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With 25 million babies born each year (compared to 4 million annually in the US), it's easy
to see that India knows a thing or two about parenting.
So, how do they raise all those kids?
Well, first off, there's….
The Virtue of Kindness and Patience One of the biggest things Indian parents try
to teach their kids is kindness.
Little boys and girls are encouraged to be modest and nice to everything around them,
from strangers on the street to the smallest bugs they find in the yard.
Indians believe that every living thing on Earth deserves the same amount of respect.
And don't forget about patience!
Showing your negative emotions and irritability is considered a big vice here.
“The patient man will rule the world” is the motto Indian parents teach their kids
to live by!
Controlled Information What do you remember watching on TV when you
were young – a cat and mouse trying to outsmart each other?
Well, Indian parents wouldn't be too happy about that.
These sorts of borderline violent or silly cartoons aren't that big here – instead,
Indian children usually watch programs about art and education.
You won't see little kids glued to tablets either – people in India firmly believe
that the Internet can be dangerous for children and even harm their personality!
Manners First Indian parents won't tolerate irresponsible
and rude behavior.
Kids can't just throw a major tantrum and slam the door like a boss, unless they wanna
be grounded for months on end!
Family fights won't fly either – every child is taught to be respectful to their
family members, and parents try to do everything they can to make the bond between siblings
They're also very particular about table etiquette – maybe toddlers can play with their food,
but at 10, you'll definitely get in trouble for it.
After all, manners maketh man, right?
Setting a Good Example How can a child be kind, respectful, and independent
if their parents are rude and irresponsible?
Indian parents are sure that their habits today are their children's future traits.
That's why they don't lecture their little ones but try to show them how everything's
done by their own example.
Plus, in India, several families often live under one roof, so older generations never
hesitate to show their grandchildren the ropes.
Strong Child-Parent Bond Space is a privilege in India, so not that
many children get their own room to themselves.
Indian moms also believe in Attachment Parenting, so they try to spend every single minute that
they can with their newborns.
Indian doctors even recommend new moms sleep with their babies.
Of course, it's pretty convenient – if your baby is anxious, wants to eat, or needs a
diaper change, you can just handle the problem right then and there.
This kind of co-sleeping usually ends when a kid turns 6 or 7 years old.
And this time together is believed to strengthen the bond between parents and their children.
Dose of Independence Indian children usually start to work from
a young age.
Boys tend to work in the fields and help with the animals, while girls do chores and take
care of their younger siblings.
Indian parents want their kids to become independent and responsible as soon as possible, so no
one is allowed to lie on the couch with a bag of chips and watch cartoons all day long.
Of course, parents don't just leave their children to deal with a challenge all by themselves
– they're always there in case their little one needs help!
The Importance of Education Every parent wants their child to be the best,
and Indian moms and dads are no different.
They pay close attention to their kids' academic achievements and try to help them
as much as they can along the way.
Indian parents want their children to be successful more than anything, and what can open more
doors for you than a good education, right?
So strict play-time and study-time rules are no surprise in an Indian household.
And believe it or not, children often thank their parents later for teaching them the
value of self-discipline!
Spirituality Lessons For many Indian people, spirituality is a
huge part of life.
It's what their parents taught them, what their school encouraged, and the essence of
who they are.
From a very young age, kids know their family rituals and take part in them, slowly exploring
this side of life.
Indian parents believe that introducing their kids to spirituality right away helps them
discover themselves and figure out the world around them.
Well, that's one way to do it!
Financial Control When it comes to money, Indian parents are
anything but laid-back.
“No, you don't need this.
And nope, you don't need that either.”
The logic behind this rule is very simple: Indian parents want their children to know
the value of money from a very early age.
So even if a kid gets some pocket money, it's strictly controlled and they know they can't
just splurge on that cool Pokémon T-shirt.
It's a pretty tough tactic, but it seems to be working alright!
Indian children grow up understanding that they have to work hard to achieve financial
However, Indian parents also tend to pick their kid's career path before they even
start talking!
Of course, as you can imagine, this can cause some tension, especially if the child wants
to do something else.
But in India, family is everything, so parents and kids find a common ground one way or another.
The Influence of School When a kid goes to school for the first time,
it's a big day for the whole family.
And Indian schools do a great job at picking all the things that parents have taught their
children and taking them to the next level.
They encourage tolerance and push kids to uncover their true potential.
There's no concept of a “favorite student” here – every child receives tremendous support
and approval.
The main task the school has for you is to better yourself every single day.
Teachers show kids that their main competition is themselves, not somebody else.
And your parents are always there to catch you if you fall!
Hmm, schools teaching valuable life lessons – that's pretty awesome indeed!
And what's the most important thing your parents taught you?
Let's discuss it down in the comments!
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Why Parenting in India Is So Unique

12 Folder Collection
jeremy.wang published on May 6, 2020
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