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Hi, I'm here for the interview to become a YouTuber.
Awesome, have a seat.
So we're going to get right into the interview, if you're OK with that.
Let's say you were making a video about, say, a butterfly flying around.
What would you title it?
Probably Butterfly Flying Around.
Wrong-- you would title it, Bear Eats Butterfly, parentheses, He Cried, parentheses, Dangerous.
I thought the video was about a butterfly flying around.
No, it is.
Then why would you name it that?
OK, so let's do a follow up question to the previous question.
Say you have to make a picture represent the entire video-- a thumbnail.
What would you make it?
I'd probably take a shot from the video and use that as the thumbnail.
Incorrect-- you're going to want to take a shot of yourself doing something that never actually took place in the video.
Why would I do that?
So people will click on it.
But then they'll get annoyed that it wasn't in the video.
Why would you want people to get annoyed?
But can't you get views without annoying people?
I mean, you can, but it doesn't sound like you're applying for the right job, if that's the case.
OK-- OK, picture not in the video, got it.
And what would you do if someone commented on your video saying that they disliked the video.
I guess I would say, thank you for the constructive criticism.
And now what if someone comments on your video, saying that you're the ugliest person in the entire world.
And they have no idea why anybody likes your videos.
And they also wish that everything in your entire life just slowly crash and burns.
What would you say if someone commented on your video, saying that you're the ugliest person they've ever seen and--
Why would somebody say that?
It's the internet.
People say what they want.
But they don't know me.
Why would they wish that on me?
Because it's the internet.
Well, I would probably insult them back.
Yeah, you can't do that.
Also, what sort of music would I use for my videos?
Oh, that one's tricky.
There's really only four songs that YouTubers ever really use in their videos.
It's, uh--
Course, this one--
--and there's this one.
And do you have any pets?
Yeah, I have a puppy.
OK, perfect, so I would start thinking about what his Instagram username is going to be now.
I don't have time for that.
Oh, you'll make time.
And do you know how to film videos?
Do you know how to edit?
Do you know how to write a script?
Kind of.
OK, good.
Because you're going to have to do all of that.
I thought you made videos in your room and it was just an easy job.
Well, let me ask you one thing.
Do you like sleeping?
What are you writing about me?
What are you writing about me?
Give her about a week of being a YouTuber before first mental breakdown-- hey!
Give me that back.
So, as for those ads that run right before videos-- do you like them?
Not really.
Would you ad them on your own videos?
Well, you're not going to be able to afford this office.
So do you have any questions you want to ask me?
Yeah, what kind of videos do you do?
I do comedy videos.
I used to do beauty videos.
What about that other thing we're doing?
Shhh-- they'll find out about that on Tuesday.
You'll actually find out about that on Tuesday.
Yeah, we're being serious.
Big surprise.
We look like psychopaths.
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The YouTuber Interview

30 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on May 12, 2020
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