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  • wheels up.

  • Health is on the way.

  • 16 year old T.

  • J.

  • Kim is delivering lifesaving personal protective equipment toe hospitals battling the Corona virus.

  • Many rural hospitals have fewer resource is than those in big cities, and they're struggling financially.

  • At least 170 rural hospitals have closed in the last 15 years, according to the rural health research program.

  • T.

  • J, who lives in McLean, Virginia, decided he wanted to help rural hospitals get the lifesaving PPE they need and put his weekly flight training to good use.

  • Then came up lift operation S.

  • O s, meaning supplies over the skies.

  • At this stage, TJ, who hopes to attend the Naval Academy, is learning to fly more than 50 miles at a time with his instructor.

  • So he's making every mile count by delivering gloves, sanitizer, shoe covers, masks and more.

  • To hospitals like this 1 120 miles south of Washington, D.

  • C.

  • Every little bit helps, and those receiving the supplies are amazed by the teen selflessness.

  • I just told him that thankful we are and thank you really, truly believe biggest project is his heart is actually bigger, T J says the toughest part is rounding up the supplies, but as long as he can find them, he'll keep flying them to where they're needed most.

  • I'm just helping in whatever way I can and inspiring all of us in the process.

wheels up.

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