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Oh I think that's Sentinel Dome right there. We gotta go up that.
We're going to go up that!?
I think so.
Hi! We're Crystal and Candy of Travel Pockets. We're sisters who are half American and half Japanese
and we love to travel the world in style.
We grew up as military brats so we're used to moving from place to place.
That's why we love traveling so much.
Dos. Tres. Quatro.
I'm canoeing!
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Candy's making our way up to Glacier Point now.
From Yosemite West, it's about a 35-minute drive going up the mountain.
We're going up to 7,100 feet elevation.
I guess we're - Yosemite West is at 6,000 feet?
I just saw a sign that said 6,000 - unless if that sign was meant for somewhere else which would be weird.
Well that's really hard to tell where we're going.
Haha, we'll have to guess. Hopefully we don't get lost.
But I believe it's a loop and this way is Sentinel Dome
the other way is Taft but you can go in a loop
so I wanna go to Sentinel and then make it to Taft for sunset.
because I've seen pictures and it looks GORGEOUS.
And we missed the sunset yesterday and it looked gorgeous. I saw the pink and purples sky and I'm like,
No! Not the pink and purple sky.
I know, I shouldn't have gone outside.
Yeah because I get serious FOMO with that stuff
but hopefully tonight we'll be able to see a great sunset.
So Sentinel Dome is 1.1 miles that way
and Taft Point is 1.1 miles the other way.
So, starting at 4:51 and it's 80 degrees right now
Let's see how long it takes to get to Sentinel Dome.
I was just saying, we're starting at 4:50 and it's 80 degrees right now.
But it feels really good.
Yeah, it feels really good.
How was the bathroom? It was gross? Hahaha
Yeah there's like one bathroom like an outhouse type
but at least they have one if you really need to go.
These guys drank like 4 beers before this hike. We'll see how well they do.
Oh I think that's Sentinel Dome right there. We gotta go up that.
We're going to go up that!?
I think so.
These are a little challenging - these rocks here.
Oof... ok.
How's the hike so far?
Oh, this is video? I thought we were taking a picture.
Oh we were, yeah. I go back and forth.
It's been okay so far.
Do you think it's harder than the last hike?
Yeah, we're going up hill and stepping over these big rocks
So far, we're making a steady incline. It's not too steep but moderate level.
But that little thingy right there got up on us quick. The dome. Yeah.
We're almost there. It says 0.7 miles.
Ok so this does say Sentinel Dome right here
So this is it?
This is the view of Sentinel Dome.
Alright so it says Sentinel Dome is 0.2 miles.
We were at the base earlier and I think now we're going towards the top of the dome.
It is getting a little bit more strenuous.
Yeah, it's 5:25 now.
How many degrees right now?
I don't know the degrees right now but it did get a little bit cooler too.
It did get cooler but it feels good because we're sweating now.
Yeah so no coat.
Yeah, no coat. The breeze is nice. It's in the shade so that's great.
But it's definitely - before it was more of a gradual incline now it's
Now it's definitely an incline.
And definitely better to have hiking shoes. I think it'll be a little bit slippery if you have tennis shoes.
I mean it's doable but if you want more of a better grip, I think it's better to get...
I'm glad I have more of a traction.
Yeah, me too.
Ok, so you CAN do a loop but it's longer. So it's 2.8 miles this way.
And if we go back the way we came from, it's 2.1.
so you're saving 0.7 miles.
I think that's why I was confused because I think some people did do the loop and other people didn't.
Yeah, as you can tell, I'm out of breath right now because there was kind of an incline there.
Yeah and we're both carrying heavy book bags with us.
Look at this. Look at this view.
Oh yeah, they're going up.
This is the challenging part - going up the dome.
It's not terrible.
No, it's not that bad.
I feel like the first part was worse with all those big rocks.
Somebody take a picture of me!
Ahhh look at Janie.
We made it.
We made it to the top of the dome!
I'm out of breathe a little bit.
Just a little. But it wasn't terrible. It wasn't as uh...
I was fearing this last part but it actually wasn't that bad at all.
It's not as strenuous as you might think.
Right. Yeah.
When you look at it from the bottom, you're like, "Uhhhh..."
It's a bit of a challenge going down.
Trying to find the right rocks to step on.
So we just went up to the dome and we actually did go all the way up!
From over there, I was like, "No, I don't think we're going up that. That's insane."
Yeah, Candy's face was like... no.
I thought it was going to be a 90-degree climb up but no, it's a gradual incline so it's actually not that bad.
Wasn't that bad at all.
I was so glad because I almost had a heart attack when I saw it from the distance like, WHAT?
Yeah but the view up there is awesome so I highly recommend to make the hike all the way up.
There wasn't that many people up there either so definitely do that.
And um... it's 6:00 - 6:16 right now. We're making our way towards Taft point
and hopefully we'll get that sunset. And it's a uh... 2 point... oh gosh - about two miles.
Yeah, a little over 2 miles to get there.
Cause this is a mile back and then there's another mile to get - from the starting point where we started.
From the parking lot though so ...
So we gotta start truckin'.
We gotta hustle.
Alright, we're back at the starting point and the sun is starting to come down.
Got a little lost so had to take a detour and it took a little bit longer to get back.
6:49. We have about 30 minutes before the sunset.
We can make it in 15 minutes there.
It's like going into the forest.
I think we're almost there.
We made it! The sun is still there. There's a beautiful color on the mountains over here.
Good job, Candy!
Yay! We did it!
Alright, Taft Point is amazing.
Yes, this view at sunset is awesome.
Yeah, it's ridiculous. The cliffs...
I like this view over the other one.
Yeah, this one is definitely more spectacular.
Yes. I mean, if you're gonna do both, do both but if you only had to pick one, I would do Taft Point.
The view is a lot more grand.
Yeah, you walk up and you're like OH MY GOSH!
Yeah, whereas the other one, the view is like, "Oh, that's where we walked."
Yeah, I mean it was still gorgeous but this is more uh...
Yeah. You're astonished with how beautiful it is.
I also enjoyed the hike more on this one. It was more woods-y.
Yeah, it was woods-y and um...
Not as tough with the rocks everywhere. And we didn't get lost.
Hahaha, yeah.
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Hiking to a Beautiful Sunset at Sentinel Dome and Taft Point in Yosemite National Park

121 Folder Collection
Summer published on May 2, 2020
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