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- Just building up the courage to enter.
- Hey, Becky, welcome.
- Thanks, it really is a miracle I made it here on time.
I'll be late every day after this.
- Hey, Glen, I wanna introduce you to Becky.
- Glen! I'll forget that in five minutes.
- Hi.
- Get ready to answer every question I have
for the next two months.
What do you the people that sit over there do?
Who has slept with each other?
Who's the office bitch?
I don't remember where the bathroom is,
so I'm just gonna keep walking 'til I find it.
You're gonna find my poo that won't flush.
I did a nervous poo.
You look normal and close to my age, I like that.
And you, you look cool but not threatening,
I like that too.
- Ah, Becky, just wanted to say a quick hello.
- Lovely to meet you. You look mean.
Just gonna keep walking, find the coffee machine eventually.
Do you like my fancy work clothes?
I normally wear sweatpants, can you tell?
- [Woman] What about tacos?
- Lunch?
- Oh, I don't feel comfortable enough to join you guys,
I'm gonna eat alone in my car.
I've noticed you're the only attractive man in the office.
I'm going to have a crush on you.
You guys should really have signposts.
Thank god that's over.
I'm going home to consume alcohol to calm down,
I'll see you tomorrow.
At least 30 minutes late.
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If You Were Honest On Your First Day At Work

13 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on May 6, 2020
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