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(soft music)
- I'm here.
I am currently in Japan right now, which is crazy.
I think I have a lot to explain.
Okay, hi, it's Amanda.
Welcome back as usual.
I haven't actually talked to you guys
and started this vlog yet, so hello.
The clips that you guys saw earlier were from yesterday.
I actually flew in from Toronto
all the way to Japan yesterday.
So it was a 13 hour flight, quite a long fight,
but I landed in the evening
and then I just kind of passed out.
I didn't really have the energy to do that much.
I just kind of got food and I was done
because of the jet lag.
But today's a new morning so I thought
I would finally sit down and talk to you guys.
And when I found out that I had
the possibility of going to Japan,
I actually cried in my apartment
and screamed and it was a lot.
Just because Japan has been my
ultimate dream place to visit ever since I was a kid.
Whenever people ask me where I want to travel to,
Japan has always been number one on that list.
I feel like it still really hasn't sunken yet
just cause I haven't had a full day yet.
Today is my first full day in Japan.
Even just saying that is crazy.
So I'm going to be in Tokyo for the first four or five days.
After that me and my friend are gonna stay in Osaka
and we'll probably do a couple day trips to Kyoto
and some other pretty factors or areas,
but I'm gonna try to vlog everything
and take you guys along.
I don't know how this vlog is gonna work,
whether it's gonna be split up into multiple parts,
cause I'm sure there's gonna be
a lot of things that I'm doing.
But I will try to vlog as much as I can.
If I'm being honest this vlog
is mostly for me and my personal memories,
cause I wanna be able to look back on it.
But I know that there might be a couple of you guys
who are interested in tagging along,
so hopefully you enjoy all of the
Japan content coming your way.
Ah, there's so much to do and see, I am overwhelmed,
but let's do this, let's get this day started.
I think today we're touring a bunch
of different around Tokyo.
So we're going to Akihabara?
Oh my God, this also where you find out
that I will be butchering the Japanese language
throughout this whole trip.
But, okay yeah, so we are going to Akihabara,
and we're going to Asakusa, Shibuya,
a lot of different places.
So let's do this.
(bouncy music)
Look who I found.
- What?
- My travel buddy for the week.
- Yo!
- This is Megan for those of you who don't know.
- Next week we are gonna be bunk buddies, everything.
- Yeah, bunk beds are happening.
- Yeah.
We really are, we got bunk beds, I'm so stoked.
- Yes, we're here in Akihabara,
which is like the area with all the anime stuff.
(drifty music)
I need them all.
Just my whole bag,
my whole luggage is gonna be
filled with plushies when I go back.
(drifty music)
All right, we're in this 3D figurine store.
- That's not part of--
- [Amanda] Hello.
- My childhood, guys, my childhood.
- [Amanda] Which one?
Oh yes, classic.
- [Brandon] I always wanted to be a hokage growing up.
- [Amanda] This is my childhood.
Sailor Moon.
- [Brandon] That's your childhood?
- [Amanda] Yes.
- Boo.
- [Amanda] Don't hate on Sailor Moon, don't ever.
- Boo.
(drifty music)
- I just got taiyaki which is like
the red bean pastry with the shape as a fish.
Wow, very tasty.
(drifty music)
All right so we're in this market area.
I don't know what it's called.
She told me and I immediately forgot.
- Ameyoko?
- Ameyoko?
- Ame means America.
- Oh, okay.
(drifty music)
I'm like stopping at every single street,
because everything is so photogenic.
(drifty music)
- Sensoji.
- Okay, we're gonna head I the Sensoji Temple.
Right now you can see it.
- [Friend] So we're coming up along the side of it.
- [Amanda] Okay, cool.
(drifty music)
- Little bit in your hand and you put it in your mouth.
- Okay.
- Just don't swallow it, but.
I mean you can.
- But what's the significance behind it?
- It's a purification like ritual essentially.
- Okay.
- And it's always the incense over here.
- Okay.
- I think water is much more associated
with the Shinto religion,
and then the incense is more Buddhist.
- Okay.
We put some on your left hand.
- [Helper] We wash left hand.
And then right hand.
- [Amanda] Okay.
- [Helper] And then just a bit of water into your palm.
And it's not really to drink, but just to rinse your mouth.
You can slow it to the beach.
Get the bar clean again,
tilting this bar straight down,
you can clean the bar for the next person.
- [Amanda] That's a good idea.
(drifty music)
Everywhere smells so good,
cause there's all these different food vendors and stuff.
And I just wanna eat everything.
