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  • Tintagel is one of the most spectacular historic sites in Britain and it

  • continues to inspire visitors from across the world.

  • This year we're embarking on a project to construct a bridge - a bridge that will restore a

  • connection which has existed throughout history.

  • The bridge is going to be made out of slate and steel and it's going to have an oak handrail.

  • It was important to us that we use local suppliers and fabricators for these materials.

  • We chose slate because it is a feature of the North Cornwall landscape.

  • We're going to be resourcing the slate from a local Cornish supplier - the Delabole Slate Company.

  • The quarry is about a thousand years old, probably the oldest operating slate

  • quarry in the world. The site itself was formed about 350 million years ago.

  • For these blocks of 2 to 20 tonne, go through primary saws to reduce them in size, they

  • then go over to the splitters. The actual splitting process is very much the same

  • as it's always been for centuries. So it's split by hand, the edges will be

  • dressed on a dressing machine and then they'll be sawn to dimension by secondary saws.

  • With Tintagel bridge we'll use around about

  • 19 to 100,000 individual slates. To give an idea of the scale a splitter might make

  • around a million slates and his whole career.

  • Materials were particularly selected so that we could design a bridge which was

  • in keeping with the landscape. The steel allows us to have a very slender bridge

  • so it has a minimal impact on the views of the castle.

  • We're working with a steel fabrication company based in Plymouth called Underhill Engineering.

  • They will make 18 main sections and they will do what they call a trial erection - sections

  • of the bridge are put together to see that they fit properly. Each half of the

  • bridge will be made in the workshop and then dismantled and later on brought to site

  • and put back together again.

  • One of the key considerations is logistics

  • How do we get the large materials needed to make the bridge down winding lanes

  • that lead to the castle? We will be overcoming this by having helicopters

  • that bring in some materials to the site and also by erecting a cable crane which

  • will span the valley and allow us to winch in sections of the bridge when

  • it's ready for installation. We hope that the bridge will restore the historic

  • connection within the castle and will encourage many more visitors to come and

  • appreciate the site.

Tintagel is one of the most spectacular historic sites in Britain and it

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Tintagel Castle - The Making Of The New Bridge

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    Summer posted on 2020/04/28
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