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  • Wow, primitive.

  • Has sort of an old world charm.

  • Wah!

  • I guess this is before manners were invented!

  • Oh, look, it's just a little jellyfish.

  • [screaming]

  • [wailing]

  • Well, I'm going away now.

  • Banooga ready!

  • Vonga Gary!

  • Gary, tapunga!

  • [meowing]

  • [grunting]

  • Vongard qui qui!

  • Sqa qui qui.

  • Patar qui qui!

  • [grunting]

  • Look! Some employees from the restaurant came to help us!

  • Arrest these traitors for committing the act of witchcraft!

  • By falling from the sky.

  • Well, I guess this is it Patrick.

  • I guess so.

  • I'm gonna miss you SpongeBob.

  • [sobbing]

  • I'll miss you too, buddy!

  • [sobbing]

  • I don't want to die!

  • [screaming]

  • Wow, the big city.

  • Well, time to make my fortune.

  • [snoring]

  • Business is good today.

  • Howdy do, y'all!

  • Great, another hayseed.

  • Charge him double for his drinks.

  • [screaming]

  • [groaning]

  • [screaming]

  • [crashing]

  • Where are we?

  • It can't be!

  • Bikini Bottom has at least 39 people living here!

  • Maybe as you knew it but this is a different Bikini Bottom of another time.

  • Maybe if you hadn't touched the time machine, like we told ya Patrick,

  • we wouldn't be in this mess.

  • Hopefully, we haven't changed anything with our presence.

  • Ooh, everything looks so old fashioned.

  • And that was the story of the great train keeper.

  • Didn't ya find it exciting?

  • Shhh!

  • I just beat my high score! Oh yeah!

  • Eh, the kids today.

  • [snoring]

  • Welcome to the future!

  • - What? - Welcome to the future!

  • Ah... the future... huh?

  • OK... what's going on here?

  • Why is everything chrome?

  • Everything is chrome in the future!

  • [stammering]

  • Oh my!

  • Impossible!

  • He's lying!

  • Future!

  • Future!

  • Future!

  • Futur-- thanks.

  • Now listen!

  • All of you! I don't belong here.

  • This is all a horrible mistake!

  • Please, we've got to do something!

  • Jellyfishing!

  • Somebody say jellyfishing?

  • To this day, no one knows why these mysterious statues were created

  • or by whom.

  • All we know is the genius of their design has caused the annual

  • migration of jellyfish to their wondrous tune.

  • [laughing]

Wow, primitive.

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SpongeBob Through the Ages! ⏰ From SpongeGar to SB-129

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    Summer posted on 2020/04/23
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