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Wow, I guess the playdate with Benjamin and Amelia is going well.
I have three ponys and a pet tiger.
my parents owned 37 cars.
good for you
I have 3 bedrooms -- nice
My bedroom is the size of this house.
Wow that's amazing.
my parents have a.
Do you know how to bungee jump no? Well? I did since I was six months old
Do you know how to do a front flip back flip and front walkover in gymnastics?
Nope, do you know how to play the piano?
What I do. You know how to do yoga?
No, well, I do. I have my own private classes. Do you know how to golf?
Okay, but well my dad if he taught me when I was four. Do you know how to do martial arts?
Well, I do.
Don't even think about it.
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7 Folder Collection
Tracy published on May 6, 2020
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