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This video is a special two-part SpaceX collaboration with Felix from YouTube channel, what about it?
Make sure you check out part 1 on his channel before watching part 2 here and enjoy
There is a saying that if something is not that hard to do it's not rocket science
Implying that if something in fact is rocket science. It is really hard to do Elon Musk
The founder of SpaceX has never had any proper training in rocketry
He started SpaceX in 2002 with a spreadsheet and a dream of colonizing Mars
Competing with companies like Boeing Lockheed Martin or orbital ATK musk has proven countless times that he knows exactly
how to position a company and how to think out of the box and to separate his inventions from the rest of the competition
Elon Musk once stated in an interview that he does not care about degrees when it comes to candidates for his company's
Far more important in his opinion is a portfolio of work and the drive to achieve greatness
SpaceX has always had a passion for creativity. Not only their creations are out of this world
Also the names they give their inventions can be called very creative to say the least
Probably the most prominent examples of creative name giving are the Falcon rocket
Family named after Han Solo's Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise the Dragon capsule named after Papa
the drone ships used for recovery of falcon boosters on the ocean called just read the
instructions and of course
I still love you
Both names taken from the science fiction novel the player of games
Which is part of the culture series by Scottish writer Ian M banks last but not least the now called
starship super heavy rocket currently in development by SpaceX was formerly known as
bfr or big Falcon rocket inspired by The BFG
9000 weapon from the video game Doom where B F G stands for a big fucking gun
Elon Musk has proven repeatedly
that he has a sense of humor just in case that you haven't noticed by now that he knows how to make a joke or
Two he has a framed poster in his corner cubicle at the SpaceX headquarters that reads when you wish upon a falling star
Your dreams can come true unless it's really a meteorite hurtling to the earth
Which will destroy all life then you're pretty much hosed no matter what you wish for
Unless it's death by a meteorite
Starship will revolutionize space
Where the total capacity of payload to low Earth orbit right now is roughly 500 metric tons
starship will boost this to roughly 10 million tons a single starship would launch the weight of the ISS, which is
420 tons into Lille in a bit more than a day
launching the current yearly
Capacity of the whole world into space would take a starship roughly two days as it will be capable of lifting off into space
three times a day
NASA recently announced that a single SLS launch will cost the US taxpayers roughly two billion dollars
SLS block 1 will be capable of lifting roughly 77 tons to Leo in
Comparison according to Elon Musk a spacex starship launch will cost two million dollars and is capable of the mentioned 100 tons
Now how much would we be able to lift into orbit with a starship for two billion dollars?
2 billion divided by 2 million times 100 tons
100,000 tons of cargo
So for the cost of one SLS launch instead of getting 77 tons to low Earth orbit
SpaceX promises to lift the weight of
238 International Space Station's
This is the world of the Space Exploration Technologies
SpaceX has already disrupted the launch industry and it will probably continue to do so in the future
Elon Musk will get his place in the history books as the man who switched the world to electric transportation
the man who invented PayPal the man who founded the first successful private launch provider the man who reused the first orbital
Rocket the man who launched the first car into space the man who built starship the man who colonized Mars
It was a blast working together on this very special episode with Chris from beautiful science
And we're surely gonna do it again
and if you liked what you just saw hit the like button and subscribe to both channels to get updates on every single release we
Do so. What do you think about SpaceX? Are they as special as we depicted them?
What is your opinion as always tell us in the comments and Chris you rock?
good sense of humor you you made
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10 Amazing Space X Facts - Part 2 - With Felix from What About It

7 Folder Collection
Summer published on May 10, 2020
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