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Have you ever wondered where some of the Disney movie stories
came from? Or the real story
behind our favorite fairy tales?
They're not as glamorous as we remember them
to be.
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall.
Who is
of them all?
I have those true stories coming right up.
Hey guys,
and welcome back to daily list.
I'm Azalea Hart.
What are your favorite fairy tales?
And did you ever find out the true meaning behind them?
Not only the true meaning, but did it creep you out?
Well I have some creepy stories for you coming right up.
But first, if it's your first time here,
make sure you subscribe so you don't miss an episode.
Before we get into the episode
I just want to give a daily list fan shout out to...
all of you!
You guys are so awesome.
I love reading your comments and talking with you guys.
You guys make my day every time.
With that said, let's get right into the list.
Twelve real stories behind our favorite Disney movies:
[clock chimes]
So we all know the story behind Cinderella, right?
Her mom dies, but then her dad remarries a wicked woman
with wicked daughters
[rips] [gasps]
You shall not go to the ball
Then her father dies and then she becomes
the house maid
The way we know the movie to end
is that Cinderella gets the prince,
they get married,
and live happily ever after.
It's truly a story that warms our hearts.
But do you know how it really ends
according to Grimm's fairy tales?
While the step sisters don't get to live happily ever after and go about their lives,
you know, except being jealous forever
they actually meet a pretty gross and bloody end.
One of the step sisters wanted to fit into the slipper so bad,
that she cut off her toes.
The other one,
sliced off her heel.
How do you even do that?
That's not all either.
They attend the wedding
and doves flew down from heaven.
Aw so sweet
Doves at a wedding right?
Except these doves
pecked the eyes out of the sisters
In The Little Mermaid
we know that Ariel's father, King Triton
turned her into a permanent human being and gave her her legs.
Then she was able to live happily ever after
with her husband, Prince Eric.
Romantic right?
[choir singing]
But according to story teller Hans Christian Andersen,
his mermaid not only wished for legs to get the prince,
she wished for legs because mermaids don't get to go to heaven
like humans do.
Also in this version of the story,
every time our Ariel took a step,
it felt like she was stepping on knives.
Also in this version, the prince didn't fall in love with her.
I mean that does happen sometimes ya know
like everyone you love is not going to love you back.
But if he had,
his kiss would breathe part of his soul into her body
allowing her to have an afterlife
but anyway, on the day of his wedding,
she threw herself into the sea
and died.
At the end of the version of Snow White that we know,
the prince kisses her,
wakes her up from the poison from the apple,
and the evil queen dies by falling off of a cliff.
But in the Brother's Grimm version,
the queen died a more brutal death than that.
I know. What can be worse than falling off of a cliff?
Well the queen was invited to Snow and her prince's wedding
-which was nice-
but when she arrived, she was given a pair of hot iron shoes
and forced to dance to death in front of the wedding party.
Now that is twisted.
Death by dancing.
In the Sleeping Beauty that we know,
they also live happily ever after.
After the prince slays the dragon
he kisses Aurora to wake her up,
and then dances with her as her dress changes color.
But in another 17th-century tale called
Sun, Moon, and Talia
the prince was actually a king
who's married by the way,
and he didn't kiss Talia when he found her sleeping,
he raped her.
She woke up months later with twin babies,
Sun and Moon.
And then she was reunited with the king
Whoo was still married
This story still somewhat has a happily ever after.
Kind of
I don't know
But anyway the queen found out
and tried to make the king eat the twin babies.
So he threw her in the fire,
and then married Talia as punishment
It's hard to tell who the punishment was for though.
Was it for the queen who he already killed by throwing her in the fire
or was it for the woman that he raped and had twins with,
♪ I got now strings to hold me do- ♪
At the end of the Pinnochio, we know,
he was turned into a real boy.
I'm a real boy!
You're alive?!
But in the real Pinocchio, from Carlo Collodi's story,
Pinocchio was not a nice boy at all.
He murdered this story's version of Jiminy Cricket
in the first act.
So he didn't even make it through the entire play
and Geppetto, that sweet old man,
he goes to jail for negligence.
When Geppetto gets out of jail,
he sold his only coat that he had
so that he could send Pinnochio to school
and buy him his school books.
I'm going to school!
But Pinnochio bought theatre tickets with the money instead.
Apparently the Pinnochio in this story,
does much worse things than that.
And then he met his death when two other characters
hung him by a tree and he died by suffocation.
A boy who won't be good, might just as well be made of wood.
In The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
of course, we would've loved if Quasimodo
won the love of Esmeralda
but he just ended up accepting that she likes him for who he is
but, ya know, just doesn't love him like that.
but his happily ever after came when he defeated
the villain of the movie, Fro;lo.
