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beneath an ever evolving skyline is a city where history, craft and innovation flow through graceful streets and canals.
Birmingham truly is one of Britain's great surprises.
Promise the locals call it sits in the U.
K's West Midlands, halfway between London, most cities of the product of bricks and mortar.
But Birmingham is built on innovation and imagination.
Birmingham is a place of constant renewal, Yet the city's people remain ever proud of their recall.
History and industrial heritage delve into Birmingham's, passed at the age old stronghold of kings and conquerors.
Warrick Castle, story soaked walls of this medieval fortress date back over 1000 years, and a witness Birmingham steady growth into the powerhouse cities today, the city itself began in the 12th century as a small market village of the crossroads of Britain's early trading routes.
Merchants and craftsman brought wealth and know how to Birmingham, earning it the title.
The City of 1000 trades.
During the Industrial Revolution, over 170 miles of transport canals were built that's more canals than Venice.
Walter became the life blood of a city, which would soon boom into the UK second largest metropolis.
Think tank, Birmingham Science Museum get close to the hogs, pistons and pulleys that powered Birmingham through the Industrial Revolution, then catch a glimpse into the city's newest technological frontiers has been a constant in Birmingham's history.
Rising from that first muddy crossroads market is the bullring, one of the city's many futuristic retailers.
Restaurants utopias.
While Birmingham has redefined modern shopping, the city remains the proud custodian of traditional handcrafted riches.
Too wonder along canals and parks to the Jewellery Quarter, a thriving urban village which sits at the edge of the city.
Goldsmiths began smelting, soldering and selling their wares here in the mid 16th century, fusing the craft into Birmingham's DNA forever.
The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter learn about the riches the Birmingham has brought to the world.
Witnessed traditional techniques in perfectly preserved workshops.
Points in the jewellery quarter.
Swanky bars and microbreweries head to dig with the city's bohemian heart and soul saver.
Funky flavors of the dig.
Both dining club, where artisan simmer, fry and sort a smorgasbord of innovative goodness.
Follow aromas of coriander and cardamom to the Balti Triangle, where innovative Pakistani chefs helped make Birmingham one of the U.
K's most popular Curry hot spots.
Birmingham is also the birthplace of one of the world's most beloved confectionery brands.
Cabaret World could be found four miles outside of the city, whether pioneering Cavalry Brothers created their worker village of Booneville large chocolate factory in the 18 seventies.
Ah, a banquet of a different kind of weights of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, which exhibits creative treasures from across the ages.
One of Birmingham's greatest masterpieces is rendered in brick.
Aston Hall was commissioned in the early 17th century by Sir Thomas Hold, once the high sheriff of Warwickshire.
Holt believe that he needed the grandest residents money could buy to show off his power wealth.
Today, the structure is a heritage listed reminder of Birmingham's history of architectural innovation.
A few centuries later, Winterbourne House and Garden was built for John and Margaret Nettle fault.
This'll restored Estate is now one of the case.
Finest examples of a Gordian Arts and Crafts villa. Tradition of architectural innovation continues into the present at the magnificent Library of Birmingham, the perfect place to ignite your imagination.
Once your literary passions have bean fired up, take the drive to say, a whole mill, the birthplace of one of the world's greatest stories.
R R Talking spent his childhood around this mill, which inspired his fictional realm of middle earth.
The setting of The Lord of the Rings and other novels, whether it's sustenance for the soul, fuel for the mind or food for the body.
Birmingham issue to satisfy every appetite from high end shopping toe handcrafted riches from the red bricks of history to the gleaming shapes of tomorrow, Berman sits forever heard, the crossroads of a prayer past and a future of endless possibilities and crossroads, as every traveler knows, of the most exciting places to be.
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Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Warwickshire, UK Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

127 Folder Collection
Summer published on April 24, 2020
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