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Hi, guys.
Welcome back, My general disses lucky today I'd like to talk about three things that should be changed about English education in Japan first, no speaking and writing in classes.
English education in Japan is too much focused on university entrance examination, which only requires reading on listening skills off the test takers.
Japan's and academic carrier based society, where going to high level university means a lot.
So most of the students in high school study really hard aspiring for one of those universities, but the most major entrance examination system called Center test, which is used as the first screening off all the public universities in Japan.
Onley have listening and reading section for this race in English classes in school or mostly focused on reading and listening so that the student can get high scores on the centre test for students in school to have more chances to speak and write in English, this interest examination system needs to be altered.
Second, Children in Japan start learning English late its fifth grade when they start learning English in school.
I read one not going this a shop IQ, according to the article, In terms Off the Asia of starting English education.
Japan is ranked as eighth from the bottom of 60 countries.
I don't know exactly which countries were picked up for this survey, but clearly Japan is falling behind other countries.
Of course, starting English education in Bernier ages is not always effective, especially when it comes to reading and understanding complicated sentences.
But when it comes to pronounce Asian the earlier they start, the better outcome they can get.
This is all the more important for Japanese English learners because English and Japanese are fanatically very different languages.
So once you, Mr Young age to start English, it gets way more difficult to learn the correct English pronunciation.
No cultural education.
Why do we learn English?
Because English is the most dominant language in the world.
And if we know English, we can communicate with people across the globe, right?
But is knowing how to use English enough to properly communicate with people off other countries?
I don't think so.
We also need to know the different culture off the people for euro communicating with because cultural difference could cost misinterpretation in the conversation.
For example, in Japan, self condescension is thought to be wonderful.
The Politis Ways to respond to a compliment.
So when Japanese people are complemented by others, they tend to deny the compliment even when they think they deserve to complement.
But in Western culture, this can be taken as an unfriendly response, and it is more polite to accept the compliment and say Thank you.
This kind of cultural differences should be taught Maurin English classes in school to encourage good communication and relationship between people off other countries, the current English classes in Japan, or only focused on the language itself.
Of course, they should be focused on English language because it's English class.
But what I'm trying to say here is that knowing different cultures as important nous knowing languages in order to build a good relationship with people from other countries.
So I suggest more off cultural education is incorporated in English classes in Japan.
So these are the three things that I think should be changed about English education in Japan.
If you have different opinion from mine, please let me know in the comment section.
So thank you so much.
Wanted this video.
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3 things I would change about English education in Japan

129 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 28, 2020
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