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  • ISABELLE OLSSON: [? Ovah ?] came up to me

  • and he said, just make it comfortable and beautiful.

  • It freaked me out a little bit, because what

  • they showed me was this.

  • I thought, I have a big challenge in front of me.

  • For me, the most important thing was,

  • how can we really reduce this to its very essence?

  • And everything that's not necessary goes away.

  • This is really high tech, but my biggest goal

  • was to make it look simple.

  • When you have a very big problem to solve,

  • you need to find a couple of ideas,

  • and then really make them shine.

  • We had the optics that was this, and then we

  • had a big board like this.

  • And I couldn't stand the idea of some weird transition.

  • I came up with the idea of hiding

  • the board behind the frame.

  • So from this view, it looks like, here's the frame,

  • and here's this thing, and it's separated and it's clean.

  • But the board actually goes all the way to up to this edge.

  • This was such a simple idea, but it kind of defined the product.

  • The second thing was be really, really light.

  • One of the goals was this needs to weigh less than 65 grams.

  • And I was like, that's impossible.

  • These were 150 grams-- and I'm obsessed with weight by now.

  • I'll always have a little scale on my desk.

  • And as soon as we have a new prototype, I put it there.

  • And it's like Christmas every time,

  • because the weight keeps on reducing.

  • The latest prototype weighs 43 grams.

  • The Nexus phone is actually heavier than three of these.

  • The most important part of designing is prototype.

  • This one was before my time, but-- yeah.

  • I mean, I don't know.

  • After I had done the design, I came up

  • to one of the software engineers and showed it to him,

  • and he was like, no way.

  • Now I need to program, because I want

  • to make an experience as beautiful as this.

  • It's not only the device.

  • People charge the device.

  • How is that experience?

  • You want to take it with you.

  • Well, you need a case for that.

  • How does all those things come together?

  • We focus on trying to solve problems and always simplify.

  • And then, in the end, you can get somewhere.

  • But I think the most important thing is just

  • not to feel overwhelmed.

  • Because if you really are trying to do something new,

  • it's going to be really, really, really, hard.

  • One of the most important things when

  • designing completely new products that people have never

  • seen before is, is this really needed?

  • Is this button really needed?

  • If you make it work with the bare minimum, you're golden.

  • That's what you have to do.



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