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My name is Fanny, and I'm from Sweden.
I came here on Wednesday. So it's on the third of April.
Go! Go! Nihon has helped me a lot!
They made everything seem so easy.
Like giving me all the papers, telling me exactly how to fill them out.
I wanted to come to Japan because I really interested in the culture here
It's really different from Western cultures.
Everything from clothes to ways of speaking, and all the buildings.
It's really complex, and I love it a lot!
I got here on April 1st.
It's been a lot of fun so far. I've had a lot of new experiences.
Everything is pretty much what I expected and imagined, but more!
It's really fun! It's a dream come true!
I wanted to come to Japan because
I really enjoy so far, from what I've read online, the culture and the people
and television, games, and everything!
I committed to two years, and I'm very thankful that I have.
I went through Go! Go! Nihon online.
It was all through email.
They helped me on every step.
Every step, for my visa, for my homestay, for my school
Even so much as what to pack and what gifts to bring, everything!
They've been very helpful, very responsive. It's been a very pleasant experience.
I have always had an interest for the Japanese language, the culture
I love the clothes and anime.
I would like to try to find a job here in game development
I really like my school, the teachers are very funny, and we have a lot of fun in class.
The studies are intense, but it’s a lot of fun.
You feel excited about going to school because you learn a lot,
and it’s fun to meet new people!
Go! Go! Nihon helped me with everything, so it’s been a very smooth process.
We exchanged emails the whole time,
so I just had to give them the information they needed.
Then they took care of it from there.
There haven’t been any problems at all.
Actually, I have been studying Japanese in Spain for 4 years
at the official school of languages in Malaga.
But I got to the stage where I knew that in order to learn more Japanese, I will need to go to Japan.
This way I can interact with Japanese people
and go to school to learn Japanese for four hours every day.
So there are many things that all together will help me improve my Japanese.
I also hope to find a job here because I am a Computer Engineer
and I want to work in the industry here.
Go! Go! Nihon has been extremely helpful
because joining a Japanese school is very complicated.
It takes a world of papers, lots of procedures, it is something very complex.
Go! Go! Nihon has helped me a lot.
They replied to my emails quickly, were very friendly,
and helped me with everything I need.
I arrived a week ago, and so far I have been busy with a ton of things.
From moving to looking for an apartment,
various things like buying furniture.
I haven't stopped!
I was in Japan one year and a half ago for vacation, and I liked it so much!
From the people, places, how organized Japanese people are.
It is a very different type of culture, and I feel like the Western culture can learn a lot from them.
On the other hand, I think that we can also contribute a lot to Japanese culture as well.
I think that we can learn a lot from each other!
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Go! Go! Nihon Hanami Event in Japan - 2014

14800 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 25, 2014    Victor Lu translated    Resa Sui reviewed
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