Me and Megan were saying
that you almost have to have like five meals a day here,
just cause there's so many things to try.
And I think it works out,
cause their portion sizes are all
so much smaller than in North America.
So, kind of it works.
(drifty music)
'Kay and I had a nice five minute power nap on the bus.
- [Megan] You were snoring.
- Was I?
- [Megan] No.
- Oh my gosh.
No because I actually do, so.
- [Megan] I know, I was like my bad.
- I actually might snore and you might deal with that.
- That's okay.
- In Osaka.
- [Megan] I'll beat you up.
- But anyways I'm good to go now, I feel refreshed.
We're going to Shibuya Crossing,
which is like that really famous street.
- It has all the different crossings.
It's the largest intersection crossing in the world.
- Fun fact, we actually have one of those
scramble crossings in Toronto.
- No way!
- Dundas Street, yeah.
- It's not like Shibuya though.
- I mean Dundas Street's pretty cool,
so I'm just sayin'.
- You'll see.
- Uh Megan has pointed out
that I have been in Japan for over 24 hours now.
I haven't had boba tea yet
and I feel like it needs to happen.
- She has pointed out every time someone has boba tea,
she's like, look.
- I know, I just spot it, it's like a thing.
You know in high tech movies when they have the eye,
and it like zooms in.
(drifty music)
- [Friend] It's gonna do it, any minute now.
- [Amanda] Cross.
- [Friend] Here we go.
- [Amanda] Oh, they're movin'.
- [Megan] That's a triple shot.
- We just finished up our day around Tokyo.
It was so much fun being able to
explore all the different areas.
We really hit a lot, as you can tell by this vlog.
I already know this vlog's gonna be so long,
but now I'm back at the hotel.
We have a little bit of time before dinner.
We're actually going on a cruise.
I'm so exhausted right now.
It's been kind of a long day,
and then that on top of the jet lag,
it's really hittin' me hard.
Okay so I'm at dinner with Pyong and Brandon.
Say hello.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- [Amanda] Hello.
We just met today.
And it's his birthday, but we made it to dinner.
- Birthday today.
- [Amanda] Yeah, we're celebrating with strangers.
- We're not strangers, we're friends, okay.
We're family now.
- [Amanda] Yeah, now we're family.
- Yeah.
How dare you call us strangers.
- [Amanda] But I got soba,
I gotta try Japanese soba while I'm here.
He recommended this,
but it kinda tastes like nothing, so.
He drenched it in soy sauce.
- [Pyong] It's like some kind of.
- [Amanda] He also got all you can drink.
So I think he's not gonna be okay.
So we didn't even realize
that this restaurant was based off
of the scene from Kill Bill, which is really cool.
(drifty music)
Good morning, everyone, it is day two in Tokyo, Japan.
Honestly I don't really remember
the last thing I filmed last night.
I was just so exhausted from the jet lag
and having the full day exploring.
So I got back to the hotel and literally passed out.
I don't know, I feel like I'm in this weird
in between Toronto and Japan time.
My body is just so confused right now,
but I slept, I'm good, I'm recharged.
I actually woke up really, really early today.
Cause today it is a little bit cloudy outside.
I don't know if you can see that.
It's definitely a bit gray,
but hopefully the rain holds out.
I think it's supposed to rain bit later.
We have another exciting day planned.
We're going to the Happo-en Gardens,
I think that's what it's called.
And we're gonna get to do some classes like
sushi making, Japanese calligraphy,
which hello, that's my brand.
So, yeah, I'm very excited for that.
Right now though I have some free time
before we have to meet up with the whole group,
so I wanted to stop by a stationary store.
You guys suggested so many amazing stationary stores to me
when I asked for your recommendations,
and there's one super close by
to my hotel called Itoya, I think.
So I'm gonna go there.
We'll see what we can find.
I also want to do a Japanese stationary video.
So if I do film that, I will link that video here.
I think we're ready to head out now.
I think I need a coffee,
maybe we can stop by a cute Japanese cafe,
and I can attempt to order in Japanese.
I've been trying to learn
a little bit as I'm exploring Japan.
I feel like I just know the words that you have to know
like arigatou gozaimasu which is just thank you.
You say that a lot in japan,
cause everyone is just so polite and nice.
And I feel like everyone is just so quiet as well.
But yeah, I know that, obviously konichiwa,
konbanwa, the typical greetings.
Every single toilet that I've sat on in Japan
has been a bidet,
and it's kind of amazing and life changing.
I feel like Canada needs to get on that.
It's just so great.
You can have all of the little controls there.
