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-Hey, Ethan, I want to talk about
your new Showtime limited series.
-My wife and I fell in love with this book,
"The Good Lord Bird."
It won the National Book Award a few years ago.
And it manages to talk about John Brown
and the abolitionist movement in a hysterically funny way,
which you kind of can't imagine.
It's kind of like if Richard Pryor or Redd Foxx
got together and told you the story of John Brown.
I mean, it's so funny and so crazy.
And, so, my wife was like,
"You have to play John Brown."
And I'm like, "I can't play John Brown."
And we're like, "Well, alright." And we went,
and we met the author, James McBride.
He lives in Brooklyn. And we met him.
And we had this incredible experience.
So for the last few years, that's what I've been doing
is trying to put this show together,
and it's huge, you know? It's seven parts.
It's beautiful.
It's hysterically weird and funny,
and I have a feeling --
I hope it'll mean something to people.
To those of us who worked on it,
it was bar none one of the best experiences I had.
-It comes out August 9th. -Daddy! No!
-Are your kids interrupting, or have you --
-[ Laughing ] They're -- Don't you come over here.
Do not come over here now.
If you were running, you were doing something else.
-I got my kids in the other room!
What -- I mean, I --
I take my job seriously, Jimmy.
[ Girls giggling ] -Yeah, I -- Yeah --
Both of you guys, out of here right now.
-Hi! How are you?
[ Laughter ]
You got to meet my daughter. [ Girls giggling ]
-This is Winnie. This is --
Where's me? I'm out of the whole picture.
-Hey -- -This is me. Hi. This --
-Would you tell your father to give me that VW Bus?
Tell your dad to give Ethan that bus.
It doesn't work anymore. and Ethan should have it.
-[ Laughs ]
We're not giving away our bus.
Goodbye. I love you.
Have fun at school. Have fun.
Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.
Take care. -[ Chatters indistinctly ]
-Thank you. -Alright. Bye-bye.
-Jimmy, that is -- That is definitely
the best moment I've ever had on television.
I mean, your kids are awesome.
[ Girl giggling ]
This is my interview!
I'm talking about my show! -This is his interview.
-Okay? This is precious airtime.
These kids have no respect! -[ Laughing ] No.
Oh, my gosh. They said no, they wanted to play,
and now it's all off the rails.
Oh, my gosh. -Okay.
-Ethan's charity is The Doe Fund.
Can you tell us what that is?
-Okay, for those New Yorkers
you might see people with on their back,
it says, "Ready, Willing & Able."
And The Doe Fund is an organization
that helps men who are homeless,
guys who are getting out of jail,
guys who are finding themselves in a position
where they need to restart their life,
and they don't have much of a net underneath them.
And The Doe Fund has more successfully
than any place I've ever heard of
taken people who are destitute
and turned them into members of society
who are showing up for their kids
and showing up for their families and paying their rent
and bank accounts and helping our communities.
It's really inspiring.
They're a great group of men.
And you know that famous poem "Stronger in the Broken Places"?
These guys are definitely stronger in the broken places.
-Guys, check out Doe, D-O-E, dot org/donate.
-Any help you can give is much, much appreciated.
-Ethan Hawke, you know I love you.
I can't love you any more, man.
You're my favorite, always will be.
And I can't wait to see you, whether it be on the road --
I'll leave the keys under the tire, okay?
-Okay, alright, I'll be there. Yeah.
When it's gone in the morning --
-[ Laughs ]
Bye, bud.
Love you, man. -See you, Jimmy.
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Winnie and Franny Fallon Hijack Ethan Hawke's Interview

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 14, 2020
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