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  • I just wanna mention that this is not actually

  • an English lesson, but there are word-for-word

  • English subtitles that you can turn on if you need them.

  • So here's a little bonus video for the week,

  • a little extra video for all of you.

  • We've just been having this beautiful snow

  • coming down today.

  • It doesn't normally snow in May,

  • this is kind of strange.

  • I don't even know if I've ever seen it snow in May before.

  • The flakes coming down are gigantic,

  • I hope that you can see them.

  • Let me just swing around here and we'll look

  • this way as well.

  • But I thought, you know, since this doesn't happen

  • very often, I should just come outside and show you.

  • If you watched the little video on my other English channel,

  • you'll see that I called this a cold snap.

  • A cold snap is when you get really cold weather

  • and it's unexpected.

  • So this is certainly unexpected for us,

  • it does not normally snow in the month of May.

  • Here, I'll give you a nice look over this way.

  • You'll see all these nice, big flakes

  • falling from the sky slowly.

  • But I have to admit, it's kind of beautiful.

  • I really like it.

  • I am happy though, because the snow is melting

  • as soon as it hits the ground.

  • I certainly don't want to see a whole bunch of snow

  • on the ground when I get up in the morning.

  • That would just be really strange for the month of May.

  • So way on the other side of the river,

  • there are geese, and I don't think

  • they are very happy right now with the snow coming down.

  • We are a little worried though because it might

  • freeze tonight, and that's not good for our flowers.

  • So we're gonna cross our fingers.

  • In English, when you say that you cross your fingers,

  • that's something you do for good luck.

  • I don't really believe in luck,

  • but we're going to cross our fingers.

  • So here's some tulips in the snow.

  • You can see, if you look in the distance,

  • it's actually kinda white out there in the distance.

  • So yeah, we're kinda hangin' around in a snowstorm

  • in the month of May.

  • I hope that wherever you are, it's not snowing.

  • I hope it's not cold, or snowy, or anything like that.

  • But I thought I would just make an extra video

  • for you this week because I'm kind of enjoying this.

  • As you know, I really, really like snow,

  • so for me it's kind of fun to be outside.

  • It's kind of landing on my face, and on my beard,

  • and on my hat, but it's just kind of a fun little look.

  • Here, I'll leave you with just a nice look

  • of the snow coming down out in our field.

  • It's not so bad though that we have to be careful

  • if we're driving on the road,

  • it's actually just kind of nice and fun.

  • I'm not sure what else I'm going to talk about,

  • except that it's snowing, it's a Friday.

  • There will be a live lesson tomorrow if you're wondering,

  • so look for that.

  • I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it outside

  • because if it's like this, and if it's really, really cold,

  • I will most likely do the live lesson tomorrow inside.

  • But for now, it's kind of a little bit

  • like winter out here, a little bit like Christmas.

  • Anyways, a little extra video for you.

  • It's good to see all of you.

  • Have a good day, I'll see some of you tomorrow

  • on the Livestream.

  • And have a good weekend, bye.

I just wanna mention that this is not actually

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    Summer posted on 2020/05/09
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