I never thought that the toilet experience
would be something that would jump out at me in Japan.
But they're really on it, they know what they're doing.
Canada, I think we need more bidets.
(drifty music)
Okay, I'm kind of sweaty
because it's very humid and muggy outside,
but I just got back from Itoya at the stationary store.
I changed into a new outfit,
because we're supposed to be a little bit more dressed up
for the next couple of activities,
and we're gonna head out.
Sorry guys, I'm like very out of breath.
I'm running late as usual.
So I should probably get going now.
(drifty music)
Alright we are here at the Happo-en Gardens.
- So pretty!
- Oh!
- Oh my gosh.
- I almost fell.
But it's kind of rainy,
but I kind of feel like it adds to the ambulance, the vibe.
- Yeah.
(drifty music)
- [Amanda] That's so cute.
It's just so calming.
Like you hear the birds chirping.
Everything is so zen
and it feels like a studio making a movie right now.
Wait there's koi fish in the pond.
Do you see that?
I feel like that's the most Japanese thing
I've seen this whole trip.
Just a casual koi fish pond with some
nice Japanese zen gardens around it.
(drifty music)
'Kay, Amanda, don't fall in.
(drifty music)
Just so you guys know, I'm allergic to fish.
So my options are a little limited in Japan,
but you know, we got a couple of things goin' here.
Wow, must be nice being able to eat things.
- Everything, it's so great.
- [Amanda] Amanda Rachel, this one.
- [Worker] Oh, thank you.
- [Amanda] Arigatou gonzimas.
Got my name card.
I think just the rein, yeah.
Okay, wow.
Okay, thank you for that.
We're learning how to write Pikachu,
and I'm under a lot of pressure,
because I literally do calligraphy on my channel.
So if I'm not good at this,
I think I need, someone else needs to take over.
(drifty music)
Right now I'm writing my name.
Think this is (speaks in foreign language).
Okay, guys, I'm getting the good paper.
The pressure is on.
(drifty music)
- [Sensei] So far, so good.
- [Amanda] Okay.
I got approval from the Sensei.
He said mine was very good.
Now we're doin' origami.
Oh my God.
(drifty music)
I'm done, look how cute it is.
Oh my God.
It's time to make some sushi.
We're good.
(drifty music)
- [Friend] We're Asians, man.
We know how to Asian better than you, don't forget that.
Amanda, what's up?
Yeah, yeah, that's right, that's great.
- Which one of us is better?
- [Friend] I'll give it to you.
- [Worker] Perfect.
(drifty music)
- Look at it, guys.
- [Worker] Before eating, we say itadakimasu!
- Itadakimasu!
- [Worker] Itadakimasu means shall we start eating?
- I'm officially a sushi master.
Look at this baby.
She's rolled up nice and tight and snug.
She's ready to go.
I actually can't eat it,
because it was touching the imitation crab,
but I mean I'm just imagining it.
(drifty music)
All right guys, so we are heading to Harajuku,
which is a very famous area in Japan.
I have my outfit on,
cause apparently people get pretty wacky with their fits.
So I had to dress the part.
Sorry, it's very loud.
Oh my God.
Wait, this is amazing.
Go-karting in the streets, what?
(drifty music)
That needs to be a thing on someone.
- [Friend] Oh my God, should I get it?
- [Amanda] Wow, I mean I feel like it's calling your name.
- [Friend] Is it?
Do they have a large?
(drifty music)
- [Amanda] This is so cute.
Oh my God.
(drifty music)
We're eating dinner at this place,
and it feels like a weird dream.
- [Megan] Where is it?
- Over there, turn around.
Everything's so colorful.
I'm definitely wearing the right outfit.
Guys, look at this pasta.
- Hey, yo!
- [Amanda] I just got roasted for saying pasta,
so now I'm being very diligent about saying it correctly.
But this looks like candy, rainbow worms.
(drifty music)
Megan is done.
- It's too loud up here.
- We're like these young rascals and their loud music.
(drifty music)
I'm actually checking out of this hotel.
Me and Megan are actually staying in Japan for another week,
so we're gonna be switching hotels.
We're actually going to be staying near Tokyo Disney
for the next couple of days.
So tomorrow, we'll get to go to the park.
But today I think I wanna explore Tokyo a little bit more.
I got my ice coffee.
The coffee here is great, I must say.
And now I'm just gonna head out, so let's go.
(drifty music)
(upbeat music)
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I Went to Japan for the First Time | Tokyo Travel Vlog (Pt.1)

30 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on May 11, 2020
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