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- Vacations.
- Clubs or bars with cover charges.
If it's not free, it's not going to be more fun than my bed.
- Right now, I don't really look into activities
that cost money because I know I can't afford it.
I wish I could travel or go out to dinner with friends more.
- Probably a lot of social activities.
- Expensive clothes.
- Additional retirement funds
outside of my employer-provided 401[k].
- Not much, but I don't just participate
in things at the drop of a hat.
I make it's something that I really wanna do.
- Nothing.
I'm lucky I'm not in a position
where money holds me back from the things I wanna do.
I don't have restrictions.
Political giving.
Extravagant things like exclusive social clubs.
I don't feel like I get pulled back because of money.
I make more money than most of my friends,
but I don't like putting them in an uncomfortable position
to make them feel like they have to spend
more money than they have.
- I'm short on time as I work a lot.
Money is not an impediment to things I'd like to do.
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Women of Different Salaries: What's Too Expensive For You To Do? | Glamour

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林宜悉 published on May 7, 2020
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