Then he was accepted into society
and the people of the town loved him.
Yay for Quasimodo!
The real story though,
was written by Victor Hugo
and by his account, Frollo actually ends up killing Esmerelda
by hanging her
and then Quasimodo kills Frollo
and then cries by Esmerelda corpse
and eventually, starves to death.
I mean, that escalated quickly.
In Fox and the Hound,
it ended out with Todd living out his life happy, as a fox
and Copper living out his life as a hound
and then they just remember their years of friendship fondly.
Super sweet.
But in Daniel P Mannix's version
Copper the hound, chases the fox until he dies of exhaustion
then Copper's master shoots Copper with a shotgun,
kills him,
[two gunshots]
and then moves away.
You want to go outside?
[scoffs] Why Rapunzel.
[window shuts]
In Tangled, we know that Rapunzel lives in the tower with Mother Gothel
and then Flynn Ryder, AKA Eugene,
saves her and helps her escape.
Rapunzel falls in love with Flynn,
finds out that she's a princess
and then they get rid of Mother Gothel
and live happily ever after.
In the real story though,
Rapunzel and the prince have a secret signal
which is dangling her hair out the window for him to climb up
to come see her.
In this version, Mother Gothel's character,
finds out, and decides to lure the prince to the tower by
cutting off Rapunzel's hair herself
and then she uses the hair to get our prince to climb up.
When the prince does climb up and realized it wasn't Rapunzel calling him,
he jumps from the tower and lands in the thorn bushes below
and pokes his eyes out.
Pocahontas is a love story that everybody should hear
The story that we know at least
The Native American Princess falls in love with a British colonist, John Smith
even though they should be sworn enemies
When she saves John's life,
Remember the scene where they were going to smash his head in?
If you kill him, you'll have to kill me too.
It ends up bringing peace between the British and the natives.
In the real story though, this story, is actually a true story.
After John Smith returned to England,
Pochohantas was actually kidnapped and forced to
convert to Christianity.
She ended up marrying a man by the name of John Rolfe.
Years later, she was put on show as a civilized Native American
in London
Like how disgusting is that?
So they really believed that Native Americans were savages
Barely even human?
♪ Savages, savages, barely even human♪
♪ Savages, savages, drive them from our shore ♪
Anyway, before she could actually return home,
she ended up dying by causes unknown.
We know that Mulan was super courageous and brave.
She disguised herself as a man
and enlisted in the army in place of her elderly father.
She becomes a strong warrior with the help of her dragon friend, Mushu.
She makes her family so proud,
falls in love with her general,
and lived happily ever after.
The original story, though is called Hua Mulan
In it, Mulan does return home happy and safe,
but her family has fallen apart.
Then, her only option, was to become a sex slave
and she couldn't live like that
so she ended up committing suicide
In The Jungle Book, we know that Mowgli was raised by wolves
and while he was being raised, became the target
of the tiger of the jungle, Shere Khan.
so his wolf mom sent him to a human village
to be safe but ended up living in the jungle still
and fought Shere Khan.
In Rudyard Kipling's version of The Jungle Book,
Mowgli never adjusts to human life,
and it's insinuated that he's actually attracted to wolves.
not humans.
Also when Mowgli fought the tiger, Shere Khan
and in this story, he fought him when he was eleven years old
and completely naked.
I mean that's not safe at all.
We all know the story of Frozen.
Should I really go over it?
Their parents die,
Elsa locks herself in her room for years,
Ana has nobody to build a snowman with,
Elsa comes out for her coronation,
Ana annoys the hell out of her
so much so, that she ends accidentally using her magical ice powers,
Then she runs away,
then Ana wants to go save her,
and you know. That's how it goes.
In the original story The Snow Queen,
the Ana and Elsa of this story are named Gerda and Kai.
But they are not sisters
and they are both not female.
They're just childhood best friends who grew up next to each other
Kai ends up getting kidnapped by the snow queen
after her kisses freeze him
and erase his memory.
And so Gerda goes on a journey, just like Ana,
to rescue Kai
by kissing him.
True love's kiss!
At least they seemed to live happily ever after in that story.
Alright, guys, that's it for this episode of Daily List.
12 Real Stories Behind Disney Movies
Do you know any that I didn't name?
Comment below and let me know.
If it's your first time here,
make sure you hit that red button and subscribe so you don't miss an episode.
You can also follow me on social media @AzaleaZoe
to see what I'm up to when I'm not in the studio.
And I will see you guys next time!
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12 Real Stories Behind Disney Movies

13 Folder Collection
jeremy.wang published on May 13, 2020
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