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  • The Flipped Classroom is a new method of teaching

  • that is turning the traditional classroom on its head.

  • Every day,

  • thousands of teachers deliver

  • the exact same lesson in class to millions of students.

  • Every night,

  • millions of students sit over the exact same homework,

  • trying to figure out how to solve it.

  • The Flipped Classroom is turning this upside down.

  • Traditionally students listen to lectures and take tests in class

  • and read textbooks and work on problem sets at home.

  • In flip teaching,

  • students first study the topic by themselves,

  • typically using video lessons on YouTube

  • and then apply the knowledge

  • by solving problems and doing practical work in class.

  • Modern schools who flipped their classroom

  • report many benefits:

  • 1. It allows all students to learn at their own pace

  • as videos can be watched again.

  • 2. Its more efficient,

  • as students enter the classroom prepared to contribute.

  • 3. It enriches the lesson

  • as more time can be spent on group work and projects.

  • 4. Doing homework in class

  • allows students to help each other,

  • which benefits both the advanced

  • and less advanced learners.

  • Flipping also brings changes for teachers.

  • Traditionally, teachers engage most

  • with the confident students who ask questions.

  • Flipping allows teachers to target the students

  • who really need help

  • instead of just those who are confident.

  • Also, instead of instructing from the front,

  • teachersguide on the side”.

  • This allows them to work more closely

  • with individuals or small groups.

  • Teachers that are not great presenters,

  • can use third-party videos to explain the concept

  • and focus on methods of teaching that suits their style,

  • such as project work or experiments.

  • Once video lectures are made available online

  • teachers don't need to give the same lecture

  • over and over again.

  • Again, they gain more time

  • to focus on the needs of their class.

  • Many scholars also argue

  • that the flipped classroom model

  • promotes equal learning opportunities

  • as all kids get the same attention

  • when doing their homework.

  • Currently kids with caring parents,

  • older siblings at home

  • or expensive private tutors

  • have a clear advantage over those who don't.

  • Let us know what you think?

  • If you are a teacher,

  • tell us if this model would be possible in your classroom!

  • If you are a student,

  • let us know if you would prefer learning

  • in a flipped classroom!

The Flipped Classroom is a new method of teaching

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The Flipped Classroom Model

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    Summer posted on 2020/04/28
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