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Don't worry, little girl, we're working as fast as we can!
That wasn't me, that was SpongeBob!
Thank you, little boy!
Don't fret, Pearl, it's just the dark. Nothing scary about the dark.
It's what's in the dark you gotta watch out for.
Monsters, creeps, ghouls, clowns, witches, werewolves, clowns,
crawly things, crawly clowns. Those are the worst. The crawly clowns.
Well, whatever SpongeBob, I'm gonna find my way out.
Pearl, I wouldn't do that!
You're not keeping your arms and legs inside the boat!
Pearl, wait!
I should probably accompany you, you know,
in case there's anything in the darkness lurking.
Fine, after you!
OK, I'll just fearlessly lead the way.
Those are streamers, fool!
Ah, well, maybe I'll just stay up here, keep an eye out for any other creepies.
Oh grow up, SpongeBob.
There aren't any creepies, there aren't any crawlies!
There aren't any snakes!
So stop whining so we can look for a way out of here.
OK, Pearl, you've made your point.
I'll stop talking about ogres, and vampire bat fish, and sharks, and--
And I won't talk about zombies!
Or ghostly pirates!
Or laboratory creatures.
Or green beings from another planet.
OK, SpongeBob, OK.
Or bus drivers.
Ah, that's enough!
Ssh! Did you hear that?
Now I'm scared, SpongeBob.
It sounds like a crawly were-clown.
But there's no such thing!
Oh, he's here.
Not another skunk!
How did you beat me again?
Hey you, you find it funny to lock up my friend?
Hey, I am talking towards you.
Did you see the dimwit who ripped this apart?
I unfortunately have no idea who that dullard is.
I do know that you kidnapped SpongeBob.
Yeah, I don't know about your friend, I'm just the electrician.
Wow, I see you are a magician.
But that voodoo does not erase what you've done!
You need to relax. Have a seat and cool off.
Jeez, some people are so pushy.
Just don't sit on the lever!
Now the ride is stuck in dangerous super fast mode.
You told me to sit on it.
What's that sound?
I don't know, hold me SpongeBob!
Hey, the hall of Great Romance.
OK, OK, I think I heard you, I will not sit on anything else!
I'll just gingerly lean on this wall.
Wow, how romantical.
I imagined it bigger.
Look, Pearl! A sweet, adorable cherub.
Pearl, I don't think this is the Tunnel Of Glove.
It's the Tunnel Of Evil!
Ah, stupid kid.
Hey, ah, nice facilities. Great water pressure.
Neptune's mother!
What's that noise?
She's gonna blow!
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SpongeBob & Pearl Get Stuck in the

131 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on May 13, 2020
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