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  • Have you ever thought about how you get feelings of being excited moody or even hungry

  • No matter how you are feeling right now

  • Your body is producing very specific chemical messages to regulate these exact feelings

  • these chemical messages control most of your bodily functions

  • Regulating your body temperature how sleepy you are. How emotional or how stressed you are

  • They can contribute to how much fat your body stores and where it keeps it and also controls when you start puberty

  • The chemicals that control all of these feelings are called hormones, but what exactly are hormones and how do they work?

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  • Hormones are tiny single molecule messengers, which take messages to other parts of the body when released into the bloodstream

  • They are produced and released by endocrine glands the hipa thalamus regulates body temperature

  • Hunger thirst sleep sex drive and moods and it controls the release of hormones from other glands in the body

  • the pineal gland regulates sleep

  • The pituitary gland controls metabolism growth when you go through puberty

  • reproduction blood pressure and much more

  • The thyroid produces hormones, which regulate the body's metabolic rate

  • parts and digestive functions muscle control brain development and bone maintenance the parathyroid

  • Regulates calcium levels in the body the thymus produces t-cells which are a crucial part of the immune system

  • The pancreas produces the insulin that helps control blood sugar levels

  • the adrenal gland controls sex drive and produces cortisol the stress hormone, and of course adrenaline in

  • Women the ovaries produced female sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone and in men the testes produce

  • male sex hormones called androgens like testosterone

  • So really hormones have a part in regulating almost everybody process

  • the pituitary gland is often referred to as the master gland as it controls many of the others and

  • The pituitary gland takes orders from the hipper thalamus so these two are like the control center for the body

  • Let's look at how this works in a bit more detail. Have you ever felt an adrenaline rush?

  • Maybe you've ridden a roller coaster and your heart was racing

  • Or perhaps you've been watching a scary film and a sudden noise makes you jump

  • This is the result of your brain thinking you're in danger and releasing hormones to prepare you for a fight or flight response

  • Firstly the hipa thalamus tells the pituitary gland about ins which in turn releases a chemical messenger into the bloodstream

  • The hipa thalamus also sends a nerve signal down the spinal cord, which is quicker

  • Both the messages Lander the adrenal gland which reacts by producing adrenaline and sending it into the bloodstream

  • The adrenaline binds to different organs and produces many effects including faster heart rates

  • heightened alertness

  • rapid breathing

  • widened pupils

  • This is just one of the many hormonal reactions that take place in the body

  • But it shows us how the glands talk to each other using hormones to relay messages that have real physical effects on the body

  • Humans have harnessed the power of hormones to their advantage for example many forms of birth control

  • Use estrogen and progesterone to affect a woman's menstrual cycle and stop the release of an egg amongst other effects

  • This means a woman can take hormones to stop herself becoming pregnant when she doesn't want to

  • someone with type 1 diabetes

  • Cannot produce the hormone insulin

  • Which is usually produced in the pancreas and therefore must inject it into their body in order to regulate blood sugar levels

  • Without this option a type 1 diabetic would suffer from serious health problem

  • Oxytocin known as the love hormone is released when cuddling being intimate with a partner or even playing with a dog

  • Studies have shown that the hormone can reduce blood pressure which reduces the risk of heart disease

  • It can also block stress hormones help heal wounds and even reduce swelling

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Have you ever thought about how you get feelings of being excited moody or even hungry

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HORMONES CONTROL YOU - Hormones and the endocrine system - Beautiful Science

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