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  • Do you know why there are 360 degrees in a circle?

  • Is it just a random number that was chosen and could have easily bean 107 120 or anything else?

  • Or is there a more logical reason behind this?

  • There is no definitive answer to this question, but we do have a pretty good idea.

  • Let's start with number itself.

  • 360 is a number that is divisible by every number from 1 to 10.

  • Apart from seven, it actually has a total of 24 numbers that it divides into.

  • This is a larger amount of devises than any other positive whole numbers up to its own value, which makes it a highly composite number.

  • For this reason, highly composite numbers are good base numbers to perform common calculations with, but this still seems a bit too random to justify.

  • Its is the number of degrees in a circle.

  • We know that there are roughly 365 days in a year.

  • But many ancient civilizations like the same Arians and Babylonian had 360 day calendars.

  • From their point of view, they were looking at the celestial sphere of stars that were of a fixed position in the sky.

  • Some would appear to move along in ecliptic path over the fixed stars for a duration of 360 days, moving one degree a day the same Arians and Babylonians also used the SEC Suggestible number system, which basically uses 60 is a base number when making calculations.

  • 60 is a highly composite number, just like 360.

  • It has 12 factors.

  • 123456 10 12 15 2030 and 60.

  • This makes it great for simplifying common calculations.

  • Imagine it like this.

  • Using 60 is a base number you can half quarter and third it very easily half equals 30 a quarter equals 15 and 1/3 equals 20 Nice round numbers.

  • Now let's do it with 100 half equals 50 a quarter equals 25 but the third equals 33.3.

  • Recurring some arians and Babylonian is worked out.

  • That day to day calculations would be much easier using 60 rather than 100 or any other relatively low number if you took a circle and try to fit an equal actual triangle insiders using the circle's radius, you could fit a total of six within the circle.

  • Using the sex adjustable system, each would have a base value of 60 which multiplied by six is 360.

  • So in putting these factors together, we can say these are the most probable reasons why we have 360 degrees in a circle.

  • Do you think this all adds up or do you have any other theories?

  • We would love to know your thoughts on this subject and the video is a whole So please leave a comment below.

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Do you know why there are 360 degrees in a circle?

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Do YOU know why 360 is SPECIAL?

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