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within one year.
The old died.
Since the summer in Japan is very, very hot.
The volunteers for the Olympics have a quite tough schedule, even though there are volunteers and transportation, and staying there is not paid for them.
Smart Olympics and put in a special anti heat pavement.
Hey, gassing, Ailes on asked Japanese.
It's Kathy Cat.
To date, we're going to talk about the five.
Olympic preparation failed that Japan is very embarrassed about now.
The area for the try it long has been decided on.
However, the area where the water has being to be used for swimming um, is pretty bad.
Like the water quality is very, very low.
So one of the idea is to help with the quality off the low water was to what it was to what anyways was too born in oysters.
So they were hoping that the oysters would clean the water just by them being in that, you know, slightly polluted, probably very unhealthy water, so they don't hundreds and thousands off oysters into that area, hoping it would clean it out within one year.
The old died since the summer in Japan is very, very hot, very very tough and very, very humid It.
There have to be taken measurements so people do not get heat strokes.
Quite a lot of people are worried about foreigners also not used to those temperatures getting heat strokes.
I think Europeans you might struggle with me there and one off.
The absolutely amazing ideas to help with the hate strokes is to put down 400,000 flowerpots off Asagoe flowers, which is translated Morning glory.
Yes, that's the name of the flower.
Don't you read anything else into that on?
Those flowerpots will be made by elementary school kids.
Now, do those flowers actually make the air colder?
No, they don't.
But in Japanese culture as an image, if you look at the flowers, you will feel a little bit cooler.
It's the same thing with the wind chimes the summer wind chimes.
They give up a high note because it's likely high, glassy note.
And that's supposed to make you think off like, you know, calling things or like ice melting in your glass.
But it doesn't actually make anything colder.
And having that's a Culture Earl reference that foreigners might not get When they come, they'll see the pretty flowers and they'll be pretty.
But I'm sorry we won't feel any colder for that.
The thief volunteers for the Olympics have a quite tough schedule, even though there are volunteers and transportation, and staying there is not paid for them.
They might be required to wear a certain head gear on, and you know, I have quite funds.
He had gear, but the Olympics had gear.
Kind of looks like a brother on that topic.
Off volunteers.
The volunteers have been firmly pushed to volunteer some kind of half to volunteer, even though that's not quite the meaning.
What volunteering should be about on now.
There are part timers were also getting paid, but they were in the exact same uniforms as the volunteers and the volunteering people.
Not happy about it?
Oh, man, I mean, on that front, so many so many mistakes have been paid, I think, in order not to spend too much on the Olympics.
This galloping system is called smart Olympics, which means they won't spend so much money on it.
Yes, so one of the steps in the aspiration off the sparked Olympics is to build this massive, really expensive really expensive stadium without air conditioning for the Summer Olympics.
Have you been here in Japan in summer?
Run is like 36 37 degrees with humidity.
How are people going to sit for hours outside in the Stadio and don't like full over from the heat?
Ida Toto.
I'm not sure if that was such a smart move.
I know for the sake of money, it does make sense.
But was that smart, smart Olympics We will find out.
Thier Tokyo Olympic A marathon was a big topic that was discussed quite a lot, for example, of what I did the other year with NHK.
I went, and I measured the points where the marathon goes to during times in the morning to check how hot it might be during the marathon because it was very, extremely hot at the time, and we find out it might be too hot for people to actually do sports at this time.
Now what the Olympic Committee has thought, they're like OK, well, it is too hot.
So they spend a lot of money to rip open the whole pavement on the route of the Tokyo Marathon and put in special anti heat pavement that it cost a lot of money.
I was like, Wow, respect, Okay, there tried to do a lot of things that wasn't probably in the frame of the smart Olympics, but it It was a step.
But the actual comedy from abroad mentioned their concerns again.
And now the marathon has been moved to Sapporo.
So all that money they spend on the street is the literally just on the street.
So these are five of the things with the Olympic game preparations that Japan is a little bit embarrassed about and actually not happy about, especially the empathy.
Exploitation off the Volunteers is a big issue that's been discussed quite a lot.
So yeah, the Olympics coming up.
Hey, I hope it will be okay.
That's that's all I can say.
Let's see how it goes.
That is no.
If you're going to come to Olympics, if you planning to coming to the Olympics, or maybe why not?
That is known the comments.
Time below, looking forward to finding out.
I know cut too soon for my stuff on national needs.
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5 Worries about the Tokyo Olympics

61 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 28, 2020
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