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So, the last time I spoke about
giving a single user a feeling
for digital contents in the mobile phone.
Today, I would like to speak about
giving two users a feeling
for each other through mobile phones.
Today's question is,
"How can we make telecommunication more emotional?"
And why do we want to do that?
Well, because there are two main reasons for telecommunication.
And the one reason is information exchange.
And for that, speech is really good.
The other major reason for telecommunication is
because we want to be in touch,
because the other person is not there.
And that's an emotional need,
and not so much of a rational need.
So how do we communicate emotionally in mobile phones?
Well, we can put a text message on a mobile phone,
put a smiley in there or we can blow a kiss over a video call.
But when you think about being in touch
maybe text, video and speech are not all we can do.
Maybe we can enable people to be in touch
physically, really, through mobile phones.
So today I brought three prototypes that I would like to show you,
that were built to explore that field.
The first prototype is about the hand.
Imagine a mobile phone that lets you feel the other person's hand
holding your hand while speaking on the phone.
Let me show you the mobile phone that communicates pressure.
It's very simple.
It just communicates the pressure right to the back of your hand.
I'm using a motor inside, and then we just pull that towards the hand.
And that's a crazy idea.
Speaking of crazy ideas, what about moisture? Or liquids?
I can imagine a lot of people I don't want
any moisture or liquids, telecommunication with at all.
But there are some really interesting exceptions.
If you think about crying or kissing,
can we put that into mobile phone?
Well, we tried it.
And it looks like this.
That's a mobile phone that communicates moisture.
If you want to give a kiss to the other person
it goes through.
So, the technology behind that is a sponge, a wet sponge.
We push it against the membrane.
Here you see it.
Very intense, huh?
Very intimate.
The third thing I would like to show you is more subtle.
If you think about sighing or whispering
and somebody is talking really close to you,
you can feel that air really sensitive, here at the neck.
And you can feel that air through the phone.
That would probably look something like this:
it's a mobile phone that communicates through air.
(Blows air)
It's surprising, you need only very little air
because we're so sensitive --
(Blows air) Whoah.
-- to that.
So, I'll get you see it right.
So these are prototypes, they're experiments,
they are ideas, and we got them in the office.
It's a lot of fun to play with them of course.
And what they do is they help us to experience a future vision
of what telecommunication could be like in the future.
We make that experience of it today.
We have to built them actually physically
to experience that future vision.
And what they do -- in playing with that you get
the question that arises.
Do we want that?
What kind of telecommunication do we want in the future?
How much nearness do we want?
So the topic is being in touch.
And maybe the next time your beloved one thinks of you
they will not just put in text message.
They might just send you a kiss.
Thank you.
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【TEDx】TEDxBerlin 11/15/10 - Fabian Hemmert - How can we make mobile communication more emotional

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阿多賓 published on July 3, 2014
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