantasy...
[S]: Oooh, verified. [M]: It was a really great marathon. [S]: Yes. [M]: Great community-building exercises.
[M]: Just totally awesome.
[M]: I am adding some spinach to my carbonara(?).
[M]: I like steaming a little bit of it in beforehand, and I have this little...
[M]: steamer box that I got... here it is!
[M]: So I just salted it, and then I squeezed it out, that way it's like semi-cooked,
[M]: but you can see that it can definitely-- can definitely go a bit longer.
[M]: But it'll add even a bit more wetness. Look at all the stuff that I squeezed out of this. [S]: Mmhmm.
[M]: That would've all been like an extra tablespoon... [falsetto British accent] ruining the texture of my pasta! I never!
[M]: And... [unintelligible]
[S]: Alright.
[S]: Add some chicken breast up in here...
[S] That's real nice... yeah, that's a whole lotta chicken breast.
[S]: Black pepper on there... and got some dill here. [M]: Oh, grab that dildo (dill though)!
[S]: Gotta add some dill, yo!
[S]: Mix that all up-- look at that egg yolk!
[S]: Burstin' right open right there, you see that? Oh yeah.
[S]: And mix this all up.
[S]: This is so creamy...
[S]: Magnificent! Oh yeah, this is some dope... dope conbini food.
[deep food porn voice] [M]: Oh look at you, you creamy masterpiece,
[deep food porn voice] [M]: for under five dollars I get this fresh pasta covered in cream and cheese... add a little more of that dill, though.
[deep food porn voice] [M]: Ooh! Mixin' that up with that chicken, perfectly cooked? I am ready!
[M]: Got our carbonaras(?), got our beers... [S]: And we got Tiger King!
[M]: And we-- we're gonna watch Tiger King. [S]: We gonna watch Tiger King, learn about Florida. [M]: We're on episode four.
[M]: Alright guys, time to... dig into some delicious food. Oh my god, I managed to put on different socks today!
[M]: [sighs] [S]: Hey, you put on socks today! [M]: Awww yeah, it counts!
[M]: This is insanely dead, especially for this station. This is Mitakaniki, so if you're coming to see the Ghibli museum,
[M]: or "Ju-bu-ri", you catch a bus here, and...
[M]: I mean, the station is dead, and it's the middle of the afternoon, so they've closed the department stores, the Starbucks are closed,
[M]: it looks like everything's been shut down. I'm staying safe, but I'm getting some videos every time I head out.
[M]: I've got my physio tomorrow again, so I'll try to get some more shots of what's happening downtown Tokyo as well.
[S]: So we kinda ripped through all of our coffee beans very, very quickly,
[S]: and while we're waiting for our next bag of beans to come,
[S]: um, we're kind of desperate, so I decided to go to Little Nap Coffee. We included that in our coffee shop video before.
[S]: It's by Shibuya station, which, I saw on video is super empty. So I thought I'd take a nice walk from Shibuya
[S]: to Little Nap Coffee, should be like 20 minutes or so,
[S]: and as I PASSED Shibuya I decided to cut through Yoyogi Park along the way, and lemme tell ya,
[S]: this does not look like a state of emergency here.
[S]: Now, I think by North American standards this looks like there's no state of emergency at all,
[S]: looks like this is as usual,
[S]: but I can definitely say that on a Sunday afternoon with weather as beautiful as this,
[S]: It's 21C degrees, yesterday was a miserably rainy day.
[S]: This looks busy now, but I think it would be a lot busier if there WASN'T a state of emergency.
[S]: It's just still... very crowded.
[S]: And the problem is, there's a lot of bottlenecking, like when you wanna cross the street or something, or cross over a bridge.
[S]: So many people are coming through at the same time that it's really difficult to keep those two metres apart, so...
[S]: Kind of like... hanging back and waiting for people to pass through is... is the way I'm doing it, here.
[S]: Goddamn, I just needed some beans, I didn't expect to see so many people here.
[S]: On my way back from getting coffee beans, I was cutting through the park again, and...
[S]: it just got so much busier now than it was before.
[S]: And it just seems a lot more crowded, and...
[S]: Gotta tell ya, I was starting to feel very anxious, and ramped up about i-- even my hands were shaking!
[S]: I dunno what came over me, but I was feeling very uncomfortable with this.
[S]: And I didn't think that I'd be able to walk all the way back in a good state of mind, so...
[S]: I found an open bench...
[S]: I sat down...
[S]: and closed my eyes, and I took a few deep breaths,
[S]: and I just tried to listen to what was happening around me.
[S]: I heard a really loud-ass bunch of crows...
[S]: and I heard a lot of the wind rustling through the leaves,
[S]: and I heard parents playing with their kids, and just after a little bit of sitting like this,
[S]: I started to calm down, and I started to feel so much better.
[S]: And I thought to myself, "I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of other people in this park that might be feeling the same way."
[S]: VERY uncomfortable with the state of the pandemic right now, very uncomfortable...
[S]: with staying at home all the time, and they realize how important it is
[S]: for us to go out and to be a part of nature.
[S]: And now, I know that every country has different rules and different approaches to how they're doing things,
[S]: but I do hope that once the world begins to open back up again,
[S]: we don't forget how we felt now.
[S]: Being indoors all the time. Being indoors a lot more than usual.
[S]: And I hope that when things open up again that we could
[S]: remember how we felt now. And not take nature for granted.
[S]: And... as I was sitting there, a lot calmer and in...
[S]: much more a state of peace...
[S]: I almost got shit on by a bird, and I realized that was my sign to go the f*ck home. So see ya later!
[S]: I've been here many times -- I have NEVER seen it this empty before.
[S]: [whispered] Ever.
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Tokyo: State of Emergency

13 Folder Collection
Sophie published on May 14, 2020
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