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  • ating old or expired

  • food is extremely dangerous.

  • - [Old Smokey] We do this at home, but you shouldn't.

  • (kitchen timer bell rings)

  • - I think they did a really good job 35 years ago

  • when they designed this.

  • Honestly, they knocked it out of the park.

  • The advertising on it has held up to the test of time.

  • I think it still looks like a modern product.

  • - It does.

  • - So what do you think, you like the box?

  • - I love this box.

  • Do you mind if I ask how much you spent on this?

  • - It's $500.

  • - You spent 500 bucks on this!?

  • - 500 bucks on a box of cereal.

  • - [Josh] As opposed to the $1.99...

  • - [Old Smokey] That it was originally? Yeah.

  • - It's a hell of a markup.

  • - It's a little bit of a markup.

  • - Listen, I love "Star Wars."

  • Me and my brother, we had original VHSs of it all.

  • - I've never went to the theaters and seen "Star Wars."

  • - Get outta here!

  • (fast-paced music)

  • Never seen a "Star Wars" in the theater?

  • - Nope.

  • - Man, you are a small portion of this population.

  • - Yep.

  • - I really kinda wish that I was old enough

  • to eat cereal when C-3PO's came out.

  • I don't think my parents were giving us cereal just yet,

  • but there is something to be said about C-3PO, right?

  • He's not your everyday hero.

  • He kinda, just tin-cans around.

  • He's more or less just a translation robot.

  • But he kinda saved the day.

  • Like, the fact that we didn't get Luke Skywalker-O's

  • or like Lei-O's,

  • Princess Leia-O's,

  • O's-Bi-Wan-Kenobis, right?

  • You could have had--

  • - Yod-O's. (chuckles)

  • - Yeah, Yod-O's, right? (laughs)

  • You had all that.

  • The Ewoks, if anything, should've had a berry cereal.

  • Get your Ewoks.

  • - Yeah, I can see that.

  • - I really wish that they were still making C-3PO's

  • to see how aggressive the commercials would be.

  • I think I would have been a really good kid

  • in cereal commercials.

  • (electronic music) - Oh, yeah?

  • - Oh, thanks mom!

  • C-3PO's!

  • Oh, it's new!

  • And it's crunchy!

  • And it's honey-sweetened, oat-wheat-corn cereal!

  • Then, in comes the droid,

  • and he's blowin' up your breakfast table.

  • Eat C-3PO's!

  • It'll translate your breakfast!

  • It's a new force in breakfast!

  • Woo!

  • - I can definitely see that in the '90s and early 2000s.

  • My thing, always wanted to go for the prize inside.

  • - Yeah.

  • - That was my first indicate--

  • Any old box of cereal that was '90s and back--

  • - Just puttin' your-- - Just goin' after

  • mitts in there. whatever's, yeah.

  • Doesn't matter what's on my hands, I'm goin' after the toys

  • or the prizes or whatever's inside.

  • So,

  • that was kinda my nostalgic tie to any type of cereal

  • from my childhood.

  • (percussion music)

ating old or expired

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