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this time I was invited to attend a sushi event and see two of Tokyo top sushi shifts go head to hit by presenting their own original sushi.
Now, I've never been the type of person who feels the need to experience high end sushi.
However, after tasting this, you really realized the difference between the quality and after seeing how passionate and serious the ships are about sushi.
It makes you realize that sushi is more than just rice and raw fish, but a piece of delicate at work that have taken years and years to master to a sushi chefs that came together for this event off own famous, well known sushi restaurants and Tokyo, and we were all brought to the secret shop that had a very unique concept.
20 did this thinking toe way.
First up, it was Kimora sushi, And what's different about Kimura sushi, compared to the other 20 Michelin starred sushi restaurants and Tokyo is that he serves aged fish sushi.
So here's me trying my first ever ages sushi and because I wanted to respect the ship's work and the atmosphere, I didn't kill myself talking in this video, so you have to stay with me and my narration for now, the concentration Kim Renison head in his eyes when he was making.
So she really tells you that he's not playing around and that he's going to deliver the best sushi you'll ever have.
Some of these fish were aged only for a few days, yet some of these were aged up to a month.
But the biggest difference I felt, was that the agent fish had a lot more saltiness and flavor to it.
And no fishy smell after takes, which I really enjoyed.
And now we have sushi number number Sound prepares very unique and traditional It'll Maya sushi that has been passed down generation to generation.
City Number is a small 12 seed, a sushi restaurant located and the local suburbs of Tokyo.
The restaurant has been running for over 50 years, just by word of mouth and a friend introductions.
However, this time number son said to me that it was okay for me to share his shop with you all here.
What I liked about number some sushi was that he puts a little twist on the normal sushi and makes it in his own way.
Also, it had a generous fish portion compared to rice, so you could really taste the freshness of the fish.
But the thing I want to mention to you or the most was that number.
Son made me change my opinion about sea urchin.
And now I realized, If it is actually good quality, see urgent, I can actually enjoy it.
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Michelin Star Sushi vs Traditional Sushi | Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 28, 2020
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