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  • - (exhaling sharply)

  • (upbeat music)

  • - Yes.

  • - They are priorities in how you give and receive affection.

  • - What makes you feel loved.

  • - I think I do know about love languages.

  • - Words of affirmation, I need compliments all the time.

  • - Quality time is important, but not too much quality time.

  • - When someone like, looks out for me,

  • like, that's definitely something that means a lot to me.

  • - I'm a "toucher".

  • - Being able to connect without words is very important.

  • - I love giving people gifts, and writing people notes.

  • - I don't know if there's necessarily one

  • that I would relate to the most.

  • I need everything, and more.

  • - Oh.

  • - Someone could say they love you or give you compliments

  • that's cute and cool, but the way I feel love is

  • when you do something that I wasn't even thinking about,

  • but you knew that I would appreciate it.

  • - Yeah.

  • - So.

  • - Hmm.

  • - I am a giver.

  • So I'm definitely one to give touch

  • and I'm definitely one to give words of affirmation.

  • I'm quick to say "I love you."

  • You look awesome today.

  • (upbeat music)

  • - It's more about knowing that they are thinking of you.

  • I think I give love the way I receive it.

  • And I actually had this ever-standing problem

  • with my ex about this, it's like he didn't grasp it.

  • - That's not good.

  • - Um.

  • - I was always like, doing nice things for him

  • when I didn't feel like that was getting reciprocated

  • so I think that became like a problem.

  • - Those are more substantial ways to realize

  • that someone cares beyond, you know,

  • something as superficial as a gift

  • or something as fleeting as touch.

  • - Yeah.

  • - From my previous relationship, I would say

  • it went bad because he didn't give me time.

  • I think maybe that was my love language,

  • I wasn't getting fed.

  • - That's crazy.

  • - Om.

  • - It's not on a can you impress me,

  • can I impress you kind of thing,

  • but it's more of how are we the same as human beings?

  • (upbeat music)

- (exhaling sharply)

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How To Effectively Use Your Love Language, According To Research | Digital Love

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